Deuter backpack – carry the kid in style

I have been meaning to write this for ages because every time I wear this backpack in public I get at least one stranger ask me about it. Niamh will still sit in the stroller happily sometimes, she prefers the backpack, probably because instead of the back of people knees or the fences at the zoo she sees the world at the level of 5’4 or even 5’10 if Lars wears it.

I first saw it on a blog I read and she said her son loved it so much his first word was ‘backpack’. Niamh most definitely and clearly says backpack and knows what she wants when she says it. A few times over the winter she has seen it in the closet and clung to it with tantrum like kicking and screaming until we bundled up and went outside in the backpack. I have walked around and around the block in the dark (5pm) like a crazy person because of the backpack but it does make her happy. Sundry describes the features of the backpack really well, I have a slightly different model but it fits a good amount of stuff and when it is closed it just looks like a normal backpack.

At the zoo we had 2 different people ask and we always get at least one person in the airport. I especially like it in the airport because #1 I can get her into it in the plane unlike the gate check stroller and she is under our control through the throng of people getting on or off the plane. #2 then we can use the stroller for the stupidly heavy laptop backpack that weighs more then she does, and, never tries to climb out or grab people/items/furniture when we are trying to get from one gate to the next in under 20min. I think Deuter should sponsor me because at this point I’ve sent so many people their way but it really is a good product. The stroller is much easier and carries more stuff but if I could only have one on a trip this would be it…


6 responses to “Deuter backpack – carry the kid in style”

  1. Pm says :

    A funny side note here. You loved riding in your backpack too. I guess some things are hereditary.


  2. Amber says :

    Unrelated to the backpack (although I DO want one big-time! always have ever since we saw yours!) but your tiny little hat is really cute in this picture 😉


  3. Brigitte says :

    Thanks for the backpack info, I just ordered one. Joe, Emma and I are heading to Bozeman next week and this sounds like the perfect solution to bringing extra carriers and diaper bags.


    • Kate Luthner says :

      Awesome, I hope you get it in time to do a ‘test ride’. We don’t always use the child shoulder straps but Niamh isn’t that wiggly. I would estimate you can fit atleast 8 diapers, a small package of whips, an extra outfit, some snacks, and a bottle or two.


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