Archive | December 4, 2011

Weekend so far

I started this weekend with a long to do list that included schoolwork, playdate, breakfast with santa, putting up christmas decorations and then other stuff like putting away the clean laundry.

We started out ok with the Santa breakfast.  I know I should have posted one of the 100 great sweet pictures but the one with Zoe flying off Santa’s lap was priceless.  The day evolved to include things like christmas tree shopping and watching 5 episodes of Burn Notice while Zoe slept on me and critical things like paper writing or cleaning never happened.  The around 6pm I got a very annoying fever and migraine that knocked me out.  I have a feeling Zoe’s refusal to nap anywhere but on me was a sign that she also had some sort of bug.

The bug persisted and I spent a fitful night between fever and no fever – I purposely did not take anything since the fever was just about 100 that does more good then harm.  This morning Lars and I both feel bad (he has been fighting off something for a week) but both girls feel fine – not the best combo for a happy sunday.  Fortunately (or unfortunately) the errands we wanted to run this morning were impossible because of the times the stores opened so Lars and I could muddle through the morning and not worry about trekking in and out of stores.  I actually did buckle down and get going on my 5 page paper, the worst part about it is that it is a case statement and 5 articles with conflicting opinions and you have to answer 5 questions in one page each using the case and source articles.  First of all the topic is dull, the articles were older (1998?!?), and the questions I need to answer remind me of my AP exams from highschool.  This paper is for the university and is given across all the classes so it needs to be generic but it is just tortuously dull.  I’m at least 2 of the 5 questions answered and read everything.

I am hopeful the day will improve but we are just so grouchy that its hard to parent.  I’m very glad Zoe went to nap without screaming for 20min and Niamh seems to be sleeping too.  Lars crashed an hour ago and I would be sleeping too except for this paper, and, a 1pm apt.

With so few weekends left before Christmas I had hoped for more but hey, we have a tree ~