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Halloween, the final post

I’m ready for Halloween to be done. I feel we did a lot this year; tons of t-shirts, a party a few weeks ago, our party Friday, Grand ave trick-or-treating yesterday, and making the rounds today at work. Zoe now know that she loves candy, she knows exactly what it is and really really wants to eat it. With Niamh we had her convinced it was a toy but when #2 sees #1 eating something you can’t keep her from that leap of logic. We are flooded with candy now, we over bought for the party, we got a bunch today and together we have so much candy I almost hope Lars does not take them far tonight adding to the collection. I will miss the evening stroll tonight but we have done enough that I don’t feel like I’m missing much, and, since our neighborhood has about 10 kids that come through I’m not stressing about our house being un-manned while he walks.

Yesterday the Grand Ave adventure was a semi-spur of the moment thing. I discussed it with a classmate and floated it with Lars and we figured if naps went well and the weather was ok we would go. They did and it was so we went… I ended up carrying Zoe most of the way but I had my sling. Niamh got tons of compliments and while we didn’t get much candy they had a good time seeing other kids (and dogs and cars) all dressed up. We also had a fairly pleasant dinner out, the kids behaved and the food was good so that was a win.

Today worked out very nicely, Lars got the kids and brought them to my work. We did half the building, then had lunch, then the other half. I’m not sure anyone wanted to sit at the table we were at after us, but, we did our best to remove the extra spaghetti. Zoe wanted my lunch more than hers and I’m just glad they ate something (other than candy). Lars returned them to daycare and I feel a certain lightness that Halloween can now be checked off my list of stuff to worry about. Costumes fit, were cute, and were worn with joy. I have to do something with (other than eat) the candy but I’m sure we can figure that out.

The next thing on the agenda is Thanksgiving but between then and now lots of school, Miss Math is visiting, and a trip to VA for work. No dull weekends for us!

This past weekend, other than the Grand Ave, was peaceful enough. Lars had a thing on Saturday so I had the girls alone but they were good and took decent naps and then we went to the park to enjoy the awesome weather. There was party clean up to do and that got pecked away at over the 2 days. I spent an awful amount of the weekend reading the Hunger Games trilogy – I read the 2nd two books over the past 4 days. They are a great series, worth more than a mention here but I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone who plans on reading it. Lars is 1.5 books behind me and that is actually really fast for him, he keeps asking questions and I don’t want to ruin it for him or for anyone…. More on that later, now I need to focus back to the work stuff, then the school stuff… I wish I burned more calories on this treadmill of life!

The Party!

It happened, it was fun, but no time today to write about it so here are some pictures


Last night I finished the hand sewing bits on Niamh’s costume and since she tends to ‘visit’ us for one more hug/potty/water/hug I made her model the dress.  It isn’t perfect but I doubt any costume really is.  I also made my Angry Birds beak and eyebrows and cut out a bunch of hearts for Lars’s costume.  Note; Lars needs to learn how to cut out a heart, he is very bad at it.  How does a kid get out of elementry school not knowing how to do the fold in half and cut an ‘ear’ shape?  I suppose that moment was when he knew he was destened for a BE while I reveled in my BA.  Anyway, I hope to have much better pictures later, ones with the hair, no pj’s, and possibly better light.

Here is the Tangled Journey;




Ps.  no cupcakes got made, that is first on the agenda today when I get home.  Hope to see lots of people there!





Final mile on the party

Ok, maybe not the final mile, but the end is in sight.

Yesterday my super booked day led into class and the topic of the evening was actually really interesting – enough to merit its own post. Today I had another supplier in all day but it was a very productive day (yesterday was too) but I’m exhausted but my evening tonight is triple duty.

We need to go to costo for party food and diapers (unrelated)

We need to go to the costume depot – conveniently by Costco

We need to go to the beer store – or as Niamh calls it the Lollypop store

And we need to make cupcakes – the last batch has gone to feed the wildlife.

I am getting a little excited now that I can focus just on the party.

Update tomorrow….. wish me luck