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7 years and not itchy

Happy 7 year anniversary! (and 6th anniversary of doing NaBloWroMo). I went back to see what I wrote on all the other November 6th’s and I think I cover the basics well over the past 7 years posts. This blog is such a nice way to look back at how I was at that time. I remember writing some of these vividly, I remember things that were going on that I didn’t write down but with the little 200 word memory jog it all comes back.

This year we have our babysitter coming at 7:30 and we are going out. Back in 2006 I said that a home cooked dinner was rare, now going out (alone) is rare. Since last year we have not personally done too many momentous things but keeping up with life has been its own accomplishment. By next year I expect things to be a bit different, I’ll at the very least have the stinking MBA done but I am pretty sure something I have cooking will be well done by then.

2010 – tried on my wedding dress
2009 – pregnant with Zoe

2008 – How I met Lars

2007 – Short post; Lars’s grandmother died, and, I had a prenatal apt with Niamh
2006 – Mini review of life at 2 years married
2005 – Was not doing NaBloWroMo but did mention my one year anniversary because we ate old cake

Not that Lars reads this but Happy Anniversary Honey
and just in case I didn’t mention it lately, thanks Mom, Dad, Sinead, Josie, Miss Math, Heather, and my other girlfriends and all our friends and family that made this day 7 years ago so memorable and fun.