Basically Done

I have my last paper for my last class printed and sitting in my bag.

I attended my last thesis class last night and did my last simulation – we had a total of 340mil profit and our closest competation had 180m.  I would say we won.  The teacher kept trying to rial us up about other people getting close but based on some of the things they did early in the game I estimated that provided we continued to make sound decisions and actually, you know, enter them, there was no way they could get close.  I was right.  So my offer stands to any CAPSIM person who needs advice – we totally won.

After class I went out for dinner with a new school friend and we congratulated ourselves and stayed out too late.

Tomorrow I have the last last last class and then I’ll come home and wait for the great feeling everyone says you get when completing something huge.




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6 responses to “Basically Done”

  1. pmizzi says :

    At least this completed project won’t need feeding every 3 hrs for weeks. 🙂


  2. petranella says :



  3. Paul Mac Menamin says :

    What a great birthday present to yourself. Congrats


  4. Janis Gore says :

    You’ve had a lot on your plate the past few years. Congratulations!


  5. Nick says :

    Hello Katy,

    I’m Nick a business student about to play Capsim. I was just wondering if you could share some advice with me regarding the game. Would you advise spending heavily on TQM Initiatives and R&D in the first year? I’m thinking long term the investment will pay off.


    • kateluthner79 says :

      YES! Unlike real life, TQM really pays. Depending on how many full games you are doing you might want to go more or less aggressive on spending but sometimes the benefit from maxing out in round 1 and needing an emergency loan. We did NOT actually do that in the game that counted (we did 3 games). Spend as much as you can every round but note that you do max out on TQM so don’t over spend.

      Other major tip is that you need to exactly meet the spec for each area, going ‘better’ does not really do well for the stats the computer measures. Better to do a small update every round to stay at center.

      another is spend well and early in marketing – make sure your spend ratios match your production/margin per product and update it over time. Early on the high end items don’t yield alot but later they do.

      The final tip is to print out the ‘idea’ for every product for each round so you don’t loose time calculating. We had 3 people and we each took 2 products and the person with 1 took lead on finance but we all reviewed it all each round.

      good luck!


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