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I should be packing for Pennsic but I like it here more

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Wow – Ok, final is 99% written, out for peer review and should be no more then 10 min to finish. I’m hopeful for even less! Maybe it is literary gold! Just in case I’m reserving 10 min in the near future to button it up. That paper, and the one for the other class, ate a good bunch of my writing energy. I would post them here, but, the one for the leadership class is very very long and very personal so I’m not putting that out there. The one for the law class is about duty of care etc and there are nearly 25 references so I just won’t put you through reading that (although it was fun in a law geek way).

In other news – Niamh knows all her letters, many of them both upper and lowercase and she can write the letters; M, N, O and X. Limited uses for those letter combos but she can write MOM (BIG SMILE!). She did this a few weeks ago but sometimes these things are fluky and they forget them again but this is sticking and she is getting more interested in writing and pointing out letters everywhere. She has also started yelling STOP when she sees a Stop sign because she knows what it says. Very cute. Niamh is also starting the OCD portion of childhood, last weekend she spent 45 min lining up all her crayons in a very exact way. She is in general getting far better at amusing herself for periods of time and also very good at real leaps of logic.

Zoe (pictured above manhandling the kitten) is doing very well too. She is very vocal but really says no words other then Mama and Dada and maybe some other sounds mean stuff but its not in English. She is great with her signs and uses yes and no very vey well. Like I asked her if she was pooping (obvious she was) and she nods yes, then I asked if she wanted a new diaper and she shook her head no and then I asked if she wasn’t done pooping and she nods yes. In a min she came to me with a diaper! I tried to plop her on the potty today and she wanted none of it – hey, worth a shot. She is also queen of direction following right now – totally blowing her Ms contrary sister away. If it is in her power, Zoe will get it, bring it, find it or whatever and she is even getting good at her monkey tricks like waving or blowing kisses on command. We reinforce the positive stuff like nuts and that seems to be paying off. Good job mom’s rat lab lessons! She isn’t all roses of course, she is pretty angry when you dare to tell her no about something like no you can’t attempt to run into traffic of try to base jump on her changing table. No is her least favorite word, second only to stop… keeping her busy is the best way to keep her out of trouble. Oh, she also has an extreme fondness for eating crayons or markers. I think Niamh was about the same but with her we could keep track of the 8 crayons we owned and when she tried to eat them we took them away. We have about a million and two crayons or markers and keeping them all under lock and key is impossible. In related news – Zoe is very good at spitting out whatever she has in her mouth into your hand upon command. In other related news, I’m really hard to gross out now.

So with my final exams written and one class finished I should have free time right? Wrong. Now I’m packing for pennsic in every spare moment. Technically I should be packing not writing but I’m waiting for the dryer to finish. I really hope everything fits in the minivan, the goal for tonight is to assemble all the big things. On the bright side we don’t need to bring any food or cooking items of note since we have a mealplan. I am bringing a kiddie pool, an extra popoup for kid shade, a miniwasher that another person going to pennsic found and told us about, the jogging stroller, a pack-n-play, a mini tent for Niamh and probably way too much other stuff. I worry about bedding most, it stinks to be cold and I don’t want either kid to be cold, or, have 4 people in my bed every night. I tell myself that if I can’t fit something or I forget something that there is a very handy walmart and since this is basically the worlds least expensive vacation we are ahead of the game. Regardless, packing needs to happen before Wednesday night. Thursday after work we are leaving and spending the night in the Dells. We will spend Friday day at the dells and then drive to someplace in Ohio for another hotel stay. Then we will arrive fresh and ready for pennsic on Saturday morning. Its a 15h trip that will take us 60h to complete. The reverse trip is not totally planned, that depends on Zoe really. If she and Niamh are both good we will just drive back, if Zoe was not that good we have airplane reservations for Sunday for just me and Zoe (SWA so I can cancel with no penalty). I’m getting very excited to be going, I’m not even thinking of bad things, only focusing on positives.

Finally, work is still super busy. The guy I’m training is coming along. He will be flying solo the week I’m gone so he needs to get up to full speed this week. My new stuff is basically ok, I have not started moving on anything big because I’ve been doing both desks and training so hopefully they won’t miss me for a week. When I get back my plan is to just do my new desk and be there to answer questions.

To conclude (I write too many papers when ‘to conclude’ is impossible to not say) going to go pack the stuff now into containers that will tetris into our minivan of power, Monday class til 9:30, Tuesday hopefully finish any packing I forgot and clean the Odyssey before its epic adventure. Wednesday play tetris and win! Thursday away we go… so, blogging may be scare but know I’m composing things in my head and will try to get better about atleast using my instagram. Anyone care one way or another on instagram?

ps. post pennsic life should be easier for a spell. I’m sure something will fill the void~
pps. this pic has very little to do with the post but it is just so darn cute

I should not be writing here, I should be finishing my final for tomorrow’s class. I’ve made zero progress since Sunday because all day every day I’m non stop frantically working or training the new guy. He is coming along but I can’t just hand my old stuff to him even though I have already gotten 100% of the new job stuff. The kids are great and super fun for the couple hours at night, we keep trying new fun outside water toys like the sprinkler and the pool. Its a novelty because we seldom get weather hot enough to want to be wet, and, we have central air so the house is nice and cool to escape to.

Ok, time to get back to the paper at hand. Guess what my big plans are for the weekend? Another paper for my law class. Anyone want to help assemble garb? That is on the list of things to do but I can’t get to yet….

Congratulations to my cousin

I missed a family wedding this weekend because I just have too much schoolwork.  My dad texted me pictures in ‘real time’ so it was a tiny bit like I was there.  I hate missing family stuff (sad face), but, to make it up to myself we are looking at a trip to NY in early September.  She made a very pretty bride and everyone looked happy, hopefully she will have a long and happy marriage.  My other cousin, the godmother to Zoe, had her wedding this weekend two years ago, popular weekend!

On the positive side, I buckled down and wrote the majority of my final paper for the thursday class this weekend, and, got through most of the presentation too.  There are second edits and some tweaks but mostly done.  Next on the agenda tonight it the reading for tomorrow’s class and a general pick up before our babysitter.  Did I mention we switched?  My ‘carefully’ researched sitter from didn’t end up working out.  I don’t think she was sad when I called to say we found another option because I think the kids made her miserable too.  She was a trooper because Niamh basically refused to listen and Zoe cried the entire time.  We are now going with one of the daycare ladies who loves the girls and they love her.  As an added bonus she has a daughter exactly the same age as Zoe so maybe they get to be friends like Niamh and Jeremy.  I hate cutting into her time as a mom but hopefully this it the only day she misses with her kids…

Today I wrote the fateful letter to my MBA adviser saying ‘this is IT right?’  I would rather know now then later if I’m missing something or something is wrong.  There is a good reason I finished college in 3 years, I was very mindful of the stupid rules and making sure I was on the right side of them.  If they say to graduate you must wear your shirt backwards every Tuesday I’m doing it.  I have 2 more Thursday classes and 4 more Monday’s and the summer session is over.  Next semester starts in September and I have a Monday and Wednesday class – when that starts I’m making a count down timer.  I really do enjoy learning and the classes but I’m quite ready to have my life back.  Whatever will I do with 2 more nights a week?

Dinner is served and time to start the evening portion of the day – hope everyone had productive weekends too.

I wish I lived in Sayville!

Forest Lake seems a little manic right now ….

If I can’t find my parents or LI friends I’ll assume they are on the bay

Lets call this a story about clean shoes…

Its a short story but funny.  Zoe and Niamh, as I’ve mentioned, are very different little girls.  Niamh likes baths but Zoe LOVES them.  I turned on the water for a bath and let it fill and Zoe started playing with the water going into the tub – very normal.  I leave her to collect her pj’s (feed away in line of sight) and I hear her happy babble so I toss a few rogue items in the laundry basket and go back to the bathroom.  I was gone maybe 30 seconds and I look too see (not just hear her) and find she is IN the tub already.  She is also still fully dressed.  With shoes… cute shoes…  She is happy as a clam still playing with the water faucet and she is very annoyed when I turn it off.  A very happy bath follows but the sight of her fully dressed ankle deep in the tub will amuse me for a long time.

massive update

What a couple of weekends! Weeks! wow…
This weekend signals the last of my planned events until Pennsic – we have had two differnt family visits, a national holiday that we always (when in town) celebrate at a friends house with a big party and then on the real 4th fireworks and then this weekend is the major SCA event for Northshield. Out of 8 weekends 6 have been majorly booked and any extra ‘free time’ I have goes toward reading homework or being in class making real free time scarce. Poor Blog – neglected

The 4th was an exercise in random plans. I had five full days available and ended up all over the place. We went to Valley Fair and it was super hot. So hot we went to the water park section, and, I dunked my shirt in a fountain so I could cool off when we were not in the water section. The pro of 100 degree heat is no lines – we just about walked onto every not water ride and it was very fun. We went with a few friends and it was a good time. The weekend part of the weekend we couldn’t go to our favorite park because it is shut down with the state, but, we went to Forest Lake for some swimming. Both girls had fun and Niamh was very interested in swimming or at least looking like she was swimming in six inch deep water (see flickr). On the real 4th we went to a park and attempted to meet up with friends and family we just found out we had (another story) but neither panned out – but – we did end up doing fireworks with the friends we kept missing and that was cool and unexpected. For no plans we kept busy. Tuesday I had off and had planned on doing stuff around the house with both kids at daycare but Niamh begged so nicely to stay home with me that we had a day together. It was not as productive as it could have been but it was alot more fun. We scrubbed the tub and Niamh loved the spray tool and spent half an hour squirting toys, we cleaned and jumped on the bed and took a jog to the parks and had a good day. Only problem is she begs to stay home every day now – she has to watch me drive away to believe I’m not staying home without her.

The rest of that short week was crazy – a person left (two actually) in our group so the remaining person and I got double duty. We did get a new person to backfill but now I have to train them in and while that is satisfying in its own way it sure overfills the day. Hopefully he is will be productive by the end of this week (been training full time Monday and Tuesday). Can’t blame him really, its alot of new and diverse things but he is smart and willing to learn.

Last weekend we went to WW and we basically daytripped it. It is the first I’ve been to in 2 year, last year I was in NY and the year before too for a cousins wedding. It was nice to not be crazy busy and the weather was great. I sprung for a pop up shade so we had a place to ‘be’. In the past I liked the mobility of going where I pleased but with two kids a parking spot is pleasant. I was so glad to attract visitors, we spent a nice string of time with one of Lars’s guys girlfriends and another friend and his little boy. I feel a bit out of the event habit but it comes back fast. We didn’t see very much of the event in general, mostly bopped between the field, the potty, and the pavilion with the ice cream floats but what more do you need in a day? Zoe only cried for the last 40 min in the car (4 hour trip) so that was good, and, we got back in time for a late bath and bed. We did a variety of fast food and snacks all day – chucking chicken nuggets at them in their seats whenever they looked hungry/awake. Sunday I met up with one of my oldest friends (time know, not time on earth). She and I went to St Lawrence together and it was like no time had passed. I credit the SCA and Facebook for my ability to just chat away – FB gives us at least one or two contacts a week by way of a thought or picture. The SCA instills the ability to see someone once a year and be happy with that meeting. I had a great time with her on Thursday night after class when we met for dessert and then again Sunday when the whole family and she did a mini tour of the city.

That brings us to the recent past of Monday that is always dominated by class but yesterday being the first full day with the new guy made it extra full. Today was also all training all day but in ithe after work hours we had mellow time that included Lars and Niamh going to the grocery store and I got some one on one Zoe time. Niamh and Lars and I did a kids/family yoga video and now Lars is cooking dinner while I document my life in a thousand words or so. I smell dinner so I’m moving on to the eating and watching TV portion of my day…