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I won the challenge

Last day of the November challenge and I believe I made it! Not all the posts were awesome but there was a trip to NY, a midterm paper, and a major holiday in the middle of trying to post daily. On the bright side, I had more stuff planned that I never got around to posting so I’ll try and keep up the more frequents posts. Maybe even join the December challenge, it is not just about blogging, it is about giving something to someone and then blogging about it. I like the concept and it is in the holiday spirit and they don’t mean giving a physical gift daily but giving ‘something’ every day. The only provision they had was to not give someone a black eye and I think I can handle that!

I always say this after a holiday or time off, I love not working but life can be exhausting so I’m always glad to get back to my predictable day at work. We got a fair amount of stuff done over the weekend. Nowhere near everything on the list but Niamh also seems to be fighting a cold. Nothing really bad just makes her more cranky toward bedtime. She is doing well with the potty training. She tells us sometimes when she has to go and there have even been some dry diapers and then pee in the potty. She is refusing to poop in the potty and won’t even admit that she is going although you would need to be lacking a sense of smell and hearing to miss it if you are in the room. I’m sure she will come around one of these days. I tweeted that we are doing the night time pee and it has worked out three days straight now. The first morning she still woke up at 6 to go but yesterday and today she slept until 7 and then went. Not that we aren’t still buying diapers in bulk but maybe someday.

The real accomplishment of the weekend was putting up the Christmas lights. We even have a huge wreath this year! I have pictures to upload when I get home (after bedtime) so look for them later (or in the sidebar depending on when you read this). We still have one string of LED snowflakes to put somewhere but the plug is incompatible with all the other plugs and the timer so I need to figure that one out.

Hope everyone else’s holiday weekend was good too~

Comment/blogs I read part 2

Well, there are a few blogs on my list that never ever post so I’m skipping them.  I should really remove them from my list but you never know when they may start up again.


Next alphabetically is and while Amber does not post all that regularly I also read her LJ and talk to her fairly often online and sometimes even in person.  Our kids are in the same ‘class’ at daycare and we have all had fun on various play dates over the past year.  I commented on the awesomeness of pumpkin pie although I didn’t tell her that I ate it for breakfast Friday.   – this is a blogger I found semi randomly and she actually lives in MN too.  She has a very sweet little boy and a pair of twins just older then Niamh.  Her posts are always half a novel and everytime I see one of her posts pop up I get a cup of coffee and settle in for a good read.  I commented on her most recent post  about the new school she is considering for her older son.  He is very smart and needs the challenge but my ‘assvice’ was to make sure her son doesn’t think he is in charge, even if he does have input. is another person I actually know, she has a cool craft blog and she is so fun to do craft stuff with.  I told her how big her little boy is, not news to her, but he is getting so big!  I read her LJ too (wow I read a lot of stuff) but the public blog is all about crafts. – I think she was the first person I didn’t know that I started reading and she was working on having a baby just the same time as the two other ‘blog babies’.  She was talking about money well spend on preschool and I completely agree with daycare.  While I would love to be a stay at home mom sometimes I have no idea if I would be able to teach Niamh as many things as she learns at daycare. – someone I do not know but has an interesting life full of kids and good photography.  I agreed with her little boy about pie for breakfast, is it a good thing once a year… – someone I do know, kinda, like 8k I know a million more things from her blog then from ever talking since she is the wife of one of Lars’s friends and while you can not tell from her blog she is super shy in person.  Anyway, she made a cool observation that Christmas starting very early (like Halloween time practically) might be a reaction to the bunch of craptastic months the world has endured in the past year.  My life is fairly good really but I am finding myself more in the mood for Christmas then usual.  –  Is a person I know and I’m glad to keep in general contact even though is blog is entirely crazy fiction.  It is well written fiction and I like to think sometimes his real life shines through.  Anyway, apparently he won a contest so I gave him a congratulations even though I know he takes Nov off to go write something ‘substantial’ like a novel or something. – another person I know but she ran away to a foreign state and claims she is too busy working or knitting to blog J  I left her a comment saying I know she knits fast enough to have finished something new for her blog.  She is an incredible and insanely fast knitter…


and that is it!  All the blogs that post semi regularly that I read.  Hope my comments were well received and maybe one of you will check them out.  


Its time for dinner, yum, leftovers… again…

Ack!  Almost missed a day!  Today has been an odd mess of stuff but we did get most of the christmas lights up.  I also am writing a paper for class so that sucked up alot of my time today.  More tomorrow….


Sorry, my ‘comment pII’ post is still in the works but here is my recap of the big Tday.

Bottom line first, it went really well.  Only minor stress over the stuffing and we forgot to put napkins on the table but everyone said everything was awesome and their plates were clean so I believe them.  Lars was a huge help by peeling everything and chopping and stepping in when the Niamh got in a needy mood.  We did the classics and they turned out well, the only experiment was the stuffing that was a semi complicated recipe and I ran out of pots to cook it in (plus it suggested a dutch oven) so I put it in the crock pot.  It turned out well enough that Lars had seconds and he usually does not like stuffing at all.  The recipe also called for using the gross guts of the turkey but hey, the turkey went through the trouble of growing a huge liver and heart, they shouldn’t be wasted.

I made gravy out of the drippings and it was also well received.  I avoided making meat glue like I have in the past (too much flour) and even though it took all day to do the work was pretty balanced with only a slight rush at the end steaming veggies.  We sent the guests home with leftovers and we have atleast another meal or two but not an overwhelming amount.

I was looking forward to today, Black Friday, for a month.  This is my vacation day!  Niamh is in daycare and I have the whole day free.  I slept a little late, I read my book over breakfast that included a slice of pumpkin pie, and I went shopping with a friend.  We only went to one store and we went late enough that the line was only about 15m long and we still got the doorbuster deals.  I did some online shopping too and I would say I’m better then 50% done now.  The plan for the rest of the day is a decadent mid day movie with Lars (New Moon) and then hanging out at a friends house tonight.  I even managed to wash most of the dishes from yesterday and reclaim the kitchen.  The only thing left is the pots, I washed all dishware, lids, glasses and bowels.  We also spent some time cleaning for the guests so I can continue to enjoy a pretty and clean house for the day.

This weekend is pretty plan free, I have a few house projects in mind but nothing major, I do have to get moving on a few school papers though.  The class is almost done, only 3 classes left so getting to crunch time.  Ok, time for lunch then movie – hope everyone’s thanksgiving was fun too.

Happy Thanksgiving

we started ours a bit early, 6am, with a little girl yelling potty from her bed. She did indeed need to potty. So I’m thankful for a potty training girl and the extra hour of sleep Lars took her for.

comment day

Day before Thanksgiving at work is rather empty. There are other people here but not the people I actually need to get much work done. I’m more or less through all the backed up e-mail from last week and so I took my coffee break time to do some commenting on the blogs I love to read. I love comments, I think most people do, so my thanksgiving gift is to comment on every blog on my feed reader list that I can get to today, I’ll do the rest later, I read too many. – I like her sense of humor and writing style, I’ve been reading her for 3 or 4 years and it is great that she did the parent thing before me so I could learn from her some. She asked about holiday tradition desserts and I told her about the trifle I like to make. Not that my family ever made it but I got the perfect crystal bowel as a wedding gift and so I make my version any chance I get. My version being; Store bought sponge cake soaked in fruit juice (today’s is pomegranate), then a layer of jam (strawberry) then a layer of blue berries, then a layer of vanilla pudding, then a layer of strawberries, then cool wip on top. – she is a semi famous blogger and I like to hear about her life because it is so different then mine. First she had the cool foodie DC life, then she had a baby (before me by 2 y) so that was interesting too, then her baby showed signs of an autism like issue and their journey through it has taught me a lot even though I hope to never need the information. She put up a picture of the art project turkey that came home from school so I commented that I had something similar but not so bright. Niamh actually ‘made’ a pretty cute turkey that will be on the table, She painted on some paper that they cut out into feathers and put a brown construction paper body in front. It actually looks pretty cute.

.Then I commented on my friend Vienna’s facebook but no point in linking since it is mostly friends only. I like to hear her take on all things SCA because it reminds me of my home kingdom. Sadly, I hardly know anyone there anymore but she still is a friend even if we only actually talk like 2x a year. God bless blogs! Anyway, she had the same turkey defrost issue I did so I commiserated. By the way, turkey is about half defrosted and back in the fridge while I’m at work. I can’t actually comment on without a login to her site and I can’t do that at work so it isn’t happening. I like her style, both writing and furniture / lighting. She is one the ‘top bloggers’ who simi started it all but I read because her writing is good and her pictures are cool. She also gave a really good explanation of post partum depression that helped me know that nope, I’m just tired, not depressed for the few weeks after Niamh when I wanted to simultaneously hold her at all times yet sell her to the gypsies. – a person I actually know in real life although she was a freshman when I was a senior so I probably know more from her blog then I ever did in school. She was also one of the people who inspired me to start this blog. She just got hit by a deer, something that happened to us to, so I sent her some sympathy. On the bright side she has a nice sounding new boyfriend to help her through it. – one of the random blogs I found when I started reading them that I have stuck with over the years. I like hearing about her life and her parrots and random thoughts about stuff. I let her know that we stalk her on flickr and that Niamh likes to look at the pictures of her birds Lucy and Charlie. – another person I know for real, she jumps between knitting and SCA and is one of the more productive people I know. I just left a quick note about the pretty new thing she knit~ – I’m not sure how he found me but I’ve been reading about his very different life in Australia where he is currently complaining about a heat wave. It is flirting with freezing here and I’m technically thankful because 32 isn’t really all that cold when you have been in -30 once or twice. – Sorta a highschool friend. The reverse of the 8K situation, he was the senior, I was the freshman and he dated a girlfriend of mine and I don’t think we have spoken more then 20 words in person ever. I found him through a short story about Sayville and since I recognized him I added him to the feed reader. He hops around on topics and has a kid a bit less then a year older then Niamh so it is nice to see what may be to come. I commented on his most recent list of books he is counting toward his 100 this year and he is in the home stretch however he is counting books he reads outloud to his kid. I suppose agree that kids books should count. I spend alot of time reading those books, maybe I should start counting too.

That is close to half the list, more tomorrow or this weekend

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