National Blog Posting Month! November, the month that lots of people promise to post every day, and, there is even the potential for prizes if you do it. I’m participating for the 4th or 5th year in a row and this year I have a head start because I posted every day in October too. November is always a hard month to do this challenge with Thanksgiving going on and this year I’m going to be traveling for 3 days for work so that will give an extra little twist. As I mentioned yesterday, Miss Math is visiting next weekend! (With her little boy) and we are going to have a good time, I’m sure there will be pictures. This weekend is dedicated to making the guest room pretty again – it has become the spot that things just ‘go’ when we are not sure where to put them. I told Lars that he MAY NOT offer crash space for our party without consulting me because while we do have various other places to sleep it would be embarrassing to put someone in the official guest room right this second.

In other random news, there is a lot of construction going on in the workplace. Fortunately it is in the facility I’m only in on Tuesday but the hammer, saw, and who knows what up there is causing a lot of noise. I also get to share the space we have here with the nurse, she is only here two afternoons a week so its not a bad share but there are now medical posters up and a man with no skin (muscle diagram) is staring at me…

I know I said yesterday was the last of the Halloween talk and it is in general but I just wanted to say for the record that Niamh really loved it this year and Zoe was mad she could not eat all the candy immediately. Lars had a good time bringing them around and Niamh wanted to keep going but Zoe was at the end of the line. The weather was great, calm, 50’s, and dark enough by 5 that the walk around the block was special. Usually when I get home from school Niamh is still awake and I spend a few minutes with her but last night she was long gone. I procured a pair of balloons from work for them and left them in their rooms to find and this was just the cherry on their day – this is the best shot I got of them playing with the balloons – I kind of like that the balloon is front and center and all you see is little legs behind it.

That’s the final final word on Halloween (unless you like pictures, there are a few more coming on flicker)

So anyone else joining NaBloPoMo? My Mom has posed daily so she should sign up… anyone else?


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  1. pmizzi says :

    so how do you sign up?


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