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Home again home again

Back from the offsite adventure. It was a good bonding trip, I’m always glad to learn more about the people I work with in a less stressed environment. I fear my inbox but I just took a peek and there were only two things on fire to squash immediately. The thing I like best about my job is the fun we can have, the product is just innately fun that if you take a step back every so often its contagious. I’m sure people who work in cities with awesome views don’t really see that view after a while but when they really look there are few things more breathtaking then an awesome skyline (says the city girl). I was listening to a book on the way home and it had a Red Hat meeting and I really don’t know enough about the group to know if this is really part of it but they had an oath to ‘take their silliness seriously’ and while I mostly work with people who will never be red hatters we do take our silliness seriously already.

I missed Lars’s birthday for this trip but he got lots of love from his facebook friends and I hid a note for him to find on his birthday. We plan on going to Valley Fair tomorrow all day, no kids, and having fun. Hopefully we do not melt but I love the sun and I’m good with sunblock and maybe the heat will keep the other people away. Since my birthday is on top of Christmas this is my half birthday so Lars is good enough to share his celebration with me and we try every year to do something big and fun.

Lars does not really read this, he has the pleasure of me telling him all this stuff in person so that’s why I didn’t do a big birthday thing here but just in case he checks in the future – Happy birthday Honey!

Next step is go collect children and hopefully they still love me. I enjoyed my little break but I miss them like crazy. [end]

29 June, 2011 06:38

Made it through 24 hours away from my babies. Niamh (per Lars) said when they were eating dinner that they were not eating as a family because momma was not here…. At least I’m missed

Fathers day 2

Not that Lars is my father, but, Lars is a very important father in my life and this past weekend we had a very Lars weekend.  Complete with absolutely spur of the moment unplanned fun!  I’m the planner, not him, but Lars really does like spontaneous things so in retrospect I’m glad we did it his way.  The spontaneity started with another dad in our life, Niamh’s BFF Jeremy’s dad called and said that he and J were out and about for the day so they came to visit us and then Lars was like ‘hey, lets go to a waterpark!’ and just like that we were going.  I spent a frantic 45min looking for bathing suits etc and in the end never found mine so we stopped at walmart.  In the theme of no plan we left the house basically at lunch time so we called the other car and was like ‘um, we should feed the minions’ so we pull into a Wendy’s on the way.  Then we get to the waterpark and I had to burst the bubble because we arrived at just the wrong time so we had time to kill before the next session started at 4 so off to the Mall of America we went.  We roamed around and did some rides and watched a few little shows and then got to the waterpark again at 4:30.  The water park of america is very large for being indoors.  I liked the 85 degree wave pool and lazy river, Lars liked everything.  Niamh got pretty brave about the little kid slides and Zoe eventually liked the spurting fountains but was very UNimpressed with cold water on her bottom and wanted to be in the very warm pool or held out of the water.  She fell asleep on me on the lazy river so we went around 3 times.  I took the kids home and let Lars live it up until 10 when the place closed.

The next morning we all felt hung over – must have been all the heat and junk food.  On the official Fathers day I ended up taking a nap with the girls shortly after Lars woke up and who knows what Lars did (smart money on video game) while we were sleeping but we had a relaxing day mostly at home.  We did go to walmart for a few things and the Lars and Niamh went out for fancy ice cream.  Here is a link to the photos of the day but this one is my favorite – we are watching a dancing group in the mall.

This week is another busy one, school, work, and then my parents are visiting for the weekend so I took Friday off.

Happy fathers day

This is my dad. A lot of people don’t see his sense of humor often but here is a great pic my sister took. This really shows the fun that dad keeps hidden most of the time.

Happy fathers day

Pardon my brevity, I typed this with my thumbs.

Linking myself

That sounds dirty….but its not.

Yesterday when I was searching for a reference on when I cut down on the daytime feedings for Niamh I had my blog open and there is a neat ‘random post’ button so I pushed it.  This is what I got.  I’m still not famous and I still am fine with that but my readership has increased from 8 or 9 to more like 40 or 50 according to stat counter.  That is probably not all unique people since if my sister reads from the community ambulance and from stonybrook it counts as two different people but I’m fairly confident it is my darling youngest sister keeping up on her Nins.  However, I do see an odd number of international people?  There is someone in Brazil (tudo bom!)  a few Irish readers (assuming my relatives) and some other Asian readers that may be totally random but may also be people who know me from work.  There are a lot of interesting IP address for people’s work and I’m proud to have friends/readers with such cool jobs.  I even have a reader from  Google!  (I love google and all its cool googlie things)

Many of the blogs that I followed in 2005 are still going strong.  I’m always glad to see a new chapter in one of their lives and I cheer for all the babies and fun things and I’m sad when there are sad things in their lives too.  I wish my real life friends wrote stuff I could read but I’ll have to settle for phone calls and some visits, facebook and messenger.  Some of the blogs have gotten more famous, a few totally disappeared, but mostly they are rolling forward with their lives just like I am with mine.  Recently I thought I might start reading some fact style blogs, get my news or tech info or something but I have NPR for that and my home page has a headline feed so I don’t feel like reading predigested news.

So 6 years later I’m 7X more popular but I doubt that growth curve will  continue and that’s ok.  I still wonder about the A-list people and how they feel about so many people knowing their business but I’m glad they share.  I’ve learned a lot from their lives, its good to not have to make all my own mistakes….

Puke, kittens, and milestones (unrelated items)

Ah puke – it has been so long! Niamh seems to specialize in sensitive stomach issues and this weekend she was just off all day Saturday to culminate in puking all over me at around 9pm. She did the same 9pm Sunday night too (and 10 and 11 and 12 and 1…) – we actually fed her a bottle of pediadlight from a baby bottle to try and hydrate her. I’m very glad that I’m more on the ‘be prepared’ side and picked up pedilight on sale about a year ago (its still fine until Jan 12) because its nice to just have the help on hand. Ironically she was acting fine all Sunday and we did all our normal weekend things but that night just didn’t go well.

We have to wonder if she isn’t milking it a little because she still has issues with school and not wanting to go. Her teacher told me she says all the time that ‘soon she will be staying home with her mommy’. I know she wants to in some ways but really, school is probably way more fun that full time with me would be. Anyway, I don’t think she can fake the amount of puke she had but she is now sleepwalking up to our bed 5 or 6 times a night. She truly is not awake, its weird, she will reply to questions kinda but not in a meaningful way so I’m of the opinion she is sleeping. I asked her this morning if she remembered going to our bed and she says no… Since she is our do-it-once = routine girl I was worried about yielding on the sleeping with us again but hard to resist her when she is so miserable looking.

On the positive side, Monday at home with just Niamh was actually very nice. I did work, she painted. We didn’t do anything big since she was sick and I wanted her resting. She didn’t really eat and that did not help but I can understand lack of appetite when you throw up everything anyway. I had to go to school and so the brave babysitter was there and Niamh talked her into pizza so while she didn’t puke last night I can’t believe that felt good in her empty stomach. Hopefully the worst is over but this morning she was hungry from not eating yesterday and tired from sleep walking all night so that equated to a fairly miserable little girl. I feel bad for daycare but hopefully we can get the reset button pushed today!

The other positive is our new kitten! We acquired a new kitten who is about 8w old and still in the wobbly cute stage on Sunday evening. Niamh was tentative, Zoe was a bit rough, kitten does like us and seems well socialized. Being home on Monday with Niamh was a bonding day for little kitten. They have a good understanding now and she is gentle and loves him. She wants the kitten to sleep with her even. I have not taken pictures yet but I hope to tonight, they are very cute together!

Zoe updates – the zombie walk is gone, she is a pro walker in only one month. She is also starting to talk more and more, lots of mimicking of what we are saying. She absolutely says ball, mama, dada and other things are less clear but she does communicate. We have gotten please into her signing language by bribing her with fruit – she is a huge fan of the black berry just like Niamh and will clearly sigh more please for another berry. Great behavior aid, small, healthy, and can be doled out one at a time 10 times in a row nicely reinforcing the behavior. The only issue with #2 signing is noticing she is doing it since #1 is likely talking. I’m unfortunately training in a squeal with her sign because that’s what gets my attention to see what she wants.

Zoe also is a stacking, lid matching, top unscrewing, mechanical girl. She stacked two cylinder blocks on each other over the weekend, those are hard to stack for me! She is moving right along on the learning curve, surprising us every day with what she can understand and do. Re reading this relative time with Niamh they are on par in general but its still super cool to see.

Niamh – in interest of full disclosure – is back in the night time pull up. After 2 weeks of success there was 2 weeks of multiple accidents a night and I just could not handle it any longer. Back in the pull up she goes. The day she puked all night she was dry… count the blessings I suppose. On the positives for her, she can basically recognize all the letters in the alphabet and is starting to memorize spelling. She mostly gets her name and can always spell Zoe. She is starting to get the concept of what the letters sound like and guesses the right first letter of lots of words now. Her handwriting is still nonexistent but she can make lines and circles and I’m sure sooner or later she will make letters. She really is only just 3 so this is all gravy in my opinion. I can’t even count the number of words she knows, she is getting very good at expressing herself with the right word. The cute misuses of words are getting few and far between – the most persistent is calling a watch a timer – probably because I tell her I’ll set my timer all the time and that’s on my watch. The other cute one was a bat/ball set I got her, she saw it and immediately called it a hit-ball (I think I already recorded this…) anyway, that still persists and since we don’t have bases and we don’t run why call it baseball?

Me – still frantically busy keeping school and work under control. School is interesting, work is not. Oh well, lots of people dislike their jobs, and I at least am good at this and positively impact the company by doing well. My other real happening is that my milk is declining. I don’t remember this happening last time but there is a marked decrease in volume. I found in my archives that we cut out Niamh’s at school bottles in June so 14m – Zoe is only (almost) 13m and I think next week might be the end of daytime bottles if I can’t get more supply going. I’m going to be away at the end of the month for 3 days and I don’t think I can bank enough to get her through that time since I need to bank morning and bedtime bottles too. All things change. On the good side I’m well on the good side for weight, I’m back to a size 6 but just with a raisin wrinkly belly that won’t be seen in a 2 piece ever again. Working out at work is very good and I’ve been trying to run or something at least once at home too. Yesterday at home was good for the house – between work and Niamh I busted a few piles of things I had been meaning to get to and cycled a bunch of laundry through the system. I miss working one day from home, it was so nice to get a few things done, but that was the old boss and not the one I have now. More face time at work is good too – I’m already offsite at the production facility once a week so working from home once meant I was only in my primary office 3 days and that starts to look absentee after a while.

Well this is quite long now and I need to go work on some homework with what is left of lunch time. [end]