Archive | December 1, 2011

Happy Dec 1st

Fear not!  I am still here!  The daily writing challenge is over and I completed this year with style (if I do say so myself) but part of what made it easier was that I wrote every day in October too.  I’m just in the habit now….  It did not hurt to have a few good things to talk about (some of them were actually bad things…. But good writing).

I feel guilty for not completing my neighbors list before the end of the month.  I did actually visit and comment on at least 10 more sites but did not get my report up here.  Something to do next week since I don’t plan on stopping.

Right now I’m mid Christmas shopping and is winning the cool stuff segment of the market in my opinion.

I am also counting down the days and assignments left in the MBA program.  For those of you counting with me here they are;

2 more Monday classes

2 more Wednesday classes

1 one page paper for Monday class

1 lessons learned list for Monday (informal)

1 large paper for Wednesday class

1 lessons learned list for Wednesday (also informal)

1 5 page paper for the university as a requirement for every graduate

And 6 more rounds on my final simulation but most of that will be in class.

Speaking of the simulation, we are doing very well again this time.  We completely won last session and this time we just edged into 1st place this round when the previous #1 player tragically overspent and had a big negative.  The team I’m on is definitely a positive to the whole thing and while I’m not going to publish my methods here due to potential spys from my class, if this is found by google search for CAPSIM in the future feel free to e-mail me for our tactics.

Other than that load of stuff I’m getting by with everything else and more or less recovered from my ‘vacation’ for thanksgiving.

Happy first day of winter – we had a dusting but reports are 50/50 if MN will have a white Christmas.