Archive | December 16, 2011

Singing girl

Niamh is a surprising creature. I’ve known for a long time that her memory is very good, you know, except for remembering that you don’t climb the walls etc, but recently she has been really surprising us with what she can recall.

The other day Zoe was fussy (screaming for no apparent reason in the car) and I suggested that we sing for her. I was expecting a little baby song like Twinkle-Twinkle or a new one Niamh likes called “Baby shark” but no complicated melody or lyric expectations. What she started singing was song from Mulan called ‘Reflection’ and she was really dead on for the melody and speed and even inflection but her lyrics were almost funny with what she sang v what the words actually were. It is a really sad song too about how Mulan “will never be the perfect bride… or the perfect daughter” because she is too outspoken for either role in traditional China. Further on in the song is how being herself will “break her families heart” and while I have no idea if she knows what this song is about it was the sweetest thing to hear. I know she has watched this movie a ton of times but I had never sung that song for her – its less surprising when she knows a song I know too and sang to/with her. Anyway, it was a very nice surprise to hear decent tone and pitch from what I suspect was the first time she sang the song out loud. I am not signing her up for star search or anything, but the impressive part was the fact that she memorized it with no help.

She is just growing and changing so fast and so far the positives outweigh the negatives. We can talk the negatives another day but #1 at the moment is summed up in two words; Bed Ninja…..