Archive | July 17, 2011

Congratulations to my cousin

I missed a family wedding this weekend because I just have too much schoolwork.  My dad texted me pictures in ‘real time’ so it was a tiny bit like I was there.  I hate missing family stuff (sad face), but, to make it up to myself we are looking at a trip to NY in early September.  She made a very pretty bride and everyone looked happy, hopefully she will have a long and happy marriage.  My other cousin, the godmother to Zoe, had her wedding this weekend two years ago, popular weekend!

On the positive side, I buckled down and wrote the majority of my final paper for the thursday class this weekend, and, got through most of the presentation too.  There are second edits and some tweaks but mostly done.  Next on the agenda tonight it the reading for tomorrow’s class and a general pick up before our babysitter.  Did I mention we switched?  My ‘carefully’ researched sitter from didn’t end up working out.  I don’t think she was sad when I called to say we found another option because I think the kids made her miserable too.  She was a trooper because Niamh basically refused to listen and Zoe cried the entire time.  We are now going with one of the daycare ladies who loves the girls and they love her.  As an added bonus she has a daughter exactly the same age as Zoe so maybe they get to be friends like Niamh and Jeremy.  I hate cutting into her time as a mom but hopefully this it the only day she misses with her kids…

Today I wrote the fateful letter to my MBA adviser saying ‘this is IT right?’  I would rather know now then later if I’m missing something or something is wrong.  There is a good reason I finished college in 3 years, I was very mindful of the stupid rules and making sure I was on the right side of them.  If they say to graduate you must wear your shirt backwards every Tuesday I’m doing it.  I have 2 more Thursday classes and 4 more Monday’s and the summer session is over.  Next semester starts in September and I have a Monday and Wednesday class – when that starts I’m making a count down timer.  I really do enjoy learning and the classes but I’m quite ready to have my life back.  Whatever will I do with 2 more nights a week?

Dinner is served and time to start the evening portion of the day – hope everyone had productive weekends too.