Archive | December 25, 2011

Christmas complete

It is 10pm and the crazy of christmas is over!  I think everyone liked what we got them, I’m super glad I brought a few little things for the girls to unwrap here just to round out the day.  They definitely liked everything and were very very good with the schedule of the day that really pushed their normal timing out.  Both went to bed tonight without a peep, hopefully they don’t have a ‘payback’ day tomorrow (i.e. they used up tomorrow’s good today so there is none left…).


It felt like a lot of people were missing since in reality, people were missing but it was still a fun full house.  So many of my cousins are married or in relationships now that they have in laws to visit and while totally understandable to have the coming and going style dinner it is hard to catch everyone.  One benefit of living far is that when we are here, we are completely here.  Everyone that lives here has to keep their life rolling while also doing christmas.  We are lucky to be able to vacation over the holiday.


Still no real plans for the rest of the time we are here, I need to look at weather etc to see what our options are.  I’m sure I won’t get bored.


I hope everyone’s christmas day was good – whatever your definition of good is.