What normal looks like today

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When we were in Florida last year we got to look at a bunch of Lars’s baby pictures and growing up pictures and I was happy to see all the milestones but I was equally happy to see the random ‘life’ snapshot. I know that with digital I have the option to take a million shots and only keep the best. I actually keep them all, but, I only publish the best. I promised myself that I would make the effort to take regular life shots too and this is one of them.

This is what Zoe does right now. She brings you things… she will bring you many many shoes until you get the memo that she wants to go outside. She also holds them up just like the picture shows like everything she finds is either a treasure, or, you need to see it closer. I’m sure her little triceps are awesome since she holds 90% of all objects over her head.

Looking at the background (that I left 100% in the picture) you can see the yogurt splattered table. Chibani yogurt is a go-to food for Zoe but she likes to feed herself and she actually isn’t that bad. You can also see breakfast dishes and see that Zoe is now using a knife and fork. She uses the fork pretty well, the knife is more so she stops stealing Niamh’s. Niamh insists on having a kid knife even if there is no cutting required. I highly recommend the kids cutlery from Ikea, it actually works unlike most of the completely blunted forks they sell for kids. Its hard to learn how to use a fork if you can’t ‘fork’ anything – at that point its just a slotted spoon…. Anyway, the other box of craftie things on the table were from the pre breakfast (let mama cook) project of gluing random sparkles onto paper. Zoe and Niamh both think this is great and I think they are learning fine motor coordination and for $2 for a bazillion spangle thingies and .50 a glue they are happy. The box also contains stamps, not something Zoe is allowed to do alone because she likes to eat them, like she eats everything.

The mug is my favorite gift from our 2nd reign, this one is Lars’s and its now put away just another sign of life in our house. There are also a collection of witch hats – these are actually out for the spooky party but technically they live in the dress up box so they are used year round. Niamh likes to ride the broom and say she is a witch. I didn’t teach it to her so maybe it just comes naturally…

The stairs are littered with clothing to go up or downstairs. My children inherited my dimples and Lars’s desire to be naked. They chuck clothing all over the house. Zoe is especially fond of taking clothing off – at this point she still needs help but when she is a little more coordinated I’m going to have to duct tape her clothing on. I’m not sure what is on the floor but there is usually something on the floor unless I have just finished sweeping and even then it is not a guarantee! There is also a scale – that is Lars, he is on a self imposed diet. He got a fun calorie counter for his phone and has had fun with it. Amazing what calories some foods have! I found from playing with it that I more or less stick in my ‘good’ range per day so I quit messing with it.

I snapped this picture right before I went outside to take pictures of Niamh climbing in the tree (I did not wear the sandals) and this is a normal, every day, weekend day for us right now.

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One response to “What normal looks like today”

  1. Amber says :

    I am ROFL at this quip – ” My children inherited my dimples and Lars’s desire to be naked” !!!! 😀


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