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broken bones?

WordPress suggested I talk about the worst injury I’ve ever sustained.  Thats an odd phrase isn’t it?  I suppose it implies you live through it and ‘sustain’ some sort of mark from the experience.

Reflecting, I have had a lot of tiny injuries but nothing truly major and for that I am quite glad.  Zero surgery, very few scars… I wonder if I’m not just a bit dull.  Playing with a friend I broke my wrist but that hardly even hurt.  I broke my fingers and a small shoulder bone playing  field hockey but they all healed fine.  I had a dremmel tool break in my hand in art and I have a few small scars around my thumb but even that was all superficial.  I don’t know if I’m careful, tough, or watch too much TV but none of these feel like they should even count as an injury.  You can’t even see the scars unless I’m washing dishes (hot water) so thats as good a reason as any to not wash dishes.

So far I feel worst about Niamh falling into a flower planter when she was just learning to walk and having to get her forehead glued back together – but that isn’t me exactly.

Warning – if you are sensitive, skip this paragraph! I think the worst injury I’ve had was involved in the birth of Niamh – she took forever to get born, over 24h, and in the end did not exit with any grace at all and made a mess of me.  I don’t blame her, her head was not even all that big, but that incident resulted in the only stitches I’ve ever had in my life.  In the end I healed fine and Zoe was 100x easier so no ‘sustained’ damage.  (sorry for the TMI but I had to have some injury of note and I would have skipped this if I had anything else)  The sustained part are the stretch marks and those are some scars that can compete with any war wound.  My bikini days are in the past (or far future) but I think the resulting children are worth it.

So hopefully this is my list forever.  It would be great to always lose the injury comparison discussions.  What about you?  any fascinating injuries sustained?


Technology fail

So I thank WordPress yesterday but today it fails me! I want to install Google Analytics on this site and I’ve messed with all sorts of things and in the end even changed the template (grudgingly) but to no use… I am still analytics absent.

Anyone know how to make this work? I read all the how-to and even the beginner guide but it seems wordpress and adding this particular string of code is not compatible.

Oh well… I’m fine with the basic metrics I get from wordpress but I would like to know a little more about my site now that I’m learning how in my social media class.

I’m in a very glad-it-is-Friday mood today. Weather is looking more fall again and we have a full weekend planned. Over planned actually – an event tomorrow and then a selection of plans for Sunday. I also feel the blah of too many days of going 110mph but that’s just the speed of life these days and for the foreseeable future. Even if I did plan a day of nothing those children who I’m responsible for would want feeding and attention and stuff so it isn’t like I could sleep all day anyway. I’m writing this pre coffee – I’m sure I’ll be better in an hour

No good picture to match the post today so here is a random one that I like that Jon took.  It is just such a Niamh picture, and dad, that is at the top of a climbing wall/rock that she did all by herself and is atleast 6 feet tall ~


If you could take any class for free, what would you choose?

For me, a photoshop course!  A real one, one that I could learn the cool things and not just have to click around and figure stuff out. I make due with what I have.  No knocks on Picasa, it is awesome, but all the real cool people use photoshop.  If you ever wondered if any picture I took is photoshopped wonder no more, it isn’t alturiasm it is lack of knowledge.  On the other hand, I do make Picasa do many fine things and ‘retouch’ is my favorate.  You can erease a spot by clicking on what you want to erease, and then clicking on what you want in that spot.  It is a little bit tedious but perfect for editing out boogers or blemishes.  I can also make it take away smalish things in the background.  Here is an example;  this is the finished picture from the orchard, I wanted it to look like the girls and I were all alone in a huge vinyard.Before edit But notice that golf cart, the yellow boxes, and all the random people walking.  I had two choices; wait until the background was clear or edit them out.  Since the kids only have so much of an attention span, I went with edit.  Here is the result: