Archive | December 21, 2011

Travel day

I’m rushing around getting things ready so hopefully there is a better post then this in the future but just in case….  I suppose I need to put this picture up again;



Up to this point I’ve had no comment issues, but, snarky comments on my spelling or grammar make me upset.  I know that I don’t have perfect spelling or grammar but you know what, there are nice ways to tell someone and not nice ways.  I seriously don’t consider this blog a high work of writing and I am sure it shows that I basically write, skim, add picture (or picture inspires story) then hit publish.  I save the real careful editing for important work stuff like the multi million dollar contract I just finished up. ( That contract is a piece of art it is so awesome! ).

Anyway, for future reference any snarky or rude comments will be deleted.

So back to packing.  While I may not love my job, I love that I’m senior enough to get a lovely break.  Yesterday I crammed so much work into the day my fingers hurt from typing so fast but it will be worth it watching my kids surf in a room full of wrapping paper on Christmas.