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much to do

I just counted the weekends between now and impending due date. I’m basically counting on the fact that I’ll have #2 on or around the due date of the 20th not two weeks before because if #2 decides this weekend is a good time to arrive then there will be no place ready and we fall back on the laundry basket option. Other then being busy for the past few weeks/months I didn’t want to have everything done too early and now I’m looking at the possibility of being too late!

So far the following is done;

Infant clothing my sister mailed back to me is in the house (all other infant clothing is still in the garage)

Car seat is purchased and has arrived (not put together and is not installed in the car yet)

We have a big package of size 1 diapers (although it is sitting in the garage)

We purchased the clothing storage, changing pad, and a few other things – half are on the way from Amazon and the shelf is still unassembled (guess where it is…)

This weekend I hope to get moving on the many little things that NEED doing and a few things I just want to have done. I’ve invited a few friends but if anyone else feels moved to come on over and help organize and move stuff from the garage to the house (and other things from house to garage) doors open Saturday at 10:30. The down side of working full time, going to school, and keeping a two year old entertained is that there are very limited times to do other things, especially with a husband that works odd long hours and who’s hobby is intertwined with his job so he basically has to do it 3 evenings a week to keep good with the boys club.

None of this is new news really, just looking at a calendar makes it more real.

In other news, Niamh has gotten very verbal over the past few weeks. She is almost reliable when you ask her a question about what happened and is very good with her opinion. We are working hard on keeping her from becoming a dictator by randomly not granting her decrees like who sits where but I think most of what comes across as bossy is really her just describing the situation and what normally happens next. Daycare Katy did tell me the other day that Niamh will emphatically remind her that she said they would paint after playing out side if after coming inside painting does not happen promptly. From what I hear my nephew TJ has the same trait… Niamh has also gotten very observant recently. Last time Lars got a Mohawk she didn’t say anything or seem to care/notice. This time the very first thing she said in the morning was ‘Daddy hair!’ and we think she approves. Yesterday I got out a cute pair of summer heels that I wore last year too but were away for the weekend and they were sitting in the hall while I got ready for work. Niamh does love shoes, especially heels, and she walked out of her room and when she saw them she said with delight ‘new shoes!’ – I told her they were mine and I was going to wear them but she could borrow them when we got home – first thing when we got home she insisted I take off my shoes (no argument from me) and then she clomped around in them for a while. I wonder what she might remember from this time in her life since she is noticing so much and using words to express it… Anyway, the noticing gene is totally from me, Lars can pass a pair of shoes in the hall for 6 months before noticing anything is there.

Ok well writing this isn’t really getting much else done in the real world but I didn’t want that stupid spam thing on top any more.

Sharing happiness!!

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*** this is actually a spam scam!  it invaded my address book so I’m really sorry if you clicked this or even wasted brain cells or seconds of your life reading it.  Hopefully it will not happen again and I can close the loop of whatever it was.

23 April, 2010 15:22

I’m in the stage of the pregnancy that I’m getting weekly checks and everyone can’t help but ask when I’m due. Today I was declared good in all measures and zero dilated. The Dr also said that he guarantees that this birth will be easier then the last one. That is quite a statement from a Dr, they never guarantee anything, but it goes to show that my last one was about as bad as it can be and still have no permanent negative outcome. I never actually wrote a birth story for Niamh. In the beginning it was because I was tired and emotional and I didn’t want to write something that would make her feel bad in the future. I was not exactly holding a grudge but she did take a long time to get born! I thought about writing one at 6 months, I even have a draft saved with about 3 lines written, but at that point the details were getting fuzzy but there was still a lot of negative energy. At this point I think I’ll just leave it alone. The Doula, who was not all that I expected, did produce a very nice and ‘just the facts’ birth story for us. I remember thinking it was seriously lacking in detail but now I’m of the opinion it was just enough. So now I can say three very positive things about the Doula; she took good pictures, ones I will treasure forever, she wrote a good birth story that has enough detail for comparison but no negative energy, and, she held my other leg so mom had one and Lars had my back so operation toothpaste tube squeeze could be done properly. Other then that I’m not sure she did a lot, maybe keep my mom company somewhat, but for the price would someone want to come take pictures for me? We will call you when the end is in site…. I digress… Anyway the other day I was talking about the upcoming labor with a coworker and I was saying something like ‘it was not so bad…’ and she said ‘you don’t really remember do you’ and the truth is nope, I remember the general timeline and some moments but it is not vivid and I think that’s the reason #2 is even a reality.

Work is for once being kind to me, none of my stuff is in a ditch and if it keeps up like this I’ll actually have stuff done before I go. I keep telling people that I’m staying until I go into labor. What is the point in wasting maternity time before the baby is here? I’m seriously not uncomfortable, my job is 85% sitting and 15% walking/standing by other people’s desks where I could probably sit if I wanted/needed to. I do far less labor intensive stuff here then at home where I’m sure I would start to demo the bathroom if I was left to my own devices for too long. This weekend I’m planning on powerwashing the deck to hopefully stain it mid week and then have a comfortable outside again. We are looking at some container gardening for on the deck too, maybe if the plant is within sight of the back door we will remember to water and take care of it. We are going to a very lowkey local event on Saturday and we have some dinner plans with friends on Sunday so that is the weekend. Anyway, if I’m home I feel like I need to accomplish stuff, I relax far more here (while still accomplishing many work things, typing and conference calls are just pretty easy). My mom is planning on coming the Saturday before I’m due so maybe I’ll take some time or work from home that week but more to visit and less because I can’t work.

My next puzzle in the process is to figure out what to do with Niamh. First there is the ‘what to do during labor’ question because there is NO WAY she is coming with us. I have some options for different scenarios but I need to get that squared away. Next is what to do about daycare. Technically we pay a month ahead of time so she is 99% likely to go to daycare for the balance of May. I think I’ll need the rest during the day and she really does like daycare so pulling her out to just play by herself seems mean. I’m taking the balance of May, all of June and July and until mid Aug off for maternity leave so that is what I need to figure out. The cost is a factor but not a huge one since it is budgeted in, we usually take an Aug vacation so I would prefer to not be paying for that week. We are talking about some time in NY in early July so maybe part time in July and Aug full time in May and June? I don’t know… anyone have input?

Ok, time to get back to it so I can go home and start the weekend!

My marathon of pre-planned plans are done

Today marks the end of my officially planned activities for the forseeable future.  This past weekend we entertained Lars’s parents, the weekend before Coronation (in between much cleaning), two weekes before that was Miss Math’s wedding (happy 1 month anniversary!) and so on…  We have an event that is local and low key we might go to and a bunch of stuff to get done in general but no more big trips until we produce another baby and then we will see what we are up for.

The inlaws visit was pretty uneventful.  We had great weather for a zoo trip and Sunday we went to a judo seminar thing for Lars.  That was pretty dull for most of us but it was something to do for most of the day.  It is hard to find an activity that a 2 year old and an 80 year old can both enjoy but Niamh was talking about them tonight so they left a positive impression on her.  I ended up needing naps both weekend days and getting them 🙂  I don’t know if this time the pregnancy is different or I’m just noticing it but I’m getting some random Braxton hicks contractions.  I know they are not real because I can feel new babies head firmly lodged in my right hip bone (good baby! head down!) so if I feel that change I might thing we are ready to have a birth but until then I tell Lars I need to go lie down (and I never never fake it… no, that would be wrong…).  I can’t help but compare my parents to Lars’s, I know its unfair since mine are 20 years younger but if Lars had a judo seminar on a weekend they were visiting I would be sitting alone on the sidelines watching my mom, dad, and husband toss each other around for fun.

On the inspirational side I need a plan to not get old (that does not include dieing young).  I think sports might be the answer.  A work friend is trying to get me to golf but I think tennis is higher on my list of things to get decent at.  Maybe if Lars and I pick a sport a year to learn we can prevent getting decrepit even if we do age.  I’ll have to look into tennis courts around the area and see what we can do.  This is a similar feeling to when we helped move someone who’s house was really not clean, my reaction was to steam clean my entire house.  We may not have the most tidy house on the block but spills and mess are cleaned up fast.  The only truly scary area is the fridge were sometimes we find something we don’t recognize at all but it is usually sealed in a nice baggie so the science experiment is contained and tossable, not hanging out behind the sofa.

Around this time with Niamh I was looking for suggestions for what to get done before the baby was born that we would not have an oppertunity to do after.  Not that her birth really slowed us down but life did change and I’m glad we made an effort to do some just couple things.  Now I’m looking for suggestions for what to do with a family of three before we are a family of 4 .   Any suggestions?

coronation complete

Milwaukee is getting further and further away the older Niamh gets. I know it does not move, but, the 5.5h drive turns into 6.5 pretty fast with a few potty stops on the way. Thankfully on the way there we were driving at night and she finally went to sleep some time around 9pm. This doesn’t stop her from getting up at 7 but to her credit she was very good all day and even took a nap at the event. Driving back we stopped for an hour at a deer feeding park. Deer get pretty pushy when they know you have food for them. I have a picture where Lars is staring down a pushy deer and another where it looks like he is about to punch it in the face (no deer were punched). He also told them they were pretty pushy for pray… It was a beautiful day to be out for a walk and the park was pretty cool with a central area for the deer where people were not allowed but they could come in or out as they pleased. Around the outside edges were other animals in pens and it was smallish but good for a 2year old walk. Niamh learned really fast that the blue boxes dispensed deer food and would run from one to the next – I think we spend $3 a quarter at a time to feed deer. The best deal was the ice-cream cone of food, much easier to hold and give Niamh a handful to give the deer. We (Lars) also thought it would be funny to drop food down Josh’s pants, Josh was un amused but its his own fault for running ahead and then sitting reading his book, and, his pants were gapping. The deer didn’t actually follow him around but it was a really funny thought. We also watched movies in the car and Niamh napped a little bit and we made it home finally, I can’t decide if stopping mid day for an activity is worth it or if getting home sooner would have been better.

The event itself was nice, I didn’t get to talk to too many people but lots to the people who came by where I was stationed. We totally surprised Josh with his vigil, he completely thought all the stuff was for someone else so we got him to load, unload, and set up his own tent (he also helped take it down). There was some disappoint on my part when I found out at the 11th hour that there was no food allowed on site but I had not gotten too much fresh stuff at least and we shared the strawberries and grapes at the after party and everyone enjoyed it. The positive of that situation was that I didn’t have to worry about stocking and tending a food table all day, far easier for me. We now have a ton of ham, way more then I ever want to eat but if anyone has creative ham recipes I’m open to them. Otherwise the knighting and the general business of coronation went well – regalia got done, and everyone seemed happy with the day.

This week is another busy one to get ready for my inlaws visiting. I got a few things pre done in the past weeks but this week is a crunch to get things clean and done. In the middle of it all I still need to go to class Tuesday and I have a vet visit on Wednesday so tonight is the night I have the most time to get stuff done. If anyone wants to come pitch in there is ham for payment.