Archive | December 20, 2011

First Christmas gift

The last few Christmas cards go in today’s mail

Teacher gifts made, wrapped, and delivered

Gifts are wrapped or nearly so…  Lars is in charge of what is left since we are doing our MN Christmas tonight with the kids.  We plan to go to two different friends houses to give them gifts and treats and then ‘santa’ will visit while we are gone so we can open things tonight.  I told Niamh we got special permission to open things early since we will be at grandma and grandad’s house for real Christmas.  We got them all together too many things, but, most are useful and we got all of it on sale at various times during the season.  I hope they have fun with the adventure tonight.

My main goal for tonight (other then our adventure) is to get the majority of our trip packing done.  Hopefully it won’t take too long so I can squeeze in some Kindle book browsing so I have something to read on the airplane.  Ha!  I kid, I won’t be able to read on the plane, I’ll be acting as personal restraint for Zoe…  I do want something on the cool reader before we go but I have a list of digital tasks to complete including loading a few new movies to the kid phone etc.

Feature for today – the first Christmas gift!  This honor goes to Ashley/ Diablo and Steven/Kate –SCA friends from NY, who sent a great toy for the kids.  I know Ashley keeps up on the blog and the pictures so maybe she even knew that the set she choose works perfectly with the set we have.  The ‘big lego’ blocks we have are a big favorite and are one of the good morning toys that Niamh will get out for her and Zoe to play with while we get 10 more minutes of sleep.  Sure sometimes I get a lego creation to the face while sleeping but now that we have MORE they can hopefully be busy longer building bigger and better towers.  Niamh loved opening the well wrapped Amazon box – Zoe liked the box and thought it was a new table and kept putting her bowl on it and getting mad that Niamh kept moving it…  Once it was open Zoe was double happy with more blocks AND a box she could put her bowl on.  For the record, she also sat in the packing box this box came in for a while this weekend – don’t know why but she liked sitting in it, maybe she watches the cats too often.

So thank you for the gift and we hope your Christmas is 3 year old with blocks happy and 1 year old with box happy!