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Finding time for everything… kinda

Hello Monday – Last Monday Class of My MBA tonight!


Over the past week and weekend I have been generally productive, I would call it a win overall but most definitely did not get everything I needed to get done finished.


Last week I specialized in found time.  I used random little chunks of time to get things done like last week Wednesday I got my license renewed and then stopped at Ace for a few quick things.  I like Ace, even though they are over priced, because when you walk in you basically get a personal shopper who knows where everything is.  I got the 3 items I needed so quickly I had time to wander and find the things I didn’t know I needed.  My find of the day was a new 3M Command strip product; decorating clips.  I completely plan to use them in a different way than pictured but I LOVE that they are so small and still have the easy off the wall factor.  I’m planning on (someday) hanging a grid of pictures that I can easily change.  The fly in this plan for years has been how to actually hang them without 12 nail holes in the wall and this seems to be the solution.  I’ll let you know whenever I get around to doing the project if it works as intended…  Anyway  the speed of finding things at Ace was diminished by the check out procedure.  I had mentally tallied my total around $12 and the check out guy said $21 I didn’t immediately correct him but when I finally got my itemized receipt I found I was double charged for 2 of my 5 items.  He was very sorry and all but #1 the reversal took too much time and #2 I’m annoyed that I had to catch it myself.  This is a real lesson on why mental math is important for life, I was fine with +/- a dollar figuring I rounded or tax or something but +$10 does flag me.  In the end I did have the stuff I needed and my license renewed in one lunch.


The second found time was after class on Wednesday when we got out 30min early.  I hit Michaels and WalMart on the way home.  Michaels had great buy one get one free frame sale and I needed a frame for some art Niamh made.  I’m very proud of my little artist…  It really looks great all matted and framed and I can’t put up a picture since it is a christmas gift but it really is nice looking (for a 3 year old).  Finding myself shopping at 9:30 pm feels odd but I do have the place to myself most of the time.  Michaels, by the way, has great stocking stuffers and little things but absolutely nothing for my husband who loves to open gifts.  I didn’t have much patience for WalMart because I was hungry so I just got laundry soap (we were out and Dana does laundry on Thursday so I didn’t want to slow her down) and milk and left.  That little trip definitely saved me time overall since it was on the way, and, got things in a timely fashion and if I had gone straight home I would have wasted all that time with eating and then sleeping.


This weekend we lost a bit of my found time by doing an all day photo extravaganza on Saturday with friends but the result was pretty pictures for our christmas card.  Last night I uploaded and ordered and by Wednesday I should have them.  I did the christmas card list and basically if you got one last year your on the list – if you didn’t get one and want one send me your address.  I’m hopeful to print my address labels and buy my stamps before Wednesday so I can stuff and stick and mail by Thursday.


Sunday we got some little things done and then I took Zoe on a once upon a child outing for christmas dresses and then we braved Jo-Anns.  I got what I absolutely needed at Jo-Anns but Zoe was at the end of her rope so I didn’t get any of the extra looking in I like to do in that store, and, I put back a bolt of fabric since the cutting line was way too long and slow…  Next time.  On the positive I got to virtually attend Josie’s birthday party via webcam, google hangout is great!


I’m going to ignore the fact that the tree is not totally decorated and all the boxes are still dwelling in the kitchen.  Clean laundry didn’t get put away nor did my flex spend account get any attention.  My last paper is virtually done and I paid bills but there is just always something that does not get done.


This week has two classes but they are my LAST ones and on Thursday we have a ½ day at work for a christmas party and that is just the time I need to get some stuff done at home without the ‘help’ of kids or the stigma of papers over my head.

Hopefully your weekend was fun and/or productive too.


ps.  this one did not make the cut but don’t you LOVE the photo bomb wave from our friend?  Sometimes the worst pictures are the best pictures!