Archive | December 6, 2011

I should count my blessings not my bothers

Uuug. I hate to have my brain dominated by the frustration that is work. Work is not supposed to be easy, I’m fine with that, but while I am basically bullet proof on this particular situation it does not make it any less annoying to work on.

On top of that I’m still sick with a random germ or virus or something. I woke up last night at 3am with my glands so swollen I could hardly get a breath and had to rummage for my bottle of Tylenol. Thankfully it worked but it was not exactly good sleep.

On the positive side, only one Monday class left! We are still doing very well on our simulation and while we are not blowing everyone out of the water, we have a clear lead and only two rounds to go. Next week is the final rounds and then reflection and then bye-bye time to all the nice people. I did definitely make a friend from this class, school has been good for that. I’ve not had the best luck meeting up with them but we keep in contact in general and slowing growing a good network is far better then growing a huge but flimsy network.

I have 2 Wednesday’s left and the final for that class to write but I’ve blocked off time tomorrow to get rolling on that and since I know what I want to say it should be relatively easy to just start, keep going, then finish.

Completely unrelated I need to renew my license but I don’t want to do it today (or in the days past) because due to the virus/germ I do not look very nice and I don’t want that on my license for the next 5 years. I know nobody’s license picture looks fantastic but I’ve had decent ones and I want to give this round my best effort by at least not starting at a -10. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be better, I hope so for more than just vanity reasons.

December is just a busy month but I’ve gotten the two birthday’s secured and I would say I’m doing well on Christmas. If I could just take a day off and organize I would feel better but I’ll just do what I can with what I have. Hope you all are doing as well or better.

Ps. Christmas cards delayed until next weekend when we are hopeful to get good pictures done where we are not all sick looking.