Archive | November 14, 2011

Weekend Review

What a weekend!

My weekend started nice and early on Friday with a half day where I worked at home (and got a lot done) and got a few last min things done. Miss Math arrived just on time and I was waiting inside since this was her first time flying with her little dividend and who knows how much help they might need getting from baggage claim to the car. I should have known she would be streamlined, just a carryon (checked) and a backpack and diaper bag, all easily carried and/or carted on the stroller. The major issue with kid travel is hauling the car seat from one state to the other and I know from personal experience the first issue is remembering to take it out of the car at the airport, so, we short circuited that whole potential for problems by just moving Zoe’s Prius seat into the van so we had two seats for two kids and Niamh was moved to the back row. She was not very pleased with the move but we made her double cupholder sound good enough that she was not mean about the move.

Anyway, the visit was way too short because by 10:30am on Sunday we were reversing the process and back at the airport again – hardly 48 hours! Niamh wanted them to stay forever and she said she was ‘so sad she would be sad for always’ but I think she will get over it. I also wish I lived close by, but, on the other hand, how often do you spend 48h straight with a friend who lives close?

In between airport drives we did the normal living things. Breakfast, lunch and dinner for a bigger group is a bit more of a production especially when 2 of them have rather poor manners. More than once Miss Math said we needed a dog (she is not the first to say so) but I would still rather sweep up any number of crumbs and tossed food items then deal with poop in the yard. We got outside a lot and played at our local walking park, at the local school park, and in our own yard. Little dividend is happy with any outside location that includes sticks so he was VERY happy in my yard. The weather cooperated and we just let them run and play and have a good time. We went to the como zoo – pictures to come – and they are doing major construction. I know they won’t do this, but, they are doing something cool with the primates. We actually did not have a lot of time at the zoo due to shorter winter hours but we did enough to feel it was worth the drive. Lars had to work on Friday until 4am so he was not really fit to move until 11 the next day so that did put a damper on getting out of the house earlier. The rest of the time we chatted and gossiped and compared notes on kid stuff and generally had a great time.

After the drop off, I scooted over to Ikea for some lunch and then met up with my MBA group for a final crack at our presentation. This class has gotten slightly more reasonable with the workload and I’m more than half through. It does not hurt that we are doing awesome on the competition section, as in, we have 100 points and the closest other team had something like 60 and there were two teams with under 10 score. We just need to keep it up in the next round to get an A in this. The group dynamic is good, we have three different style people but we are adult enough to adapt to each other and work toward the common goal. We wrapped up around 3ish and I was home a bit after 4 (it was very close to the airport) and one would think that would be the end of the weekend but Nooooo, Lars had plans…..

Our almost 3 year old big screen tv LCD flat panel has developed issues. We spent a bunch of money and went brand name to hopefully avoid issues but nope, Samsung, you have failed us. We get random black cloud over half the screen and it does not matter if it is on the cable box or on the computer doing Netflix, it is the TV. I’m very annoyed and Samsung, you have lost us for life and as many people as I can warn I will. Your unhelpful help site said it was the cable company but nope, it is the screen. So, off we went at 4:45 to visit Costco and Best Buy to check out what the OTHER companies have to offer. Lars and Niamh are in love with the 3D tv, I’m not sure they are really worth the price since we don’t really have a lot of 3d things to watch. We will do some research but I have a feeling our TV is on the way out. I would like to point out that Niamh is using daily the little TV I got in 1996 and its just fine; Sony I believe, so maybe we go check those out…

Finally we got home, got kids in bed and ate take out sushi. I think I was asleep at 9pm but hey, it was a busy busy few days!

How was your weekend?