Archive | December 22, 2011

Nothing is like coming home

Just to start, I do like MN – it is where we are ‘grown up’s’ and have our jobs and house and responsibilities but there is something to going to the place where you grew up to make you feel missed.

We safely arrived last night after a reasonably easy flight with only the most minor of tiny issues… the most major actually was a Zoe diaper fail while she was sitting on my lap.  All of a sudden very warm, very moist – you get the picture.  Anyway, fyi, baby pee dries totally from jeans  in less then 2.5 hours.  The airplane up and down did nothing good for my congestion but oh well, maybe it shook it loose.  So to ISP we arrive to the well oiled pickup machine of Mom first to whisk kids and I (in pre installed car seats) home leaving Lars to retrieve luggage  and then call for dad from the cell phone lot.  All in Sayville and kids in bed 1.5 hours after touch down.

Today was the adjusting day, exploring the grandma house toys etc and for the first time Niamh actually seems comfortable and Zoe is aware and interested.  The parents and sister certainly made us feel loved when we arrived but, you know, you expect that from your family.  The first above and beyond act of  ‘I miss you enough to go out of my way’ was my grandmother (who is the far side of 70) arriving mid morning to see us and this is in the middle of her grading finals and before she finished christmas shopping.  The next above and beyond visit was from Miss Math who came over after work before she even went home and saw her own little boy.  We hung out for a fun few hours and it was great to just get together so easily.

Not that both of those visits weren’t enough to make me feel loved and missed but the most outstanding was when we were on our walk back from the beach my parents neighbors, who I have known my whole life, came out to say hello and say how happy they were to see us and how big Zoe is etc.  They do read here (or did at least) and that is one of the big reasons I write this – so people here know us.

I can’t decide if its better to go away and come back, or, never leave and live in the familiar world of people knowing you but you definitely appreciate it more when you come back to it.