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Zoe and 2 years of pictures

Signing time again

In the past week or so I have noticed that Zoe is most definitely using the sign for ‘more’ and ‘all done’. I did a post on this for Niamh too, she is just over one in this reference but I think she was doing it before I mentioned it. I notice on my Niamh mile stones I didn’t even list ‘meaningful communication’ so I need to go back and add to the list. Zoe is clearly using ‘more’ now and did it over and over for blueberries (that I was meanly doling out one at a time). She did all done a few times too when she has had enough yogurt. Next on the list is to learn ‘up’ and ‘please’. She is also talking more with real words (kinda), she does a lot of dadadada and mamamama but not with too much intent. The cool thing is that she wants to communicate because there is a BA! sound she makes that Niamh makes back to her and they ‘talk’ and laugh like crazy. Pretty soon I’ll have two chatter boxes but I’m really pleased that she is signing too. This time I do take a little more credit than last time, we are religious about signing over food and Niamh pitches in too.

No real progress on walking yet, Zoe is moving along the furniture and can transfer from thing to thing but no solo walking yet. Again, I know she wants to and last night she took one step before resorting to crawling. I need to get video of her crazy crawl before it is a thing of the past – her one leg technique is very quick and I think saves her knees some pain.

Last night I went through about a thousand photos I have taken selecting ones to print. The last ‘big print’ was just after Niamh’s first birthday so I’m 2 years behind. I ended up with about 400 total and really, that is only a small sample. I found myself picking different pictures of Niamh now than I would have then because I love that there is a face she still makes or something silly that I would never have known at the time. I also tried to pick a few not quite perfect ones too, just to show its not all roses. I told Lars that our life looks great in pictures and he sweetly replies our life is great…. Not much more can be said on that so I’ll finish up here for now~

Thanks for the outfit Greta

Perfect for a fine MN spring day.

week update

I know one of the definitions of narcissism is thinking that everyone misses you when you are gone, NPR had a thing about how blogging is like candy to a narcissist but I’m a realist, I know maybe you missed me, maybe you didn’t, and if I didn’t write something you read something else with your coffee (smile!).

Anyway! Here I am back again. Work is ‘off the roof’ for the moment for those who know the reference – it isn’t easy and it isn’t really fun but it is what it is. With Zoe going to bed I have regained a small margin of sanity, being able to do anything without the looming threat of baby duty is so nice. I think I’ve been on high alert for 10 months straight.

My routine was mightily disrupted this week with a sick Zoe on Monday who had to be kept home Tuesday but thankfully she really was just at the tail end of a cold not the beginning of something nasty. Wednesday was an impromptu snow day, I was dressed and ready to walk out the door to find 8 inches of wet heavy snow and no snow plow in sight. To their credit Niamh and Zoe were angles all morning, Niamh played in the snow, Zoe looked longingly out the window and then Niamh brought her a bowel of snow to play with. Post snow Zoe took a good little nap and Niamh painted while I worked. By 10 the plow arrived and we got them off to school. I didn’t get anything other than work done from home but it was still nice to sit and focus. Tuesday I took a hour to show the new townhouse to two different sets of people and I’m on edge waiting for one of them to come back with a yes. From these two showings I can say I don’t feel I have a strong future in real estate sales… I have friendly down but I’m not sure how good I am at ‘selling’ a place. I did like doing the pictures – maybe if I need an extra career I could do house pictures. Yesterday I was in our production facility – something I usually do on Tuesday but it was too hard to get to school after so I officially switched but my brain kept thinking it was Tuesday all day. Today, finally Friday, is as normal as normal is these days but I’m in the right building at least.

Another new Positive in our routine is the addition of a HOT TUB. I know it is a frivolous purchase but it is something we both have wanted for a long time so it was our Christmas gift that FINALLY arrived last week Thursday. We have gone in every night without exception and it is very nice. It gives us a little distraction free time every day as well as heating up all the bones; can’t take a phone in the tub. Of course this will spawn new projects like repainting the underside of the deck and putting up some curtains and we might build a bar top or something for by the edge of the patio because you know, we have tons of free time, but still it is a worthwhile investment. Any local friends want to hot tub we are game after 8pm (kids in bed)!

Other than work, kids, snow, school, showing houses, sitting in hot tubs, I am prepping for Niamh and Zoe’s birthday. I don’t know if it is a sign of being organized or that I know my limitations that I’m starting to clean and organize almost a month ahead of time. I got all the supplies from Oriental trader and they are cute. My original plan for Niamh’s party was really involved and cool but in reading a ‘your 3 year old’ book and talking to some people I think simple will be better. Niamh can handle a lot but with a group of her peers I’m not sure how much organization they will stand for. Either way, Niamh is very excited to have a party. Zoe really has no clue and her party will basically just be our friends from here. I ordered stuff for her party too in order to get my discount and free shipping so its nice to have that done. I’m going to make fancy cupcakes for the ‘goodie bag’ for Zoe and I got sweet cupcake boxes to put them into. Niamh’s party this year will have her friends invited for the first time so hopefully that goes over ok, if I don’t over think it I won’t get nervous.

Time to get back to the work of the day – hope everyone out there is well too [end]

she is almost a walker

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Zoe is so close to walking. She walks holding fingers, she walks holding furniture so this week I got the walker from the garage and she zipped all over the kitchen. I love that Niamh helped her avoid a wall, that was very nice to to. I think she is probably a good month from solid walking but since she is 2 months from her first birthday she is right on track. I can’t believe my baby is almost 1! And Niamh is almost 3!!!

ok, time for dinner~

ps. I know by apologizing for it I draw your attention to the heap of stuff in the background but lets just call it ode to child. There is a pile of fabric for curtain sewing that needs to happen but I’ll get to that sooner or later.

The morners

A great Sunday activity.