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a new toy

Today is a happy work day. I got to order my second biggest job perk; a snowmobile! Originally we were planning on getting the one ‘free’ one and then buying a second but since we bought a house our budget frowned upon another toy, so, I got a two person snowmobile (or sled as the cool kids say).

As with all ‘free’ items there are expensive things we need to get to use it, like a cover and a trailer and a hitch – anyone have any good recommendations? I think it is time to start monitoring craigs list, but, a trailer is a good thing overall since our hobby includes big piles of stuff. This winter I have no idea how much snow we will get or how often we will take the thing out but it really feels like we are getting more and more Minnesotan just by having one in our family.

This acquisition will cause a bit of a trickle down for home projects… We can’t just leave the sled in the yard and our garage actually has an extra side door specifically for sleds but at the moment our derelict hot tub is in front of the door. We are thinking of selling the hot tub ‘as is’ and then getting a new one – far less trouble then fixing the one we have and then moving it to our lower level patio. So getting one ‘free’ sled is forcing us to get a hot tub (don’t tell the budget). We are of two minds on the hot tub though, our current one is derelict because we have not used it in years… Between wanting to have a baby, then being pregnant, then being too busy and then the cycle repeated we just left it empty but I really do enjoy getting really nice and warm in the winter and this is the best way. I also think having it in a decent location will help us actually use it, so, we need to do some research and then decide. Either way the old one is going to a new home, either with another person or just moved to the patio.

Look! An entire post that did not mention either child or angst about feeding themJ Better quit while I’m ahead.

more breastfeeding talk

Ok, I don’t want to sound like a broken record about breast feeding but I just saw this on line. I was checking out the simalac recall because Miss Math uses that brand and I wanted more details to know if her little integer was at risk and the breast feeding article was featured on the same page. I wonder if it was a joke? They are talking like it is 1950 in the article… so if you don’t feel like reading it, here are the 10 places ‘they’ say not to breast feed and my reaction;

In front of men – disagree, if I’m comfortable enough with it they can get over themselves. Plus, most guys like breasts in general and they should be ok with the real function. Given the other entries on the ‘no’ list I think they are implying all men, even ones you know, like your husband? How can you not? If I didn’t nurse in front of my husband then I would never see him…

In public – this is a pretty wide area but I still disagree – same reason as before; I suppose there are some places like a prison I would not nurse in but I don’t want to go to a prison at all.

In church – now this is just silly! – be desecrate and all but nobody should be looking at me anyway since I’m not the priest and a wailing hungry baby would be far more intrusive on the atmosphere.

On an airplane – except for the person sitting right next to me who would even know? I also site the screaming baby issues; even someone embarrassed should be ok with the lesser of two ‘evils’

In front of kids – Little kids don’t care and same with the husband thing, if I hid away I would never see Niamh. Older kids, well, if they are old enough to feel uncomfortable maybe a little ‘real life’ is what they need

In a restaurant – again the lesser of two ‘evils’ and a calm breast feeding baby is way cleaner than a 1 year old with a plate of spaghetti. Aside, why is spaghetti even on children’s menus? And why do they serve super-hot food to little kids?

On the job – the article here actually talks about pumping and I’m ever grateful for my nice mothers room but really, you might as well say ‘women need not apply’ if you are going to hassle them about pumping.

At a friend’s house – hum, I never really gave this one thought, I suppose I should be a little more sensitive since it is someone’s house. I guess I have a policy of not having uptight friends.

In a public restroom – hey, one I agree with! – this is just yucky, I don’t want to eat in one so why should a baby?

All these are pretty moot since there are laws and there was actually a survey and 98% of people said that you should be able to breast feed anywhere. I guess there are a few places I would be uncomfortable breast feeding but if the baby is hungry I get over it. I just can’t believe this even made it past an editor’s desk, sad day for CNN.

And what has Zoe been doing?

I’m sure you are all wondering what our newest creation has been doing with her time, she is a very worldly 4 months old, and so far this month has been her most productive.  In the order they come to me, here are her recent accomplshments;

1. she has decided that the bottle is now her friend.  She was on strike for the first few weeks of daycare to the point were I was wondering if I had to spend every lunch going to feed her but just as hope was lost she decided to get with the program.  Now she is eatting a solid 8oz during a day with a third bottle that she nibbles at (thus wasting) getting another 2 oz for a total of 10ish every day!  At the moment demand is outstripping supply so I need to get serious about the pumping because we have been hitting the frozen reserves to keep up with her.

2. Zoe now has mastered eating glop from a spoon.  She is very very interested in eatting and dives for Niamh’s plate (or anyone’s) and either she knows that stuff is edible, or, she just likes to put everything in her mouth (more likely) but she has convinced us we needed to move from an all nummies diet to adding in some semisolids.  We started with the traditional bland rice cereal that she loved.  Next we tried some mashed peach and she loved it so much she maneuvered the bowel to her mouth and went face first into it.  Today we made a big batch of avocado – Niamh’s favorite – and Zoe ate more then Niamh did.  There was some suspiciously green tinged spit up on my shirt tonight but all in all she seems to like the food in her little belly.  Good bye (almost) pleasant smelling baby poop; here comes people food poop.

– subnote; we are again making our own baby food.  I got a bunch of nice peaches I’ll blanch and smash tomorrow and tonight I blended up the avocado.  The immersion blender makes the process super simple and I think we spend less time mushing food up then it would take to go buy the food at the store.  On top of that, I don’t know where I would put the babyfood in a container, we are kinda short of kitchen space….

3. Rolling over – I already mentioned it but her rolling has gone from an occasional accidental flip flop to rolling with purpose.  She also had her first incident of rolling into something hard but she was fine.  Now I really can not leave her alone on high up surfaces~

4. Sitting up kinda – she definitely sits just fine with a prop like a pillow or bumbo but she is almost sitting up solo.  Her core muscles are there, her head control is very good, its all about balance and so far her balance fails her a few seconds in and she topples over like an egg.

5. REAL eyecontact – this is Lars’s favorite skill of hers, she has been doing it for a while but I never wrote it down.  It is so cool when she locks eyes with you and you can tell she knows who you are.  She also locks onto new items in her world, she is always grabbing for the new toy or studying the new thing she grabs for the moment it takes before it is crammed into her mouth.

6. Smiles and talking – I’ve heard she also laughs but I have not heard it myself – she is very vocal and it is almost mimicy conversational sometimes.  She likes to talk directly to you and keeps up a steady stream of conversation when I’m doing her diaper or lotion or just talking to her.  She also returns smiles very nicely now but its hard to get a picture of because the camera distracts her and it doesn’t smile so she does not smile back.

conspicuously absent from this list is an ability to sleep all night.  She really should be doing it but during the bottle strike she took up the all night buffet attitude that Niamh also had.  We need a weekend to gently break her of it by Lars rocking her back to sleep when she wakes up to eat in the middle of the night.  Right now it is just easier to feed her and sleep but I know it will only get worse.  I also know she isn’t really hungry because she only eats for a few min and then is snoring in my arms.

All in all she has been a good baby.  She likes to be awake and playing with us a bit too late into the night but she is mellow and likes to play with stuff so it isn’t really a bad time.  She has her 4month check this friday so I can get an offical weight but I think she is around 15 or 16 pounds.  I don’t know if I’m sad she isn’t such a tiny thing anymore or happy she is growing so fast – I know I like the stages to come (based on Niamh at least) and since you can’t go backwards I’m glad to be going forward with gusto.

Filling in the gaps

Another long week last week, just full of stuff most that I can hardly remember.  Recently I went to where she has a plan to get your house in order in easy steps.  I thought sure, lets try this, so I open it up…. the fist thing she wants you to do is clean your sink every night before bed.  Well, that is a very fine concept but that actually implies that I go to bed.  These days I more or less pass out somewhere – usually the sofa, sometimes the floor.  Lars commented that I’m in love with my phone, I tell him yes I do love it but it also keeps me awake until the end of the show.  So Flylady challanges will have to wait until the day the sitting still for 30 min does not equal instant sleep.    I don’t mean to complaline, I really like 90% of what I’m filling my time with but my time sure is full.  I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it in the past (I’m sure I have at some point) but I like to play the multitasking game – how many things can I be doing at the same time.  This week was a good one, I was nursing Zoe, reading my homework, and doing laundry at the same time.

Speaking of laundry, I am very very ahead.  The reason why?  Potty training.  The silver lining of accidents is that it keeps you on top of doing the laundry basically every day.  Niamh is doing very well really, she is down to 1 or less accident a day and today and yesterday she pooped in the potty!  Pee accidents might more overall messy but poop accidents are way more gross.  I think we are well on track for no diapers except for at night pretty soon.  I also might write a potty training book (story not advice) because my ‘potty likes poop’ concept seems to be both unique and universally liked.  If I make fame and fortune out of a book about poop it would be really awesome 🙂

Zoe is demanding more attention, I knew I shouldn’t have spent those 10 min on facebook – if I hadn’t there would be more of a post here but now I know I must go mother.


It is a beautiful day here and everyone is asleep.  I thought Lars was in the bathroom until I heard snoring and noticed he was sleeping in the guest room.  Here in the mid west in a non military area the NY9-11 isn’t really a topic of conversation, who knows what is in people’s minds, but I  can’t really hear the date without thinking about 9-11-2001.  I’m lucky, I didn’t know anyone personally physically hurt but there was plenty of mental issues steaming from the day.  I was sick in bed with pneumonia so I got to watch it all on tv.

Today there are a plethora of things to do and none are focused on 9-11ness at all.  We gave up on coronation because once we really looked at the map 4+ hours is just too long for Zoe who is a car screamer these days.  I was packed and everything!  Oh well, that leaves us wheels and wings in Osceola, and, Hay days in Northbranch.  I wanted to go to Hay days, a snowmobile etc extravaganza but I just heard the traffic is backed up for miles and there is no parking. I was hoping for good deals on kids snow gear…  Jon and Amber went to W&W and we might go that way after naps and see what we can see.  Hopefully we do something fun since the weather is fantastic.  My sister is doing a drill weekend and my BiL is deployed so they are celebrating more the patriot side of patriot day.  So far I’ve tackled some house work, the upstairs is all clean and roombaed and the kitchen isn’t too bad.  I’m suffering with no good book to read, I need to get to the library, maybe today?  who knows, our plans have already changed 3 times 🙂  Since I still hear snores from 3 rooms I think I’ll do some other online stuff – hope today is good for everyone and tonight I’ll toast all the patriots I know or knew.

Time just flies

I know everyone says that but it is very true.  Here it is Friday again and the week just rushed past.  It was a shortish week with Labor day but technically an extra day off should make it feel longer but not so.  This week one of our assignments was to take a family picture for daycare, this is our third year and we have all changed so much in that timeWell, I suppose a few things didn’t change, like the shirt Lars is wearing in 2008 is still rocking in 2010 and we keep using the deck because our trees are a nice background.  Zoe is cleverly disguised in the 2009 picture as a fetus but we weren’t telling anyone yet and come to think of it, I don’t know if I can quite fit those jeans yet…  Oh well; nine months on, nine months off, I’ll worry about it in January.  Niamh is a very enjoyable little girl who talks like crazy and is imagining all sorts of thing.  She is also finally getting the hang of the potty with 4 days of underwear and only a few accidents!  Zoe has been here for almost 4 months and she is turning out to have a ton of personality and is so much like Niamh was but also totally different.  She is doing much better at eating her bottles at daycare and we started rice cereal a few days ago.  She has also flipped herself over and she already wants to crawl.  4 months from teeny little glow worm to a real little baby and I can almost see the kid she will be.  Of far more importance both children mostly sleep through the night now most nights.

This week was on the hellish side with work.  Everything that could go wrong did and it wasn’t just my stuff – I (half) jokingly asked BossD if I could quit and he replied ‘only after I do’.  I also had my first day of class in the Minneapolis campus.  The class is very good and it better be to make me drive extra and get lost in the paved goat trails of Minneapolis.  The classroom itself is a corner room with two huge walls of windows on the 3rd floor so the view is really very urban and nice.  There is a part of me that would love to live in a city, maybe someday… That day will have to be when large children’s toys are not a fixture in our house.  The class is on family business and I think it will be really worthwhile and it is especially well timed since we seem to have started a bit of a business with rental properties – we should really figure out what we want to do, at the moment we just follow the shiny.

So if I actually had time to write something every day like I would like to there would be more on all this stuff but the basics;  Zoe rolled, ate food the consistency of mush, and loves to smile at us.  Niamh can use the potty 90% of the time, talks like a used car salesman, and can do more helpful things then I ever imagined.  Lars and I apparently started a business, I’m in my 4th to last MBA class, and Minneapolis roads suck.  This past week I’ve jogged during lunch, went to a fancy restaurant with a supplier and both kids (and Lars) because our sitting plans fell through but it worked out well, and nearly walked out on my job but decided I liked it enough to go back before anyone really missed me.  Its Friday night and our weekend plans radically changed from going to an event to maybe hanging with friends at Hay Days – like a friend once said, those who plan early plan often.  Since I have a bit more time today then I thought I’ll go tackle the mess monster taking over the house – anyone feel like cleaning come on over, your always welcome.