Archive | November 9, 2011

G0lden Shower

The morning started so well…. Warm and cozy in bed, the bed ninja arrived way too early but she was super still so I could sleep. Zoe is starting to acknowledge daylight savings and woke up at 6am rather than 5. I didn’t get kicked in the face once (we call that a win) and when the get up alarm rang we were all in good moods.

Niamh went to get dressed, Lars got Zoe going and I had 2 min alone, sometimes this is the best 2 min of my day. I fell asleep last night around 9pm so I’m actually rested and get up and get going myself. Read Zoe a book, her new obsession, brush teeth, normal morning stuff. Niamh appears dressed and in a particularly cute outfit and declares that she had a dry pullup! Happy dance for the pullup and then I dole out the m&m’s – Niamh gets 2 for getting dressed herself, Zoe gets 1 because you can’t not give her one but we say it is for cooperating with getting dressed. Either way they both have to be dressed and that’s teambuilding I think. Anyway… I’m NOT dressed and Niamh climbs the 3 step ladder in my closet to help pick something for me. It is important to note she is in the middle of our walk in closet on top of a small step ladder.

(Warning, this gets graphic stop here if you want a happy ending)

We are looking at options when all of a sudden


Drip drip splash!

“Oh no I’m peeing!”

Gush, splash, waterfall effect of a 3 step ladder!

I stood in stunned semi silence – all I could manage was; “stop! Hold it!”

I figured moving her when she obviously could not stop would just cause more mess so I tossed a towel at the situation and once she stopped gushing moved her to the tub. Niamh is VERY upset by this, she has not had an accident in months… apparently she did not go potty after she got up and the 12 hour wait was just too much for her little girl bladder defenses. Trying not to make her feel worse I tell her to take off her outfit and go survey the damage.

I turn the corner to see Zoe holding the towel I used to stop the drip drip drip heading toward the carpet – running toward me. Well, Zoe at least did not get peed on, more than can be said for many other things. The splatter effect was great, hitting many of Lars’s shirts and the few things on the floor – fortunately the carpet was spared since a bunch of Lars’s t-shirts were there. Cleaning up was not really all that bad, it amounts to a load of laundry, and, my crocks but they needed hosing off anyway.

During this Zoe got into not one but three tumbles where I had to stop what I was doing and pick her up and hug her. Most were tripping over her feet, one was because she believed the doll stroller was good to lean on (its not). Niamh was still devastated both by the accident and that she lost the outfit she wanted that she was semi worthless in the washing herself department so in one hand I have a crying Zoe bemoaning the unfairness of gravity and with the other hand I’m pouring water over a sad sad Niamh.

Lars appears and I’m sure he is thinking WTF, I left her with two happy dressed children? He was in the bathroom downstairs and missed the whole thing. Realistically, it only took 5min total but that was a very long 5 min.

Happy ending really, only laundry to do, Niamh got redressed pretty fast, Zoe got over the fact that doll stroller was put away, and we all walked out the door dressed at 7:35. Hopefully Niamh will remember to use the bathroom even if she does not think she has to go… This was not a top morning but I’ve seriously had worse – still- the rest of today can only get better.

Ps. Using a 0 instead of an o in the title is so hopefully gross people don’t find this post using that search term.