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We are back!

We made it back and so did our luggage and things seem intact so far.  Zoe was ….. well… lets just leave it at the fact that she survived and she fell asleep basically immediately in the car.  Niamh did better but suffered from some not listening diseases but she did her best to help with Zoe.  She is eating a scrambled egg and on her way to bed – and I’m not long after.  We are wimping out on our newyears plans but it would be torture right now to take them anywhere.  We will ring in the New Year just us (and most likely with whatever timezone is 3 earlier than us because I’m not going to make midnight CST).


I hope everyone has a happy and safe New Years Eve – resolutions and all that tomorrow.

Last full day in NY

NY weather did not disappoint on weather for our last full day.  It was gorgeous out and we took full advantage by going to the local free park.  It was nice seeing all but one of my girlfriends and the kids.  Its a small park but there are some neat animals and it is small enough to just let them run and there is no place to go.  Timing was a bit off so lunch was late and we ended up with two sleeping girls who ate a very late lunch but it was nice to spend time with everyone.

I had a bit of time to pack today so I’m basically done, just a bit to do in the morning.  I am pretty pleased about how timing is going, I’m not stressed at all about the return trip.  I suppose at least one way should be stress free.

As expected, we are in the routine of being here and me being home full time.  Bedtimes are pretty smooth, we have a good schedule going and I’ve just gotten to the comfortable stage with the kids.  They are also at the point of liking having all the extra family around and goodnights at home will be dull with just us again. Its time to reverse the process soon and I wish it was not but vacations have to end…

And to end the day I had coffee with a friend who is running for running for congress.  It was a nice conversation, it is always fun to stretch my brain in a political direction.  A very tiny part of me is envious but I don’t think I would trade my life for his on a bet.

Thank you card #1 – cake pops

Last year I did my best say thanks on line for all the gifts we got for christmas and I’m going to try again this year.  Today we had my youngest cousins over to play with my kids (while I puked my brains out and slept but lets not dwell on that) and we opened up and used the gift they gave us – a cake pop set.  I’ve had my eye on these for a while, I’ve made them the slow way and this fast way is appealing.  Its a special pan that you fill the bottom half and then clip on the top half of the ball and as it cooks the ‘muffin top’ forms the top half of the ball.  It worked pretty well and makes a more airy cake pop then what I make.

Bottom line, all the kids loved making them and then eating them and the total time was about 2 hours and that includes mixing, cooking, chilling, and decorating.  I don’t think I’ll use the plastic sticks every time but they are not the important thing in the set.

The trip so far

Still in NY but I can’t believe that we are nearly done!  Today I actually did a little pre packing and put all the dressy Christmas clothing into the luggage – I had some extra time and any time I spend now is worth double when I’m packing (as my mom calls it, the uninstall process).

Today we had a very nicely timed day of visiting.  My grandmother came over after church and we visited for an hour or so over tea.  She left and about 10 minutes later a high school friend and her daughter came to visit. Niamh loved having another girl close to her age to play with and they had a great time for a few hours.  We did lunch and even stalled naps for them both because they were doing so well.  All good things come to an end and naps were needed so she left and I bought Niamh up for a nap and I don’t think my friend had even cleared out corner before my cousin pulled up.  He and his wife and little boy  stayed through dinner and it was a very nice visit.  During my cousin’s visit two good SCA friends dropped by (the ones who introduced Lars and I actually) for a short visit and we have an open invite to drop by their place.  The timing of the day could not have been more perfect and as a bonus naps were had and bedtimes were easy.

Yesterday we had a lazy morning and put the kids to an early nap so we could do an Insanity Workout – I modified it some but it was nice to be moving.  After nap we headed out to a bouncing place where we met Miss Math and her little boy and bounced our way through 2 hours.  I have video but have not uploaded it yet – its priceless.  Even though it was only 2 hours it spent their energy and bedtime was nice and easy again.  We adults played one of the new games Lars picked for christmas and had a good time.  I had an extra good time because I won both games – it really is my style game.

Monday Miss Math and another friend came over and we had fun running around after the kids.  We didn’t do anything special, just talk and watch the kids but it was perfect for us.  Basically the post holiday time has been pleasantly passed by chatting and tea and short walks to the beach – it is far more relaxing this way then the bustle for pre holiday and holiday days.

Tomorrow is up in the air but I think I’m hanging with Miss Math again on Friday.  Quite nice that she has this week off too.  It is so nice to just be here but I know things are piling up at home for us to do but I’ll face that when I need to.

Most other people are back at work already so I’m trying to pack in the vacation while I have it.

Ps. in ref to yesterday’s post, I have to admit that I am responsible for giving my sister those pants, socks and sports bra.  I just never told her to wear them together.  Very similar situation to Niamh, yes, I’m responsible for the fact that many of those crazy items exist in her wardrobe but it is she who makes the crazy combos.  Little boys don’t have anywhere near as much fun with their outfits; I’m so happy to have girls (so far)

Now I know where Niamh gets it

Her godmother….

Ps. She also gave Niamh a great outfit to feed the little fashionista. I’m sure you all will see it soon.

Niamh’s first sudoku

Not bad for 3.5…. So it’s only a 6 block and I gave her 3 to start but for a first try she got the concept. Oh and if you are wondering we used her choice of letters to keep or fun.