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Nursing dress transformation

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I have been meaning to post this for ages; this is my transformed nursing dress project! Beanmom, who actually taught me tons about nursing and baby wearing, was divesting her wardrobe of things she did not need and posted that she had some nursing dresses up for grabs. I grabbed them, no questions asked! She is taller and has a wider set to her shoulders so I figured they would need tweaking but nursing dresses are really hard to find and when its a million degrees outside dresses are way cooler then anything short of naked. As a final bonus, dresses tend to hide the mommy fluff that is still hanging out round my middle.

Of the 5 dresses she sent two are winter so they are put aside for later consideration. One was a sleeveless tank dress that only needed a minor tuck so it would fit. This final one had the most pretty fabric and really nice pleating detail on the front but it also fit the worst. Bean mom, I can’t see that this fit you either! A girlfriend helped me pin and adjust the hem and she attempted to help take in the sides but the first try just looked dumb. I ended up taking the entire skirt off, cutting it into an A-line, and sewing it back together. I also took the bodice apart a little and made it smaller. After that it was just finding the right shrug and shoes to pull it all together. I’m still on the lookout for the right shade skinny pink or maybe red belt to add to it but I’m happy with the result and I’ll be wearing this for the rest of the summer.

This blog is getting very clothing centric… don’t know how that happened, I’m sure its just a phase.

Niamh the super pooper trooper

People constantly ask how Niamh likes being a big sister and I always say we are really lucky that she loves her so much. She has her jealous moments but most of them are semi cute like directing me to ‘put Zoe in swing and read to me!’ or ‘Zoe and daddy sleep and me an momma watch Dora, just me and momma’ . There are the not so cute moments too where she acts badly to get our attention and she said something heart wrenching the other day about doing something that she knew she might get hurt doing so she could get a hug! Fortunately she said this, meaning she probably didn’t intend to do it, but I told her she can have hugs any time she wants. *tangent* She is in a weird stage where she will tell me something she is going to do just so I can confirm she is not allowed to like dropping washcloths in the toilet or using daddy’s toothbrush. I think she is just testing if I’m listening but she is kinda funny sometimes about what she asks.

Back to the point, most of the time she just wants to help and is actually helpful enough that I miss it when she is not around. This weekend she went above and beyond and it must be recorded. Zoe, sitting on my lap while Niamh and I did a puzzle, lets loose the charming waterfall sound of an infant filling a diaper – followed by a big smile of course. Since she already went once that day (and has been known to go 3 days) I figured it was more noise than anything but as soon as we finished the last few pieces I went to go change her. All looked fine when I started, there was hardly anything on the front of the diaper and I thought it was all hype until I lifted up her legs and saw all the poo had escaped straight up her back. This is not a cool moment so I called in Lars for backup (he was asleep still) and we went directly to the tub because there is only so much a baby wipe can handle. Niamh is right there with me and helps turn on the water in the tub and when I get Zoe in I’m in a pickle because I am using both hands to hold her up and Lars can’t fit/reach to remove the out of bounds poop. Here is where Niamh get her awesome points, she takes off her clothes super-fast and said ‘I help!’ and she jumped in the tub with a wash cloth and since she is so small (in comparison to Lars) she could easily get everything he and I could not. She actually washed her sister like she was a professional… right up until she looked at the wash cloth and saw the poo and loudly exclaimed ‘no touching poop!’ and so we just handed her another wash cloth. Crisis averted and the day was saved by super pooper trooper Niamh!

I’ll have to remember this when someday she draws on Zoe or something…. She officially gets one free pass.

We pick our own clothing now

We have for a long time let Niamh pick between two or three options to give her the illusion of choice but recently she expressed a strong desire to pick from the wardrobe herself. Since the only clothing at her level was pajamas there were a lot of fights about how we can’t wear PJ’s to school (we do have limits). I switched her shirts and shorts to the shelf she can reach and she actually made mostly good choices and Lars could guide pretty well so there were no absolutely hilarious outfits until today…

She insists these match. I don’t think these pants match anything in the world and why they exist in size 2T I don’t know (but I believe they came from my mother, who in her defense, usually chooses very cute clothing for Niamh). Anyway, there was no convincing her they didn’t match so she went to school just like this (minus the nuk, although, it actually does match the shirt). I think she feels stripes match stripes but really, 2 year old logic is not really known to hold water.

Personally I don’t really mind that she chooses for herself, it is a sign of independence and hope that someday we won’t have to monitor/negotiate/man-handle every aspect of her personal care. Most days we are lucky and she chooses ok stuff but I think it may be time for me to edit her wardrobe. Oh, I suppose the fact I have not done laundry in a week also has something to do with it but there seriously were many other options Lars tried hard to suggest. Finally, daycare knows that Lars is in charge of morning’s so if the outfit is crazy they just blame him.

I do hope that this is an early sign of creativity and self expression not and early sign of fashion issues.

PS. She also wanted to add this silver oversized necklace I’m wearing today. I told her she could wear it when we got home and it was my turn to wear it today.


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So here is the story of this picture…. Niamh discovered ice pops in NY when it was so hot we needed something to decrease our internal temperature. She obviously loves them because who doesn’t love ice pops. Anyway, we get a box here and pop them in the freezer but we somehow got a tropical blend because aside from the good flavors; red, green, and orange – and the blue that nobody really likes – this package came with a queer yellowish flavor. I wondered if it was breast milk flavored because it looks exactly like frozen milk and Lars either didn’t notice or thought it was funny because my frozen milk collection and the ice pops all got mixed together in the freezer. I am glad there are obvious size differences so I really will never make the mistake of serving Niamh a breast milk pop but I wonder if Zoe would like it…

PS. I think the flavor is actually pinia collata but I could be wrong. We mostly just get Niamh to eat them since Lars already finished all the Greens

PPs. You give Niamh one ice pop for breakfast once and she will ask for it every day since…..

Back to work

I am now back to work 100%, I worked two whole days and I’m ready for the weekend 😉  The weekend feels so much more normal then the work days, its odd to be backwards like that.  I’m far to used to being home that even when Lars had to go into work (yes, actually in) I handled both solo fine.  The first day back was nice, I got to dress in professional clothing that nobody spit up on and everyone at work was really happy to see me.  Since I’ve been doing atleast an hour a day, and many days more then that, I was not super behind and getting back into the swing of the work was pretty easy.  The second day was a bit less fun since I was up in the middle of the night with Zoe but she is in a hunger strike against bottles.  The first day she ate under an ounce and the second about 3 all day.  She was happy as can be otherwise but just had no idea what to do with the bottle.  They trickled milk into her mouth to get her to eat anything but I hope she figures it out really soon so the entire time I’m at home in the afternoon is not spent feeding her.  I thought Niamh was bad but this is crazy!  Boss Dave was cool and even said it would be ok to go feed her there if I had to and I might if this does not work out by Wednesday.

The other big news this week is our offer on the town house was accepted!  We still need to finalize financing and close but in less then a month we will have 3 houses and luckily we have a renter all lined up and everything.  We need to buy appliances but I want to double check dimensions before we do that and our renter (who is a very good friend) has ideas about paint color so that will be the september project.

Other then those two things nothing much else going on.  I went to a mini spa day but that dissevers its own post…  Ok, brownies are done so I’m going to go eat them~

New fun site

I found this through an app for the iPhone but the website has even more games;

They say their games help your brain and since I’m fighting off baby brain I figure I can use all the help I can get.  It is just fun practice for skills but they do a good job making them into games like the one where you need to remember people’s names…  they don’t really give you tricks to remember names but they provide a socially safe way to practice 🙂  I’ll probalby never remember all the names I wish I could but I do remember tons of details about people I meet, I wonder what the difference is in my brain?

Hopefully this does not eat my mom’s day but if it does it is making her smarter.  (mom loves her clicky games)