Minor Gevalia rant…

I like Gevalia coffee, I really like their pumpkin spice and their blueberry coffee and when I got the offer for their Seasonal Flavors (please remember this name, its important) I thought it was a good idea. The other two seasons are German Chocolate for winter and Pecan torte for spring. I’m not a fan of the Pecan but 3 out of 4 isn’t bad and I could cancel before spring. I sign up in mid September and blueberry coffee arrives shortly, so far very pleased. Then the leaves begin to turn and we are planning pumpkin picking and Halloween parties and I start to wonder where is my pumpkin coffee? I checked the website and apparently they were planning on sending it on November 30. Does that make sense? Here in MN I don’t expect the ground to be snow free by then and according to WalMart it is Christmas already so why send pumpkin coffee so long after all the pumpkins have been bought, carved, displayed, rotted, and tossed?

I called in mid October to fix this obvious system error and find out it is the policy to send the seasonal coffees 3 months apart regardless of the actual season. I believe my point was lost on the nice call center people in India but they could not, would not, move up my order, but, they would have someone call me in the next two days who may be able to help. ( To further the stupidity of mis match seasons; my winter blend was due late February and my spring would arrive late May). I wait and wait and nobody calls, Halloween weekend I kept wishing I had the pumpkin coffee and while I totally realize this is a first world problem I decided it was time to call again. The message was the same, they looked in the system and nobody even tried to call so I canceled the Seasonal Flavors and if their regular coffee was not so good I would have canceled the whole thing! I will buy my pumpkin individually and maybe some German chocolate, I can buy both right now no waiting, and I need to figure out if it is worth telling them in some other way that their ‘seasonal’ selection logistically stinks.

So google searches who land here, the Gevalia Seasonal Flavors is not worth the trouble or the dollar you save.

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6 responses to “Minor Gevalia rant…”

  1. Amber says :

    THANK YOU for posting this. I have been tossing around the idea of signing up for that program too because I really do love the Blueberry and German Chocolate, and the others sounded good too. Now I know to just order them individually. Not as convenient but it works out better for the actual seasons!


  2. Liz says :

    Since I am not a fan of flavored coffee and I think locally roasted coffee is far superior I never jumped on the Gevalia band wagon.


  3. Dana Vogel says :


    We noticed your tweet yesterday and tried to respond right away.  I’m sure you know that this is not the experience we hope for with our coffee club programs.  Sometimes when companies get big enough to handle lots of customers they make rules and policies to keep things efficient — and sometimes these policies have the unintended side effect of making life more difficult for loving customers. 

    For a long time, Gevalia has brewed great coffee.  And now, more than ever, with the launch of our new website, new customer service options, new coffee and tea varieties, and new community building activities like #beanchat on Twitter, we are constantly trying to discover new ways to bring wonderful coffee experiences to the home.  We are also listening to our customers and paying attention when they talk about Gevalia and coffee.

    I want you to know that I am sorry that we missed your pumpkin picking, leaf raking, and Halloween celebrating.  Frankly, I’d never considered that Fall comes so much earlier in Minnesota.  I also want you to know that we now have a way for you to get the coffee you want when you want it through a special “ship immediate” option so that you can always get your Seasonal Flavor when you need it.  I would welcome a chance to have you speak with a customer service leader and resolve any outstanding questions.

    More than anything else, I want to thank you for being a Gevalia customer and for complaining in way that we could hear.  Please let us know if we ever fail to deliver again.

    Kindest regards,

    Dana Vogel
    Brand Manager, Gevalia


    • kateluthner79 says :

      thanks for the comment and I know there is a way to buy each season whenever I want. The whole reason I subscribed to the service was the slight discount, and, that it was easy. It was NOT easy.

      I don’t know where you live, but, fall is not early in MN, fall starts early sept and ends in Dec just like NY and PA where I have also lived. The whole problem with the ‘Seasonal’ aspect is that with your logistic plan unless you order on the first day of a ‘season’ you will never get the flavors in the actual season they are intended. Having a 3 month space nomatter what is very short sighted. It would be a much better business plan to send the seasonal blend to all customers on the plan in the first two weeks of the season. If you want more incentive for people to subscribe, plan the seasonal coffee to arrive to a subscriber a week before it is available online so there is more value. This would actually streamline your logistics and prevent anyone from being ‘off season’. For people who subscribe mid season you should send the first one immediately and then they are set into the regular schedule NOT 3 months after. If they happen to order in the last 2 weeks of the season ask if they would prefer to skip the current season for a prorated amount, or, get both seasons together as a one time thing.

      I am glad you are pleased I am a customer, I may not be for much longer. This semi makes up for the lack of follow-up from the call center but you are not telling me anything I didn’t know nor offering to fix anything.



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