The weekend was not a total loss

Other titles for this entry could be;

Lessons from Stephen King; always use cold water on blood
Zoe had a bad weekend

I’m choosing to focus on the positive with my choice of title – we did get quite a few things done around the house since we were under self-house arrest because we have no idea what is making Zoe spike 103 fevers. We were under the impression it was teeth but then Niamh got a very low grade fever on Friday so we played it safe and did not go to the event. By the way… I have 2 dozen 12th night gifts with awesome hand made gift tags and everything. Anyway, I was up at 3am on Friday so not really in the best mood for an event anyway.

The Zoe drama continued on Sunday when on a Tylenol high she was playing in the living room and all of a sudden a pain cry! Lars can’t hear this distinction but I can and I go over and see nothing wrong at all but she is screaming like crazy. I saw two tiny spots of blood on the carpet and knew something was bleeding. I checked her fingers, mouth anything and then I pick her up and blood flows all over my pants and Niamh puzzle. It was her foot, there was a clean yet gushing cut on the bottom of her poor rashy foot. Direct pressure and snuggle and then to the bathroom to clean up etc but not until we found the offending object. It was a mystery, the floor was really pretty clean with only a puzzle and a baby toy out but then I spied a shard of glass… We did have a glass break on the other side of the room last week, I cleaned and vacuumed but this must have just embedded itself in the carpet and lay in wait for my babies foot. My first reaction was “Wood floor! now! Rip up this horrid carpet!!!” (it has blood on it anyway) but rationally the real next step was to fix the foot. All through this you can imagine Niamh wanted to help and was very worried for Zoe – we sent her on random errands to keep her busy; alot like the ‘go boil water’ for a birth… she fetched tissues and baindaids and was very good in a crisis telling us all to ‘be calm’. Anyway, the cut was very minor really and we invested in some skin glue because no band-aid in the world seems to stay stuck to a babies foot. After she was calm and bandaged she was right as rain and I taught Niamh all about how to clean blood. She was very impressed by peroxide and she was glad to get her puzzle clean (it was a concern she admirably suppressed voicing until after the foot was fixed). So we now have a clean carpet and a pretty clean puzzle and a hopefully clean pair of yoga pants and a 2year old with a working knowledge of blood stain removal.

Zoe was not herself all weekend but we did have good points and got lots done. We changed all the sheets in the house, put away all the hanging laundry, did 4 loads of laundry, put up the wall art my parents gave us for christmas, and, started the major project of getting Niamh her own room. This project means that the guest room gets turned into Niamh’s room so the big bed and the garb need to go somewhere. That somewhere will be the ‘other’ room that is full of fabric, gifts (for others), more garb and every random thing we don’t know where to put. About half the stuff (the fabric we decided) will go down-down stairs into the closet there that totally random stuff have been stored for years. I was pleasantly surprised that none of the caches of junk was really all that bad and after 40min of work I have one entire shelf of fabric moved from one room to the other.  All this moving means something must move OUT so here is my craigs list posting; I think I did a nice job marketing and the pictures took me 10 min to do but I think they really sell the product.  I always wish people were clear about what something did/held/how it worked so I tried to make a post I would like to read.  Anyway, friend price is better if you are interested.

Niamh wants a “princess room” and I think that means she wants decals of princesses on her walls – slightly better then a Dora room but not alot. I have a really cute plan from a friend who is a designer to do pink strips but I just don’t want to pour a ton of time into paint treatments that we would need to overpaint if we put the house up for sale in a few years (no plans for that, but, this isn’t our forever house). So, after many episodes of HGTV color splash and designed to sell I think I can get away with painting the room a bright gray and accenting with princess stuff. Easy to change hopefully. We really can’t do too much until the electrition comes and removes the extra breaker box in the room and we fix the hole that leaves in the wall but that is in the near future. Hopefully next weekend I can get more done but I’m pleased that I got so much done this weekend because I was expecting to get nothing done.

So today I’m home with a sick Zoe – she is alot better and actually not even feverish so hopefully she can go back to school tomorrow. We have a dr apt at 1:45 – just in time for her to be better. Oh well, I would rather her be better. I’m trying to work from home too, less easy with a crawler, and I don’t want to ignore her for the laptop.

Update on the daycare situation – jury is still out on most things but we are waiting and seeing at the moment.


One response to “The weekend was not a total loss”

  1. Giulia says :

    If I’d known you were home I might have crashed brunch or maybe high tea.

    Oh well.


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