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running and visiting weekend

This weekend Josie visited and we ran a race (mostly) together. If you are on my facebook or twitter you got some play by play but ‘for the record’ here is my weekend review.

The Friday pickup went very well – Niamh went up for the normal Friday playdate so it was just Zoe and I. Poor Zoe got fussy so I passed her day old French fries in the box thinking she would play with them and when I looked back there she was happily munching on them. I guess she was hungry… Anyway, Josie arrived and found us no problem and we had a nice evening complete with hottubbing.

Saturday of course it was raining but not too badly and we got up to the race with plenty of time to spare. There was a ton of mud so the organizers made paths out of straw for us. Niamh finally embraced the mud but the first hour she wanted to be carried everywhere. The race itself was on a really hard course but it was also very pretty in and out of the woods and fields with flowers and ferns. We got rained on but I didn’t get soaked through at least. I finished 4th overall and the 1st person in the 30+ category but honestly, it was a small race but still fun to place. Josie did really well and one 2nd female in the 10k. We were both very muddy – the pictures don’t do it justice. Niamh flip flopped about running a dozen times but once she got a snack and she saw the other kids doing it she wanted to too. So we cheered her on for her first 200y race and she ran almost the whole time. She was very excited and wants to do more. I like encouraging a sport that we can both do, not many family friendly sports out there – mostly parents just watch or at best coach. Zoe was pretty good in all the rain and excitement and they were both exhausted and took good naps on the way home and Niamh stayed asleep for 2 hours more. There are pictures and a video over at flicker.

Sunday we had a lazy morning around the house and then went down to the Mall of America for some shopping and rides before bringing Josie back to the airport. We had a good time playing and then we ate dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp. That place has the best service ever but I’m not wild about the food so I don’t think it will be a repeat. Zoe came quickly to the end of her rope and we left and she crashed in the car moments after we started driving. It’s hard to keep track of what is ‘too much’ stimulation for a little person – she does great then all of a sudden starts to act like a possessed crazy girl and that is our cue to feed and/or sleep her asap. Josie got trapped in Chicago but made it back to NY Monday. To finish off the weekend on a domestic note I folded 2 weeks’ worth of laundry while we watched the Harry Potter movie.

This week I start my first summer class, I have a week before the second starts and in that time I have to find a babysitter. I might need to go back to because the list I made in April is turning out to be no good since nobody is returning my e-mails. I’ll do some calls tonight and if I get nothing I have to go back to the drawing board. I also need to start sewing for Pennsic/summer stuff. I put it off until after Zoe party and Josie visiting because of the mess I will make but now I need to get into production mode. Anyone want to sew with me?

good by pullups

Dear Pullups

I’m so sorry that our relationship has ended so suddenly, you were so cute with various choices of design and I especially love the disappearing stars when wet features.  The pullup sponsored potty dance is firmly engrained in my memory from the million times we played it as a way to keep Niamh on the potty long enough to do her business.  I wonder if iPhone has a potty training app…

Last Friday Niamh declared she would no longer wear a pull up to bed.  Who knows why, three year olds are not known for their logic.  We let her go to sleep in undies and at 3 am heeded the call from a soggy bottom bed for a clean up.  Saturday night I brought her PJ’s and a pullup in after bath, just like every day for months, to see if she was planning on sticking to her conviction.  She did, she told me “Mommy, I don’t wear pullups anymore” and then it was tossed away from the waiting pile of PJ’s into a sad corner of the bathroom. (Don’t worry, I picked you up later) I did worry that every night would be bed at 3am but decided the conviction was strong enough that I would go with it.  7am the next morning we found a dry girl.  Same story Monday.  Tuesday a very minor accident sometime after 3am because at 3am I was summoned to “cover her up” and the bed was dry at that point.  Wednesday was also without incident.

I don’t know what happened but we have about 10 pullups left sitting lonely on the shelf.  I suppose I’ll put them away at some point when I truly believe this is done.  I don’t want to risk a relapse because I foolishly thought potty training was done and tempted fate.  Niamh shows no remorse at leaving you behind and honestly, I do not think I mind too much either.

Thankyou for you good service – I will recommend you to friends

Zoe’s first birthday

Zoe’s first birthday, originally uploaded by katymac79.

Did I mention the CAKE! Zoe loves cake. Niamh likes cake, her first birthday had plenty of cake wearing but Zoe is fanatical about it. She lunges for cake, she will kamikaze from my arms if she spots a crumb on the floor that might be cake (might be a bug….). I have known this for a few weeks since she got a chunk of a cupcake but this was her grand introduction to cake! I changed her diaper and there were cake crumbs in it, this is a mean feat since she was wearing a onsie and a bib (and pants).

Zoe’s birthday in general was a great day. We planned a brunch, a nice easy buffet style meal. Like any group we only had wishy washy RSVP’s so we cooked for the top number and had lots of leftovers. I try not to focus on who was not there because the thoughts in that direction are always disappointed or sad but those that were there had a great time. We got the perfect day, bright, sunny and warm – the first day in months of its kind. We set up the patio stuff in the rain the day before in hopes of the predicted sun and we were not disappointed. Zoe had a good time but I think she wished she could run around like a crazy girl with the group of big kids. She was fascinated by the presents – we ended up opening everything on the deck half because of the great day and half because she was covered in cake. Note; cake after presents so birthday girl can go directly to birthday bath. Everyone left happy and full and hardcore naps quickly occurred. The moment of Zoe’s birth (1:16) I was relaxing in the kitchen with a mimosa and Zoe was asleep.

The rest of the day was fun too. We went to the big park and ran around a lot. Zoe is getting almost able to play but she really likes to watch other people play still. She found a fun tube to hide in and played peek-a-boo. I have pictures but they are still captive on my phone. Dinner and round two of birthday singing with grandparents on webcam and then finally the bath and bed. Zoe smelled like cake all day, it was in her pores – not to mention her hair. I was afraid birds at the park would start pecking at her since every time I thought I got it all there was another crumb.

So far so good on the age of one, she didn’t sleep super well that night but maybe the teeth coming in were hurting (or maybe it was her body weight in cake…)


Zoe is officially one. One whole year with two children! By now last year I was even home with two kids, feeling great for my ‘easy birth’ but daunted by the new factor in every single equation that we had finally gotten a balance on. I would say the equation is balanced again now, Zoe fits right in and now that she eats basically everything Niamh does that makes things even easier.

Zoe at one;

Walks independently like a little zombie – soon maybe she will learn her knees bend…

Crawls very well but is now preferring to walk

Eats everything we put infront of her; a particular love for steamed broccoli

Eats everything she can get her hands on including what you are eating while you are not looking and bugs

Likes to get her teeth brushed; last count 5 teeth

Can take her shoes and socks off

Screeches like a banshee when she does not get her way

Likes to flush the toilet

Can put things over her head like necklaces

Puts things in things – sometimes she puts her toys away, usually she puts pizza crust in the tuppware drawer to ‘save for later’

Usually sits in a highchair but can sit at the table

Says ‘uh oh!’ ‘Hi’ ‘mamamama’ ‘dadada’ ‘nenene’ (Niamh)

Signs more, all done, milk, hungry, and up

Blows kisses, waves, claps hands, stomps feet (all on command). Will follow simple ‘go get the ball’ instructions (if she is in the mood)

Sleeps all night*

She likes to play peek-a-boo a lot

Pulls toys down/out and plays independently for a little while

Thinks everything is a phone and pretends to talk on it. Loves the real phone with the passion of a hundred suns (banshee moment when not allowed to play with the phone)

Dances to music and really likes music and singing a lot

Helps get dressed and undressed by moving her arms and legs nicely

Zoe is far more than a list, she is our own little girl and developing a very distinct personality. I’m sure we imbue her actions with more meaning but she seems to really be ‘getting it’ now. She had no idea the party was for her but she was happy there was cake. Full report on the festivities later but our dear Zo is getting to be such a big girl.

*have not reported this for fear it would be a dare to the universe but basically 7pm to 6:30am she is out most nights now.

Almost 1

Pardon my brevity, I typed this with my thumbs.


May-10, originally uploaded by katymac79.

This photo was entered into the I Heart Faces photo challenge –

I did it!  I finally entered something in an I Heart Faces challenge.  This is hard to do because there are so many awesome photographers, and, the deadline is pretty tight but this weekend we took pictures so I happened to have a selection of pictures of  “motherhood”, the theme this week.  I set up the camera on a tripod and used my magic remote and timer so I was able to use what natural light we had since I didn’t have to worry about hand shaking when pushing the button.

We took a ton of pictures and some are more sweet, some are more ‘real’  – I like the one where Niamh is clicking and Zoe is entranced by the red ribbon I have tied to the clicker – that thing is so tiny it gets lost without a curly tail of red to see.  Letting Niamh click was less of a choice and more of a battle we didn’t want, she saw how it was done and it was love at first sight.  To her credit, she clicked some good ones.  The next day when I asked her what she wanted to do she wanted to do the exact same thing – take pictures.  That dissevers its own post, it was cuteness personified…

Anyway, for my first offering in I Heart Faces I think its decent.  I do love being a mom, even the hard parts make me feel accomplished after I finish them.  I thank god, the universe, luck that we really have it easy with them, they are good healthy smart girls.