Archive | December 13, 2011

Basically Done

I have my last paper for my last class printed and sitting in my bag.

I attended my last thesis class last night and did my last simulation – we had a total of 340mil profit and our closest competation had 180m.  I would say we won.  The teacher kept trying to rial us up about other people getting close but based on some of the things they did early in the game I estimated that provided we continued to make sound decisions and actually, you know, enter them, there was no way they could get close.  I was right.  So my offer stands to any CAPSIM person who needs advice – we totally won.

After class I went out for dinner with a new school friend and we congratulated ourselves and stayed out too late.

Tomorrow I have the last last last class and then I’ll come home and wait for the great feeling everyone says you get when completing something huge.