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My current relationship with puke

First incident; 7 is the limit of the amount of salami Niamh can eat.  We learned it the hard way… The first Monday we were home all together we thought we were doing so well when we had both kids in bed by 7:15.  Lars had gone grocery shopping with Niamh and they grazed their way through the store and Niamh apparently ate 7 pieces of salami and a bunch of strawberries.  They got home and we had a good bedtime and then everyone over the age of 2 enjoyed a nice dinner together and  then some tv time and at 11ish, just as we were thinking of all going to our respective beds we heard an ominous noise from the Niamh’s room.  You know when you are a parent when you can tell a random noise you can ignore and the instant recognition of something being very very wrong.  Lars bravely investigates and it was alot of puke all over Niamh’s head, pillow, and bed.  She was semi awake and very sad that she had made a mess on her Dora pillow.  We changed her, gave her a sink hair wash, changed the bed completely and then put her back to bed.  10 min later the process repeats, yes, total repete.  This time we were slightly proactive and put her hair up in a bun and put a towel over the last pillow because yup, it happened again 10 min later.  The only real positive was that we had just done laundry and had plenty of sheets and 3 sets of Dora PJ’s to change into.

Next; Zoe decides to get in on the puke action.  I have no idea what happened because the first few days she ate a bunch, burped, and all was well.  Mid last week she decided to over eat or something and then just spew the extra all over me.  This has continued daily ever since…  Sometimes she pukes while eating like on Thursday at the dr’s office where she got me, the chair and the floor but most of the time she pukes while sleeping so I go check on her and she is dwelling in a swampy stew on her bed.  This later night swamp fest is hard to call – the neat part of me wants to bathe her and remake her bed.  The logical part that knows she detests being naked and the only thing worse is being wet, cold and naked, so the best decision is to put a towel under her and wash her in the morning.  Just last night she spewed like a giser after eating a very satisfying amount of time.  On the positive side she is growing and pooping and I certainly make enough milk so something is going ok.

Then on the first evening I had them alone (mom and Lars went to practice) Niamh ate a great dinner and everyone was almost ready for bed when oops! Niamh coughs and a little puke comes out~  only a tiny bit and it was not repeated so I’m hopeful that was just a minor blip.

I was going to say we are open for visitors at this point but after this post I’m not sure who wants to risk visiting

Has it only been 1 week?

I feel like a mini lifetime has passed in the past few days.  A new baby will do that to you I suppose.  This new addition came much much faster then Niamh ~ I have spent years looking for positives about Niamh’s birth and recently I dug up a few more but the biggest positive (other then the resulting Niamh) was that the long labor was a transition period that made the fact that the baby was actually coming really real.  In comparison,  Zoe’s birth was like one second she was inside the next she was out.

At the risk of sounding like a birth story, here is what happened more or less, last week.  Labor more or less started on Friday, a fact I only shared with a very few people because I didn’t want to risk having it come to nothing and have another week of people asking if I was still pregnant.  The Friday contractions were on the irregular side but convinced me that my number one goal of the evening was to get my hospital bag finished up.  I stayed over an hour late at work finishing little thing after little thing, balancing the risk of coming in on Monday with nothing to do with not being there Monday and leaving my backups with none of the info I promised.  I knew that I had a very low chance of working on Monday but I didn’t want to count on it.  My normal Friday plans had already been canceled due to dance recital so I had the evening with Niamh and time to get a few last things done.  I didn’t get anywhere near everything done because being in labor makes you slower and a bit more scattered then average.  By 10pm I was less then 10min apart and getting stronger but we decided to just stay at home unless something crazy happened in the middle of the night.  We made it all the way to 6:30 am when Niamh got up we just all got up.  She knew there was something going on and while Lars and she watched Dora I took one last shower and then we called our sitters for the day.  The fact that guaranteed I would go into labor was that we were out of milk and diapers so Lars went to the store to get both and while he was gone our sitters arrived (we got two friends figuring neither should go it alone with a 2 year old) and we all just chatted until finally Lars called admitting he had lost the car keys in the grocery store but he found them again but thats why picking up two items took over an hour.  Anyway, we finally got to the hospital at quarter to 9 and coincidently our hospital was having a huge baby stuff ‘garage sale’.  One lady who was walking in asked us if we were ‘actually having a baby today’ (in a wierd indignant tone) because there was “a baby sale here today”  Lars replied that we were having a baby and we didn’t plan on selling her.  The lady looked confused.  Anyway, after we checked in and were monitored for 20 min they said we could walk around so I changed back into normal clothes and we hit the cafe and then the baby sale.  I was in active labor and we strolled around a large indoor garage sale and we even bought a few things.  We dutifully went back after about an hour and I got rechecked and I had progressed well and then the Dr came in 15 min and I had dilated another centimeter so she took it upon herself to break my water.  This was the only point I was not generally pleased with but whatever, that made the contractions closer and more painful and we also realized that Mom’s 12:30 landing was not going to get her there on time so we called our close friend who said she would be there if Mom could not and she jumped in the car and came over.

At this point I was sure there were still hours and hours, I was posting still since they told me I had to stay in the bed monitored and it was not all that bad.  The worst thing was the dumb IV port they insisted I have (and was never really used) because it got in the way of typing and later in the way of holding onto anything.  Our friend arrived and was very excited to be there and was amazed that I was calm.  Not too much point in being hysterical, I just tried to ignore the contractions figuring I had a long way to go.  Our friend offered to grab Lars a sandwich because he didn’t want to leave me and she ran down stairs and while she was gone (8min and 4 contractions) I briefly discussed that something for the pain might be nice but then the next contraction really felt like I needed to push – I was positive they would still tell me there were hours to go pushing (can you see how birth #1 must have gone?) but Lars got the nurse who got the Dr and about 2 min later I was pushing and under 10 later I had a baby in my arms.  It was amazingly fast.  We were all done by 1:16.  I have most of the timing written down but the end game was too fast to document plus I was busy having a baby.

We were in the labor room for a few more hours, enough time for Mom to arrive with friends who were pressed into pickup service, and, for Niamh to come visit with her awesome sitters and she was very happy to see her new sister.  She didn’t want to leave my side until we started talking about feeding the ducks the leftover crackers and with that she was out the door.  I only stayed one night, just over 24h for Zoe, not because I’m super but because nights in a hospital are really annoying with all the waking you up to ask you if you need something to sleep etc.  We were home by 4:30 and trying to figure out where everyone and thing fits into this new reality.

Thats about what we have been doing for the past week.  Zoe eats and sleeps and looks around and poops.  Niamh still goes to daycare to be with her friends and I’m glad to have just an infant all day.  Lars had all week off so he was around to help with different things.  Mom is here for a few weeks so its nice to visit plus she gets the ‘day shift’ meaning she is the alert and fresh adult that didn’t wake up 4 times in the night.  This time I only completely lost one day to being sick, having babies gives me a rash (not literally) but I end up on super strong antibiotics.  We have been trying to take it easy but life does not exactly come with a hold button.

All done

Zoe Margaret Luthner, born 1:16 pm 5/15/10. 7 lbs 1 oz. 19.5 ”
Mother and baby are doing fine

having a baby

almost noon and water has burst. I am at a 7 (came in at 9 with a 4-5).

Heres a picture (link?)

From for the blog

they have no idea how fast from here, so far much faster then last time!

Weekend Review

My third mothers day was the best so far. The first was on the emotional and draining side since Niamh was only a month old but that’s when I first wished that for any gift giving occasion all I really wanted was a solid 8 hours of sleep. The second mothers day was much more in control with a 1y old but not all that ‘special’ a day since she didn’t exactly understand and no 8h of sleep since she still had food needs only I could fill in the early hours of the morning. This year I not only got 8h of sleep I even got a nap during nap time. On top of that we had perfect weather so we went to the compost center to get dirt for the garden and then we went to the sculpture park and ran around. Finally we stopped by Niamh’s BF’s house and we intended just to drop off the power washer we borrowed and ended up staying for an hour for the kids to play. All poopy diapers and bedtime prep was handled by Daddy and he also made a nice brunch and we got sushi for dinner. The only bummer for the day is that Lars and Niamh seem to be coming down with something since she was up a few times over the night and he was suffering this morning. Pictures of all the fun stuff, including my mothers day dirt, are on flickr and the side bar~

My Friday day off was semi productive. I got the fabric for curtains and a bunch of other little things and between Friday and Saturday I got my room very neat and clean and ready for a new baby. My sister Sinead calls my co-sleeper a baby docking station but either way it is up and ready for a baby. I also dusted and mopped and got all the random piles of stuff in the room sorted out. The rest of the house is not quite there yet but over the next few days I should be done with all the little things and since I’m in no danger of going into labor in the next few days I think everything will be fine. I did take a nice extra nap on Friday and finish my book but I figure my napping and reading days are numbered so that is about as important as organizing and cleaning.

Mom arrives Saturday and my due date is in 10 days. I need to write a paper sometime in the next week or so and that’s it for class – final class is next week Tuesday. I will tweet if I happen to go into labor so it will be in the side bar immediately. I’m not sure how many in labor updates there will be since the internet at the hospital was annoying last time – you would need to re-log into their system every 10min – and I doubt that has changed. On top of that it would probably be a lot of …still here… no baby yet…. updates so my plan is to post something when there is a real baby on the outside to weigh and measure. I’m glad I’m still feeling fine, sleeping fine, walking isn’t really an issue so I’m much more lucky then most; ask me in 10 days how I feel about my due date but I am going to do my best to not be impatient.

Back to work, need to make sure I leave things tidy!

Another new Niamh thing

This is too cute to not document.  I think this is a common theme with Niamh right now, she gets very excited about things.  Sometimes is a normal thing to be excited about like going to the park or bubbles, sometimes it is a flattering thing like exclaiming ‘ooooh!!!’ over a plate of dinner she was just served by a friend, sometimes it is over something pretty odd like coupons.  Right now she is VERY excited by coupons…  I think it might be because I like coupons, especially good ones, but she is far more excited then I am and I dont’ think she even knows what coupons are good for.  To her I think the appeal is the bright colorful piece of paper and the fact that coupons = shopping and she likes that in general too.  Not that I purposely take advantage of her scant 2 years of experience but a nice distractor at the moment is to give her a ‘coupon’ (any small rectangular piece of paper will do) and it put her in a very good mood fairly fast.

The other cute thing about the coupon obsession is her desire to share them with her BF.  He has no real interest in taking them and hopefully her forcing him to accept coupons will not scar him for life but she will chat for quite a while about giving him coupons!  Sometimes it sounds like she is saying Tupac and it would be very ironic if the famous rapper was reincarnated as a midwestern white kid but hey, he could have worse reincarnation prospects and his parents do say he has good rhythm….

So that is the most recent cute Niamh thing.  Loving odd objects is not new for her given her measuring cup phase etc but I suppose adding the verbal bit just makes it more cute.