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70 degrees

We have passed the 70 degree mark!  My crocuses are blooming in the yard and my tulips are popping up in the garden.  I’m teaching Niamh not to step on them (slow process) and she likes to run from crocus to crocus.  For some reason, all the ones on the lawn are yellow and all the ones in the garden are purple and I planted them randomly.  Something has also been snacking on them because there are suspicious holes in my yard where I sorta remember a flower used to be (thats the trouble with random…).  We are almost having an east coast spring with flowers blooming for Easter.  Lars’s favorite thing is that the cat will now prefer to poop outside so his litter duties are much less frequent.  We witnessed Mr Pink pooping in our neighbors yard today – the neighbor with the super ugly satellite dish on our front lawns (2 inches onto his lawn) that we highly dislike so I’m all for extra cap poop in their back yard.

Tonight I do not have class because of spring break! I got a ton of little things done tonight like filling out the census, organizing tax stuff, and writing a complaint letter to Clorox.  If they don’t admit their faults and say they are sorry I’ll post a big warning on a certain product but I’ll give them a chance to say that mine is just defective.

Relating to the census, I filled it out today figuring that nobody is going to be born in the next 30 hours in our house but if so, how would we count?  I’m pretty sure new baby and I would be in a hospital, Niamh would likely be with a friend and who knows where Lars will be.  I feel a little bad that new baby won’t count at all but better to have a fully cooked baby in a month then one counted in the hospital’s numbers on April 1.  My sister on the other hand seems determined to pop out her newest in time to count, she has a much better chance at least but still, same wierd counting issue applies if she is in the hospital….  Hopefully she didn’t mail hers in yet just in case.

OK, time to eat the promised fajitas – happy spring (break)

Big Break!  Wow that was a long one.  Once you get out of the habit it is hard to get back to it.  Part of me was just going to let this go until April, fresh month and all, but I got done with my homework fast and have some extra brain energy for a blog.  As time passes stuff I could have written paragraphs about get condenced down to one line or so, here is what I’ve been up to since March 8th
– Three days of solo parenting went really well.  Niamh was good, and while I’m sure there was plenty to complain about at the time I can’t remember a really bad thing at all at this time.  Score one for reporting on stuff weeks later.
– Lars had ‘fun’ on his business trip, I love it when he realizes how much he misses us (and we miss him) and he ended up eating Mexican food three times in a row.  Why that fact sticks with me I don’t know.
– St Patrick’s day was uneventful, I wore a Kiss me shirt (nobody kissed me) and Niamh wore her cute little shamrock dress that says its a 3T but maybe that means something different in Ireland.  It is from our local Irish store so its likely imported from Ireland and reminds my Dad of an Aunt Louth dress.
– Lars got home on Wednesday and we dumped the carryon and repacked it to go to NY to go to Miss Math’s wedding!
– Travel to NY was uneventful, Niamh is not exactly a dream on an airplane but she is pretty good.  This marks the very last free ‘lap baby’ flight she will get, I’m pretty sure we have
taken full advantage of that rule since she has flown to NY at 3m old, 2 Christmases, easter last year, skiing in Colorado, business trip to Oklahoma, Grandy’s birthday, Pennsic,  Cousins wedding in July, Fl in Feb… I think I’m actually forgetting a few but that adds up to 10 trips free.  Ironically this was my 8th trip on SWA so now I get a free flight too!
– Miss Math’s wedding was fun, she got the best weather of the week and she looked very happy the entire time.  I have a ton of pictures and it is on my to-do list to get them up soon(ish).
(PS. Miss Math no matter what her marital status will not be changing names here, she is and will be Miss Math)
– The rest of the NY trip was VERY social, we did a family birthday for all the March birthdays (4), I met up with a HS friend and his wife and go to meet their new (almost 1y) baby who was happy and bouncy.  I went out late with my two other HS friends, one was slightly shamed that if I could go out 8m pregnant then so could she 🙂  We had a very nice baby free evening at the diner where we basically talked about our babies.  The next day they both came over with children although Niamh was a bit off due to teething/being almost 2 it was a fun playdate.  I got to see Miss Math and her New Husband for a bit on Monday but by then she was a wilting flower from all the activity and stress etc.  We of course hung out with parents and aunt Josie and had fun in general.
– The trip was 5 days on paper but there were 2 cheater days; we traveled all day Friday so that day was half wasted and we had a 10am flight on Tuesday so that day hardly counted either.  I had to get back in time for class and I did make it but I wished we could have had more time to see everyone.
– Work is a footnote in all this, there are issues as always but some of the worst simmered down and I’m actually starting to figure out who gets what when I’m gone, nothing like planning ahead, BossD and one of the guys getting my work will be in Asia from May 1-16 (or something) and so I need to have him trained enough before he goes just in case I’m early.
– School is slightly better, the teacher has actually started leading discussion and not just talking to hear himself talk and we are moving from topic to topic with a vague semblance of order.  This week is Spring Break! so no class but no fun trip to Mexico or anything either.  Lars said he will make Fajitas and we will drink something out of our margarita glasses.
– Finally, I’m getting around to doing some stuff for new baby like buy a car-seat.  Technically I didn’t buy it yet but I have it narrowed down to two.  I also choose a cute bed set and ordered that and we have actual plans on where to put baby clothing etc now that Niamh is not moving to her own room for a while.
Hopefully this catches you all up, I’m sure you were all wondering what had become of us.  The bump continues to grow, in fact too much growth so I’m off to a sonagram on Friday to be sure everything is ok.  I’m sure it is, I believe I was declared the same amount too big with Niamh at the same relative time and my pictures show I’m just about the same too.  I’m not passing up a free peak inside so I’m keeping my not-fears to myself.

week review

Another week just got away from me. There was great fun had on Friday where my company did our profit sharing activities. I posted a few pictures but not shown is the egg toss where my partner proved he is very good at softball since he actually caught the really really bad toss from me. We did pretty well in the 3-leg portion of the race even though he is about 6 inches taller then me, the snowbanks past my knees were a bit of an obstacle but we did ok. The sliding back down the hill part was fun but one of the other teams got hurt so that was the end of the game. Too bad, they had a few more fun rounds planned but you can’t really leave a team behind. My favorite part of profit sharing day (other then a nice check to deposit) is that we get to leave at 2pm ish and I deposit the check and take a leisurely stroll through a local store and buy random stuff. I never spend more then $60 or so and I found that the majority of what I got this time was for Niamh J I also got my eyebrows done and home in time to get some nice reading in before daycare pickup time.

Saturday we had an impromptu play date with Niamh’s BF, video and pictures on line too, they had a good time treating the clearance section of WalMart as their own personal play land. Then we went to the library for some sweet (yet unplanned) ‘one year later’ pictures and then we did dinner at our house. It is fun to see the kids play together and learn from eachother. They definitely feed off eachother and Niamh always has a few new skills after some time with her BF. Niamh maybe further along in the social stuff, but, it is nowhere near refined… she was very cute mugging her BF for his coat because you take guests coats, and, she got him a cup for juice and then was basically ready to hold it to his mouth for him when he didn’t take the sippy fast enough. By the end of the night they were both worn out but it was a fun visit for all involved.

Sunday Lars’s work got a bit crazy so we had to cancel our dinner plans but it was a good lazy day and we got the general cleaning and laundry that always need doing done. Niamh is getting better playing independently so it is a good sign that my attention will be possible to split between #1 and #2. The baby is rocking and rolling morning and night, Lars is constantly amazed by the motion. I’m at the point where my stomach will lurch and jump. I’m also finding myself awake at 3am for 10m or so, easy enough to get back to sleep but I guess I’m getting ready for 3am feedings. I need to start the focus on getting our world actually ready for a new addition. I think we have come to the point that Niamh and new baby will share a room atleast for a while. Both beds fit, we need to do something for clothing storage, but she just isn’t quite ready to be two floors away from us (ok, maybe its more us then her….).

This upcoming week should be blessedly normal, nothing special at all going on. Next week Lars has a work trip for 3 days so hello solo parenting, and, then we are going to NY for our friends wedding and a visit. The weekend after we are home then there is Easter and then Niamh turns 2! The following weekend we are going to coronation and then Lars’s parents are visiting the next weekend (17th) so a few busy weeks coming up. After that who knows, we might have a new baby?

I also have a new book done to write up, 10 down 90 to go…