I started out the day mad at the insurance company.  Apparently something that is considered preventative care by every other plan in the universe is not under this plan.  Thankfully we have Flex and money in the bank and truly, being mad at an insurance company is not exactly a unique situation.

I decided to let that pass….

This afternoon I am again full of ire but this time directed at a work person.  Work is a great company, I think it is well run and has a good product and I remind myself often I work for the company not this one person.  ANYWAY here is a little story, you judge if I should be mad or not.

So a long time ago there was a goal to save buckets of money and I went to a supplier I liked a lot and said ‘Hey, could we save some money if we move the casting offshore?”  He said “well, it will be a lot of work but yes, it should save many buckets of money”

We begin work… reviews, quotes, travel, more reviews.  I become pregnant with dear Zoe.  I continue work on this project with the nice supplier and great engineers all who pitch in and make this really happen.  I go to a foreign country 6m pregnant to follow up on parts of the project.  As with all good pregnancies it results in a baby being born and so I get my ducks in a row and hand off this delecate snowflake of a project to a coworker.  I like this coworker, he is a good guy, he did a good job for the 3 months I was out.  As it happens I get back and he says; “while your super overloaded I’ll hold onto this project, its basically done”  I am cool with that since it was nearly done and I did have more work then I could humanly handle.

(Aside – my value to the company is largely based on the amount of money I save.  Value = rating, rating = bonus %)

Today it is told to me that I will not get credit for this project that saved buckets and buckets of money as my coworker was the one to take it over the finish line.  I have NO PROBLEM sharing credit with him.  I want to say that without his help this would not have happened but that isn’t true, it would have happened, either someone else would have done it, or, it would have bumped along well enough with the others on the team.  So.  Zero credit.  Much anger.  At least Zoe is cute

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