Halloween costume time

Since my sisters birthday is well past (abiding by the rule my mom made about when we were allowed to talk Halloween) it is safe to discuss the plethora of costumes we have underway here at casa de luthner.

To set the stage, we have a spooky theme party this weekend and then real Halloween, and, we are throwing a Halloween party with a video game theme (if you are reading this your invited!).  Technically I could probably make one costume work for all 3 occasions but thats not how its going.

Easy one first; Zoe – she had no opinion.  We got a dragon costume from Old Navy.  I think it will work for both Halloween and Zoe isn’t really invited to our party, we are hopeful to have her in bed before it starts.  For the spooky party I got her a witch hat on a headband, and, a real hat so she has options and a black tule skirt.  I think she will be more on the cute side of witch then the spooky side but she is only 1, 1 year olds are scary in their own way all the time, no need to dress like a terror.

Niamh – can we say indecisive?  She has wanted to be every costume she has seen in every store plus witch and ghost.  The issue I have with commercially made costumes is the extreemly bad quality and super shiny cheap fabric.  Not to mention looking nothing like the character half the time.  For example, here is the modern Rapunzel from Tangled

and here is what the designers decided the costume should look like this;

… maybe they were trying to avoid copyright?  They are both purple… both have lacing but after that they really are not the same.

Anyway, looks like I’m sewing a little something.  It won’t be movie quality but it also won’t be shiny.  I did buy an adult long hair blond wig and Niamh loves it, and, a Tangled bag with the movie character on it so hopefully that gives people a clue as to what ‘princess’ she is.  Niamh has not obsessively watched this movie and I think technically she likes Belle better but she likes that Tangled has long hair like her and now we are committed.

For the spooky party she is also a witch with the same basic outfit pulled from bits and pieces like Zoe.  Pictures will be taken, don’t worry.

Lars; for the spooky party he wants to be a zombie, easy enough – I picked up two makeup kits and he has instructions to hit a thrift store for stuff he can wreck.  This costume just got very fun for Lars –  permission to wreck clothing does not come every day.  For the video game he wants to be this guy … He actually won’t let me post it because its a surprise but he says he picked it because its iconic and it is the first character he really saw as a character.  It includes sewing for me so sunday is a sewing day.

For me; for the spooky party I’m pulling together many goth elements and will be a vampire because I have cool teeth.  I’ll figure it out on saturday I suppose what exactly I’m wearing but it will be fun to dress up.  For our party I’m going to be the red Angry Bird.  I have a big red sweat shirt I’ll make puffy and I’ll wear a beak and make my eyebrows angry.  I might also draw bird faces on small blue plastic balls to throw at people.  For real Halloween I won’t be at home, I have class and the class has strict attendance policy plus it is one of the days we need to submit a simulation.  Oh well, the kids will come to work and that will be a fun time anyway and our mini Halloween.  Lars will take them to the neighbors and then regular bedtime and he will be in charge of handing out candy.

So thats the plan.  Ambitious but hopefully not too bad.  I’m fabric shopping and sewing on Sunday – wish me luck


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3 responses to “Halloween costume time”

  1. Amber says :

    Heehee, my brother would have never survived in your family – Halloween is his #1 holiday, he spends about 10 months a year planning for it!


    • pmizzi says :

      If HE is planning that’s one thing. It was parental planning that I wanted to avoid before the end of Sept. After all a month ought to be long enough to plan a kid Halloween costume even if you need to sew it (as I did often enough)


      • kateluthner79 says :

        I like halloween a lot but given the fact that Niamh has no idea when things are I’m in charge of the planning. If she gets into making a costume someday I’ll driver her to the fabric store.


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