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Big announcement

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I have been composing this in my head for months. I had cute ideas like a guessing game but after reading a few ‘how to announce’ there are convincing arguments for simple being best. So, my big news is that in June, should all go well, we will have a new little baby in our house.

This picture is on our Christmas card and that went out on Thursday so its time to announce to the general public. I did tell family and a few people early – if someone asked directly it felt like tempting fate to say anything other than ‘yes’ so very observant people figured it out fast. I actually don’t have that big a bump yet. I moved to the maternity pants for general comfort but they are actually a bit on the large side. The picture of ‘the bump’ is a little exaggerated to get the point across, right now I’m in that phase where I just look chubby.

There were a few reasons not to spill the beans until now;

#1 – Work – this was a double whammy because of the (totally illegal but what can I do) ramifications of being pregnant I’m just not telling them until it is painfully obvious. I plan that to be around May…. I’m not going to bend over backwards to have all my stuff set and ready if they are going to decide that my projects then count for other people. If that’s going to happen anyway why work to make it easy. Second there is someone desperate to have her second and I got pregnant relatively easily this time so telling her (that I actually already did) was a conversation I was dreading.

#2 – a lot like my second work reason I (almost) feel greedy with my 3rd child when so many people I know are working so hard for #1 or #2.

#3 – and these are not in order of importance – talking about a pregnancy in the first 2 months is just asking for trouble. If something bad happens now I want the worlds sympathy but something going wrong at 10 weeks I would rather not have to talk about it with too many people.

Its been a little hard the last few months blogging daily and never sharing this. Really, you didn’t miss much, all the sharing would have been about feeling sick or tired or both and that is not exactly exciting stuff. Now I’m feeling better in general and optimistic about #3. I do want to give myself credit for doing 2 classes and working full time while being in the first trimester, but, I did walk into the situation knowing how it would be so I can’t complain.

We told Niamh last week and that was basically the last day we could possibly keep it a secret. She has already told daycare and half the people she talks too. Nobody is sure if they should believe her but she is convincing enough that they ask.

Two more important things if you don’t mind humoring me;

#1 – I’m still not telling work so if you’re a work person reading this (and I don’t mind if you are) please don’t gossip at work. See reason #1 above.

#2 – Please don’t be offended if this is the way your finding out and you feel like I should have told you earlier. See reason 2 and 3 above plus I’ve been manically busy and we seriously only told very few people in general before now.