Archive | October 25, 2011

Update on the MBA

I must be fair and equal in my reporting….

When I said my MBA was trying to kill me I listed all the work required weekly. This did seriously worry me because not only was it a bunch of work, it was work due at not class times. I decided to talk to the teacher and as I said, he is a reasonable man, he ended up removing a few of the more ‘busy work’ requirements, clarifying a few points on the major other assignment, and changing around one super dull assignment to something I think will be fun. He also made the simulation only due on Mondays (class day) and we do 2 rounds on a Monday – one basically due an hour before class and one about 2 hours after we get to class and then the cycle repeats. It sounds more complicated than it is but I feel much better about the situation now. I have no idea what my grade will be in the end but I’m going to work hard and I believe he respects that.

The thesis class is going well, I like my team and I think we work well together. It’s a good blend of personalities and the other woman in the group has kids EXACTLY the same ages as mine so we are talking about a working play date sometime this fall. She is a stay at home mom doing her MBA and that is its own brand of crazy, I at least have lunch at work to do homework, I don’t know how she does it. I bet she says the same thing of me!

Lars tried to make cupcakes for the party while I was at school. Let’s just say it could have gone worse. Niamh reported to me (when I visit her in her bed at 9:30 when I get home) that ‘daddy spilled a lot of cupcake’ and I’m not sure where that came in but he did manage to overcook/burn them all. Its easy to do with mini’s – they only take about 8min to bake and I usually judge by smell when they are done – something I learned from working with my ‘aunt’ Bree catering for a few jobs. It is partially my fault, I encouraged him to bake and told him Niamh could talk him through it but since she can’t use the oven I guess that is where the breakdown happened. Oh well, just one box lost, we can do it again tonight. The plan is to decorate them like power-up mushrooms for our video game theme. It will be cute I think, and not a ton of work (I hope).

ps. Thanks Mario Mushroom site for the picture!

Pps. Not that I’m counting but 8 weeks left. I could have sworn I said that before but this time there really are only 8 weeks.