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Christmas morning

Better late then never. The day only got more fun from here

family business class just cost me $2,500

Remember that Family Business class I was taking that sucked up way too much of my life? Well, the teacher blew it and posted grades AFTER my deadline for expenses. Dr. Ritch L. Sorenson from the University of Saint Thomas after me asking multiple times in email, person, and voice mail to submit grades just cost me over $2k by taking his sweet time on posting. I have a feeling this was a passive aggressive act because he didn’t like me because I challenged things in class. I was respectful and honest but I will NEVER take a class from him or his department again. I learned tons, I told him that, and if you stumble on this post because you searched for UST, or, St. Thomas Family Business, or Dr. Sorenson, or Family Business Class at St Thomas (and by listing all these key search terms I hope you did arrive here) the class is good on some levels because he teaches decently and the texts are good. The negatives outweigh the positives, there is a ton of work, far more than any MBA class I’ve taken. The assignments due for the ‘final’ were a 20min presentation, a 22 page paper, a reading list consisting of 10 articles you had to write mini reviews on, and a final exam that was 4 questions that he wanted 10 pages (double spaced). That is a lot of work to have due all at the same time. There were many weeks that there was a 20p reading and a paper due and that paper needed input from the whole family and that load got tedious but was doable, it is really the final that was worst and I told him, and the entire class agreed, and so now he is being spitefully slow. Totally can’t prove that it was malicious, but, being 2k poorer will make me spread my discontent far and wide. Thinking about it, he basically has no respect for other people’s time – not posting grades is just the last in a long line of disrespectful actions regarding time. He had a tendency to be redundant, at least 25% of the content was repeated verbatim 2-3 times. Maybe that is his method to make sure you know something, or, maybe he forgets what he already taught but it got annoying after a while. He also choose class time to be a ½ hour earlier then any other MBA class meaning that no matter what I did I was late because traffic at 5pm in the city is killer and getting to a 5:30 class from the northern suburbs was nearly impossible. I mentioned it and he said that he would be ok with me being late and then never failed to mention that I was late to the whole class. He was also very disappointed that more of our family did not come to more of the family welcome classes even after we told him that our families all lived far; mine in NY, another two peoples were in Chicago, and one guy was from Africa so more than 50% of the families were not able to just come on a Thursday. Rather than rolling with it, he mentioned more than once how disappointed he was in our class so if you are thinking about taking his class know he more or less wants your whole family enrolled with you. He takes days to return e-mails and is hard of hearing on the phone so you need to be very clear to get an answer – not really his fault on the hearing but he really should reply to e-mails, totally unprofessional. Finally, he tended to keep us late, and if he gave a break it was seldom more than 5min and often we had to remind him. I know that he is proud to be in one of the first specific family business major schools but my opinion is that he is unprofessional with time management among other things. If you want to hear more e-mail me at kate79.

Otherwise I’m in NY, trying to get some semblance of Christmas spirit, but because killing myself to get all my school work and work work done I had next to no time to do anything Christmas related. Christmas cards are not happening on time, maybe I’ll send newyears cards or Happy Groundhogs day….

Hope your holiday is going more smoothly and if you are reading this just by search terms for this class, now you are forewarned.

Happy Birthday to me

I have made it to my 31st year. The last few weeks have been trying to kill me with work and more work and lack of sleep but I think I’m in the home stretch now.

While way too awake this morning at 6am I started thinking of what I got done in my first year of my 30’s and here is what I came up with;

– went to Korea (first time)
– went to Vietnam (first time)
– went to Malaysia (not first time but fun)
– had Zoe
– drove to Oklahoma
– finished 2 more MBA courses
– bought an investment property
– took a non SCA family trip

Thats all that came to mind, but, it was a good and busy year. Can’t muse longer, I have a party to get ready for.

Christmas is coming

I can’t believe Christmas is coming so quickly! The shopping I’ve done so far apparently was half ‘wasted’ because we are going to do Christmas with that family after we get back rather than before we leave. Finals are finally done, turned it, and over. They have occupied way too much of my free time and brain power, both doing them and complaining about them…

Over the next few days I scheduled in some treat time for myself. Thursday I have a 90m facial for my birthday at 2:15 and since it is in White Bear I’m going to pop into costo and do my party shopping. Friday I took the whole day off and while I’ll still check a few things for work I hope to sleep late and then get the majority of the party cleaning done. With our cleaning help 2x a week this is far less of a daunting task but still needs some attention. There are also some party specific things like making a path to the fire pit and digging out the fire pit. If I get really creative we might make snow benches for seating but since there are only 5 yes RSVP’s I’m not going to go crazy. My actual birthday will be the party day but since it isn’t really a milestone year or anything I’m not really linking my birthday and our party at all. Hopefully a few more then 5 show up because I’m getting a nice selection of cakes but I’m not going to stress over it since it is a very busy time of year.

Sunday will be packing and post party cleaning to get ready for our time in NY

Work is filling and overfilling my time at the moment so I’m very ready for a vacation!

Pulling up

Next step standing

Dear Santa

Dear Santa

I hope we are not too late since I know you like to start early but we just got time today to write things down;

Niamh would like

Dora Dora Dora and Princesses

books, especially the little ones that fit in a box but she likes more grown up ones too

Art stuff – paper and stickers and paint (Momma lets her get messy)

clothes, especially skirts, size 2t (Pj’s 3t)

sticky tape (these are direct quotes)


Hats (she love accessories)

music stuff

towels with princesses or dora

Zoe would like

stuff to chew on



she really does not need clothes but if you see something perfect she is a size 6-9 right now and growing

Kate would like;

this cool camera bag – Ginger in black is my favorite

long open front sweaters – not pullovers – to layer over t shirts


a hat and scarf set that is not itchy

another creative zen (last one broke)

heart rate/pedometer/workout thing

a backpack to fit my laptop that has lots of nice pockets like the one mom has

headphones I can wear running or working out

a full nights sleep

and finally, Lars would like;

The pinini book from the sayville pinini store

a spice rack

a mortar and pestle

cooking gadgets

a teflon pan that has a flat bottom (can you tell someone is into cooking now?)

snowmobile gear

headphones with a microphone for the computer

We are also fond of surprises but please remember they have to make it home in the airplane.


Kate, Lars, Zoe, and Niamh