Archive | December 15, 2011

La la la – what’s next?

So what’s new with you all? I’ve been a tad preoccupied with my completion of the MBA… It is a nice feeling to be done but not the WOW I’m DONE! Feeling I got at the end of High School or College. I think I don’t feel any different overall because nothing actually changes because of this. My work does nothing… when I started the degree (an eon ago) it was supposed to be the path to management but really the path to management at this company is absolutely random and I doubt anyone here will recognize the degree. I don’t take that personally, they don’t recognize anyone’s, and, there are tons of managers without an MBA. The big warm fuzzy came from all the super nice congratulations from Facebook – that made me feel like someone out there values the achievement other than me (actually over 40 other people!)

In some ways I’ll miss the program. I like learning, I like going to classes and meeting new people interested in learning. This degree was for me not for work. Sure, work got the benefit of me knowing more but its not like they actively looked for ways to use my skills better – I’m doing the same thing just with more knowledge. Sometimes that knowledge helps me do my job, sometimes it makes me want to head-desk because of all the people that just don’t know/care/get it and I’m stuck doing something dumb when the simple solution is just out of my reach due to inability to change the system. Not to say I’m helpless, I have actually changed systems and created better processes but it takes forever and in the end that isn’t something that ‘counts’ here but at least I can do my job better after its fixed.

So it is with mixed feelings that I let the MBA part go – I’ll have to find new brain candy but I’m ready for a rest for a few months.

In other news, life has marched on and I feel pretty good about where I stand for holiday prepaidness. I have many Christmas gifts done, I need to do a double check on a few people to make sure I’m good but I think I’m close with over a week to spare. Nothing is wrapped but that is the plan for this afternoon. Christmas cards arrived today so I can send them tomorrow. Christmas dresses for the girls are purchased and fit. The house is decorated as much as its going to be and it does look festive. I have a package to mail, that is on today’s list too because I was waiting on the card to include.

I’m very much looking forward to this afternoon. Work is having a Christmas afternoon so we are going out for lunch and then there is no expectation of us going back to work. They actually got us unlimited bowling and laser tag at the place we are eating – goes to show mostly guys work here (grin). I think I will decline either activity and eat lunch and hang out then head home for my peaceful time wrapping, drinking eggnog, and enjoying the afternoon.

This weekend is my birthday – I have no plans. I hear Niamh thinks I need a cake with princesses on it. If I can have a restful, happy, low stress weekend that would be fine by me. I do plan a Google hangout if anyone wants in watch your Google+ feed and feel free to drop by.