Archive | December 5, 2011

good-bye dear friend

May-27, originally uploaded by katymac79.

It is a milestone for sure – the Nuk is gone, retired, no longer in use.

I’ve read dozens of different ways to break the Nuk habit from the Nuk fairy (who takes them like the tooth fairy) to Nuk money (where they trade the Nuk for a toy). The most useful thing I read was that if the Nuk falls out during the night and they don’t wake up then it isn’t a strong habit so I took hope in that because while she really really liked having it, it was almost always out of her mouth by the time we checked on her. This was annoying because if she did decide she needed it because she woke up for some other reason we had to search under the bed etc.

We knew the dentist would tell us it was time for it to go so we decided to go with the ‘blame someone else’ technique but otherwise we kept it honest, no fairies or toys involved. We discussed the issue with her and decided that after thanksgiving (a week later) we would give it up. This was a tactical move because I didn’t want a 12 hour car ride to be my battle ground. Post thanksgiving we put her to bed with out it and when she asked for it we reminded her about it (we had reminded her over thanksgiving that this was the end) and there was tears but in the end she went to bed. After that first dramatic night she has asked once or twice but not in the same desperate heart breaking way. I know they say 3 nights makes a habit so she is well past that and doing ok.

I keep finding Nuks around the house and we are piling them up. After 3 years of keeping track of them at all times its odd to let that detail slip or not be a little happy when we find one that had been missing. For the record we didn’t go with the fairy or toy trade thing because we have so many Nuks that it would drag out forever every time she found one she would want/wonder about our cover story. She is old enough for logic to work and we told her that her teeth were going to be crooked if she kept using it. This was acceptable and apparently really sunk in because yesterday when she tried to bite a big apple and could not get her mouth wide enough she said that her teeth were wrecked from the nuk – funny the leaps she makes sometimes.

In a way this is old news but I wanted to know if there was more drama to come before I made the big ‘no more nuk’ announcement.