Archive | December 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Blog!!!!


You were born on 12/9/2004 at 5:25 pm.  I actually remember it, not quite as vividly as the days my children were born, but it was also far less painful to bring you into the world.  I was working at Pemstar, sitting in an almost empty row of cubes on the window side of the second floor.  Many people had already left the company due to the very bad troubles of the day but I was still working 4 10 hour days until I found something better.  I had just gotten married and we were in the process of buying our first house.  I have no idea how many people read you in those first few weeks but I’m glad to go back and see who I was then.  I remember having some fear at pushing the publish button, putting ideas into the world that other people could use against me.  Fortunately 99% of everything about this experience has been positive and I should not have worried as much about all the random trolls in the world.


Technically you were born on Blogger, a different platform and we migrated you to wordpress a few years later.  It is a little like moving cross country basically the same but a difference here and there.  In the past few months I’ve been giving you much more attention and now you’re asking me to ‘go pro’ since I’ve written over 1000 posts.  Maybe after Christmas…  I’m thinking about it.


Like many December births you have been forgotten a time or two but now I programmed a reminder so I shouldn’t forget again.  It is just a busy time of year and since you don’t really have feelings I’m sure you’re not hurt.


If you were a person I would put a cute picture of you but I did dig up an old header.  This is from winter of 2005, well before kids, when we actually had time to put up Christmas lights on the roof (now we just toss them on some bushes if we are lucky).



So many happy returns – you are 7 years old and I have no thoughts of ending here.