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the last day of the blogging challenge

Today is the last day of the November challenge and I made it to the end! As the first day back to work I worked at a frantic pace all day to catch up a little bit and I started a work out thing at lunch and the video we did today was insane. The name of the system is actually insanity and the warm up was more then most other systems are at their peak. I liked running at lunch but now its too cold (and snowy) so I asked if we were allowed/was interest in working out to dvd’s in one of the big conference rooms and we were allowed and there was definite interest. It looks like there is a core of 6 or so people that are into it so I won’t have to do this alone (and look loco). We are working on what dvd’s we want to do and after today we feel Insanity is definitely a challenge day one, not an every day one…

Otherwise today we got a trailer hitch installed on the minivan and we have a trailer lined up and I got an email that my sled is in so this week we should be able to put A+B+C and have a new toy to play with! Just in time for some nice snow on the ground…

ok, must go fold laundry and then sleep. Happy last day of November, welcome to December~

bonus Monday

Today was a bonus day, we were expecting to be traveling but we ended up getting home late on Sunday and had Monday off anyway!  We brought the kids to school and I started on the massive pile of homework I have and Lars took a well-deserved extra rest since he drove all 12 hours.  After lunch we went and did a soak test for some hot tubs and basically that was the day.  Amazing amounts of time are needed to keep up with this class, this Saturday I have a 20min presentation and a 2 page article review due and then a 20page paper due the next week and then a ‘journal’ of 10 articles AND a final exam the next week.  This guy is really out of control.  Atleast it is stuff that is useful to my life….


I’m actually looking forward to work tomorrow.  I have a ton to get done and the office is a calm place to plow through it all.


I’m also tragically behind on indentations to Zoe’s baptism (Monday Dec 27 at 3pm at St Lawrence in NY) and our solstice party (Saturday Dec 18 at 6pm at our house in MN).  If you are reading this you are invited, the invitations are on the way!!!


More tomorrow~



We hit the road home at 12:30 after a fun hour at the park with all the nins. It was very windy,like anchor the babies windy but good exercise before a long trip. We decided to try and do the whole trip in one shot and so far we are in MO (done w OK, KS) and only have IO and MN to go. Garmin says we will be home at midnight. Zoe has been not so happy but is asleep now and we are not stopping until she wakes up so car snacks for dinner. Niamh has been super good sleeping and watching movies and eating junk food but soon she will nod off.

We just passed the lillies exit so we are in ‘home’ territory….

Still on vacation

Today we all trooped to the zoo and tonight we played cranium and let’s just say that mom has bad luck with games of chance. Tomorrow we all head back to real life, we are attempting to drive straight through.

Full report another day

Thanksgiving take two

We celebrated Thanksgiving today instead of yesterday because my sister had to work. We had a very nice night yesterday anyway but tonight we did the big sit down dinner. We did the family picture in the first 5 min and that was a very good thing because with 50% of the attendance being under 12 you really loose the ‘sit down’ part of the dinner quickly. The cousins are all having a good time though, Niamh fits right in.

We also crammed some Black Friday into the schedule. Nothing early or crazy but Kohls and Toys R us and I feel like I have a very good percent of my shopping done now.

I’m not positive of the plans for tomorrow but we are doing something as a big group ~ report what we did later.

Happy Thanksgiving

We made it to Oklahoma around 2pm, it was a decent trip and now we are here…. more later