Archive | October 2, 2011

running Zombie (thanks Amber!) and wedding memory (unrelated)

perusing my facebook today I noticed my friend posted this app;  in short, it is a video game powered by you personally running.  I have not tried it out but it does sound fun, I like a little something to do while I run around and around.  I am not one of the crazy zombie people, I don’t think there are any but in the case of attack my husband is very well suited for hitting the heads off things with a stick.  Our house would be bad for zombies, way too many entries, but I don’t spend much time thinking about it (really!  I don’t!).

Speaking of facebook, maybe I’m their target audience but I really like what they have changed.  I have mixed feelings about the data gathering but since I have a PUBLIC blog here I can’t say I’m super concerned with privacy.  I’m bright enough to not broadcast really sensitive data, and, I really don’t do bad things online.  I’ve got a very normal G/PG life and I don’t mind who data mines my desires for cloth diaper or cleaning stuff or trips to pumpkin patches or MBA stuff.  So, the format improvements on facebook are great in my opinion.  I really like seeing the top stories,  I really really like being able to click on a comment in the right hand column and have the whole conversation pop up so I can read the comment in context.  I like that they brought lists back – I have too many friends to catch everything as it happens so I check in on people individually.  On the other hand, nothing has been done with the phone app and hopefully that is on the list.  Its decent but not great.

I’m writing this in the lull of the day, both kids and Lars sleeping.  I wouldnt’ mind a nap myself but they will all be up in a half hour so not much point in lying down.  I had homework to read and I’m done with 2/3 of it, one chapter to go and I plan on doing that at the park after they wake up.  Last night we did a big clean up on the down-down stairs (on possible zombie entrance now trip hazard free…)  It can now be used as a room and not just a path.  We found some very special treasure in there….  I think the best was a large tub of cat poo (sealed) that was bundled into a corner – don’t we all need to save that for a year or so?  There really was no gross stuff, I had a good idea of what was in there it was just not organized.  The absolute best thing I found was my wedding memory box – all the ‘prediction’ cards that were at the table, the cards, and a few other things.  I need to put together the album I bought for those cards (also found) but its so fun to look back on them.  I just pulled a random one from the pile and it is from my grandfather, here are his answers;

Where did you travel from; Sayville NY

How far away; +/- 600 meters

Your special wish for Us; Life long contentment

How do you know the bride/groom? Grandfather of the Bride

Any advice for the newlyweds?  You should listen attentively to all relatives, inlaws, friends etc BUT keep your own counsel

Your favorite bride or groom memory?  Brides arrival in US when only a few months old.  First thing she did was share my chocolate doughnut.

wow… so much I could say about that, such a good first random pull…  I think I’ll think my own thoughts on this one and enjoy the fact that I have this real treasure.