Archive | December 7, 2011

My friend in Australia who does not even know I exist

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it but over the past 5 years I’ve developed an odd voyeur relationship, completely not by choice, with a woman named Kate in New South Wales (NSW) Australia. If you notice we share a name, like about a million other people, and I’m guessing we are both born in 1979 or so because my email is Kate79 and her email must be something incredibly similar because I get her mail.

The first thing I got was a very important looking school/work e-mail sent to a specific group of people about their lab schedule (or something). It was important enough that I didn’t want the O/K (other Kate) to not get the info so I e-mailed back to try and straighten it out. Over the next few years I have been oddly following her through that school (I assume) program because they must have the wrong address on file so every new year I would get her mail again. I felt a little proud of the O/K for doing well, or at least sticking to her program and I assume she graduated because that particular style of e-mail stopped.

If that were the only batch of mail I got for her I would basically know she did something medical but where etc would be a mystery. At one time I got on a big batch e-mail of women planning a ‘hen party’. I dutifully replied to tell the hostess she had the wrong Kate because I didn’t want her to miss the party, or, offend her friends by never replying. That particular hostess never took me off her big e-mail list and I got many updates on the party including many reply-all notes from the other women. I had to google it but a hen party is a Bachelorette party in England so at that point I thought she must be English and she also has a pretty wild bunch of friends.

Later she gets a job, how do I know? Well, I got an e-mail! I reply again saying ‘thanks for the offer but I’m already employed in the United States and by the way, you have the wrong e-mail’. I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt here about not fixing this glitch, I figure either it got on some official list with school that was passed down the line, and/or it is just really really close to mine so mistyping happens. Anyway – the job did seem related to the school and I feel like I have a relationship almost at this point so I did send a more cheeky reply then I should have but this time instead of no reply (normal) I got a nice note back so I went and asked where the O/K was, expecting England, but the answer was Australia. Not a bad miss really given the data I had.

O/K has been pretty quiet the past 2 years or so until yesterday, I got three bid sheets from a contractor addressed to Kate and Jason and the contractor address is in NSW so now I have a more detailed location in Australia and she seems to have a gentleman friend. Only the wrong Kate address was on it or I would be tempted to e-mail Jason to tell him about what has been going on for years but alas, all I could do was reply to the contractor that he had the wrong address. It is nice to know in this slowly evolving clue based story that the O/K is doing well. In my head she went to a medical something training school, graduated, had a fun party life with her girlfriends and various weddings and then met Jason and they live together and are currently working on getting a bathroom redone in lovely NSW. I could be totally wrong but I suppose if you are reading other people’s e-mail its better to think good thoughts about them rather than bad. I know this is a pretty silly thing to have kept track of over the years but it all started because I didn’t want her common name/email putting her behind others because I never let them know she didn’t have the info.

Maybe someday I’ll get more parts to the puzzle or maybe even get in touch with her directly but I am happy just knowing I helped her out a time or two and that she seems to have a nice life.

Ps. I like this little mystery for the same reason I like blogs but blogs are far more timely in giving the story!