Cloth diaper girls

Cloth diaper girls, originally uploaded by katymac79.

I tend to plan to the level of analysis paralysis and Lars tends to not really plan – together we do ok. This weekend there was a ‘sample’ person at costco with Cutey Baby, a new brand, cloth diapers and I’ve been looking at the idea for a while and I have done some research the ton of options always made me pause. With a real example in front of us and knowing that the price was very good ( 6 for $100) we just decided to jump. Technically Lars decided, I dithered. Anyway we left with 4 large ones for Niamh and 8 medium for Zoe. We still need to figure out the logistics of it all but so far so good.

Pro’s so far

Not too hard to use so far
easy to put on
should pay for themselves in 6 months or so (normally pay $40 per month for Zoe and $40 every 3ish for Niamh)
less smelly since they go in a zipped bag and get washed so no lost pullups to find
less smelly because poop gets dumped
so far no leaks
very adjustable Velcro

Con’s so far

I washed them all as directed and they all velcroed together into a huge mass of diaper. Pulling them apart made some of the liners pill/pull already – is there a way around this?
putting the liner in is a little fiddly
Not really a pull up so spinning that one to Niamh was special – don’t want to take a step backwards on night training
a bit bulky compared to regular huggies and very big compared to pullups
hard to tell if they are wet? maybe need more time to judge on that

so next week we will have a weekend under our belts and maybe more to say on the subject but hopefully this is step toward wasting less.

ps. mom, they are really nothing like the one I rember using on Josie, no pins, no folding


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