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We survived the day before christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy other Holidays. Sorry about not blogging, I’ve failed the Holiday challenge but there are plenty of other people making sure there is something to read. I do appreciate the collection of people writing because most of my blog people are taking a vacation. Personally we had a super busy week that the weather threw a monkey wrench into by predicting the worst storm system since 1997 in the Midwest. I tried to get out ahead of it by moving the flight to Wednesday thereby crunching all my packing, cleaning, gift exchanging into two days rather then three. We went to the airport and it was a big FAIL since we ended up spending 2 hours waiting around to just go home again re booked for the same flight we were originally on (but we still got to keep the lower fare). I had no faith we would not be bumped again since it started snowing that afternoon but we got up early, dug out since we were already plowed in and we actually got to the airport and onto the plane and to NY! We were late getting to the airport so we are paying the higher park at the airport rate, and we had nasty stewardesses but other then that it worked out well.

The following 24 hours were on the crazy side and need their own post. I did get a new fancy camera for Christmas so there are 400 new photos to go through and upload so I’ll do some of that today hopefully. Later today we are going rock climbing and then who knows, no further plans for the week until new years.


Today has turned into one of those busy work days. I expected a ghost town this week and its pretty busy so I can’t just plow through my stuff. My unexpected quandary of the day is the fact that there is a vague Malaria risk in one of the countries I plan on going to in early Jan. It isn’t a high risk but possible. I think I also need to contact my pediatrician and get a shot record for myself to prove I have all the standards plus the Hep A and B and C. Not what I was expecting today at all!

We are also expecting snow here so I juggled our travel plans to leave on Wednesday rather then Thursday to hopefully avoid the storm. I love that south west airlines lets you do that fee free, in fact I get ‘back’ $180 in the difference. They don’t actually give you money back but they give you credit toward another trip so that is practically another whole trip for one person in the bank. So now I have one less day to get everything done and that is another shuffle and re-shuffle. All for the good I think but it will just keep me extra busy.

Thirty years 1 day

So yesterday I turned thirty and it was a busy busy day.  Work was pretty annoying because everyone is sugared up and can’t wait for vacation and we had our yearly business review (good) followed by a rehash of the exact same info by someone in our group (dull).  I had alot of work to do and I really didn’t want to spend the entire morning in repetitive meetings.  Anyway, the afternoon proved enough time to get what I had to done and off to the sonograms.  It was a good apt and baby was very cooperative in reveling gender.  I want to tell a few more people in person before I tell the world, plus, there is that whole contingency of people who feel strongly about it being a surprise so in respect to their choice I’ll let this be a surprise too.  For those of you with no such compulsion let me know.

The limits of a toddler

I love that Niamh is getting so good at being out. Last night we went to my work christmas party and she did her best barnicle impression for the first 10min after that she was pretty congenial.  She was still scared enough of the other people to not run away at all but outgoing enough to talk and smile some.  She even said ‘Nei How’ to our Chinese coworkers (visiting from China).  She was not a show stealer but she did get many cute looks when she clapped for the ugly sweater contest and toasted with her sippy cup.  The mimic stage can be pretty cool.  I psyched her up for this by telling her she is going to a PARTY! and being excited and I think she understood.  We more or less ate some dinner and mingled so it was easy for her to blend.  She did say ‘bye bye’ loud enough that half the team said bye bye back but it wasn’t all that loud.

The limit came when we got to the car and she wanted her nuk and I didn’t have it.  I forgot in my rush to get to the party and a meltdown occurred.  I did get her strapped in and she screamed the whole 8 miles back to our house not listening to reason or logic that her nuk was at home.  Once we were at home she was fine again and then peacefully reading a book and to bed.  The meltdown was understandable, I don’t mind that she saved her ‘bad’ for me.  Everyone from work thinks she is a darling child and I’ll be glad to have them keep that impression.

Yesterday I got all but a few cards in the mail and all my packages sent.  There were a few cards that didn’t fit into their envelopes by like a millimeter but that is big when it comes to card and envelopes.  I need to give them a little trim.  Why these 4 didn’t fit I have no idea, all 37 others were fine.  Speaking of cards, since my job is connected to a group of suppliers I get cards and gifts around this time of year.  We always share all the candy we get and this year there is less due to the economy etc and truly, that is fine with me, but I am keeping a tally of my cards.  Not who sends them and who does not but what vague non offensive greetings are on them.  Out of 9 cards I have 1 Merry Christmas, 1 Noel (with an angel), 4 Seasons Greetings and 3 Happy Holidays.  We are very very PC I suppose.  The point of the card is not lost on me, I’m glad we still send greetings and good wishes nomatter what the phrase says exactly.

same sex marriage

So this is not a holiday post, hopefully it is not a volatile post either.

Yesterday NPR was talking about the gay marriage act and while I don’t have much personal stake in the matter since I am married, not gay, and not threatened by gay people or gay marriage I suppose I have just let the idea be discussed by others but one point really struck me as odd in the NPR conversation. The phrase that “marriage is defined as the union of a man and a woman” is what got me – who has made this the (single) definition of marriage? I suppose you can say the definition of any word is anything you want and other people can believe it too, but it does not mean you are correct, the entire game of balderdash is founded on that premise more or less.

I would argue there is equal enough evidence that the word marriage means committed for life because I’ve heard plenty of people say they are married to their job or a hobby but they don’t mean it in a blasphemous way just that they are committed forever to the certain thing. People also say swans and geese that mate for life are married.

I agree that the catholic/Christian church defines that marriage is between a man and a woman but they also have a fair number of other rules around marriage that disqualify a good chunk of man/woman unions however they still get to say they are married and gain the will/hospital/power of attorney style benefits. I can fully support the church declining to perform the wedding sacrament to a same sex couple just the same as I can support the other reasons they will not perform the sacrament for other people that don’t fit the bill.

However, marriage in the constitution or in state laws would be defined as a US law so when did US law and policy decide to follow the catholic church so closely on this portion of the church’s criteria for marriage? If this is a state regulated act like my marriage license says then the state needs to set the criteria and the definition. I know that is what they are voting on right now in a few states but that is were I argue that they can’t take a chunk of the church’s dogma and just say “well that makes a good law” and on top of that leave off the extra bits like the couple needing to not be pregnant and be baptized etc. I have a sister, aunt and cousin and a bunch of friends all perfectly married in courthouse style weddings (one in the actual courthouse) and they are committed as well as those that a priest in a church performed the ceremony. I know there are a lot of feelings around the issue but if you look at the state involvement it is issuing a license, just like a license to fish, hunt, or drive. Each has criteria and fees and are recorded and even vary from state to state but they are not exclusionary based on race, religion, or sexual orientation just like all the civil rights laws dictate employers follow. They do regulate based on age but for valid reasons and age may be the only reason to exclude someone from marriage (and it actually is in most states).

Anyway, I reject the argument of ‘definition’ as being flawed in a dozen ways. Start from scratch states. I can see that the cost to the system may be a reason to protest since divorces are very expensive and if you increase the number of marriages you statistically increase the number of divorces so maybe they should focus on fixing that. If two people want to commit for life that is a big decision, one I wish many men and women took more seriously but I don’t think its fair that a big segment of the population are excluded from the benefits. One coworker suggested beefing up what a civil union benefit was, that isn’t a bad idea, but to be consistent in terminology marriage should be the term for those married in the church, civil union for those not. After that distinction is clear and of equal value the same sex couples can take on the church about the religious side of the argument.

Enough for today – hope I didn’t offend anyone but this is how I feel as someone who values fairness in the law.

Week 17 – checkup

No long post today because I spent too much time at the Dr to have any extra time. My 15min apt took an hour because the Dr was with someone else for a LONG time. I don’t begrudge her the time, I’m glad he is the type of Dr that will stay until you are ready and I just hope she had a ton of questions not something actually wrong. Anyway, I have gained 3 pounds and 4 inches and he is very pleased. We found the heartbeat nice and quickly and it was a good visit. As a testament to his good Doctorness, even though he was atleast half and hour behind he made sure to chat a little with me and not be rushed. People at work were a tad worried because I always said if I get bad news I’m just not coming back but its nice to know they care.

Otherwise, yesterday was a fairly uneventful day. Niamh was a dry diaper girl all day except for #2 and she even whimpered in the car and when we asked if she had to go she said yes and she held it for a few miles until we could find a bathroom for her. I have a feeling there are a lot of store and roadside bathrooms in my future… We got the picture for the Christmas card done, today I got the labels but I still need to write the letter and get stamps. I got our flex stuff done and faxed and had a generally productive weekend.

Ok, must go, lots to get done and not enough time to do it.

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