Archive | December 8, 2011

unofficial lake report

11 December-11, originally uploaded by katymac79.

I am positive there are more official places then here for your lake freezing updates but I’ve been monitoring our lake (clear lake) twice daily as I drive by to and from work and I would like to say that as of today we look to have 100% coverage. This is not to say anyone other than a goose should walk on it because just Sunday it looked like the picture above with wide open water and only islands of ice.

We have had some minor snow, almost enough to cover the tips of the grass, but according to the guys at work that does bad things to lake freezing since it insulates and does not allow deep freeze. I doubt there will be any issues long term since an inch of snow is not going to beat -10 night time freeze but the crazies and their ice shacks might have to wait an extra week or two.

Personally, I won’t walk on the lake until I see at least 3 trucks parked on it….

Winter is here but so far we are at a good compromise; it can be as cold as it wants from 11pm to 5am and during the day we get bright sun and temps in the 30’s. I’m sure the truce won’t last long but I’m enjoying the crisp sunny days as long as we have them.