Archive | October 18, 2009

A week away

Well sorry for leaving a sweetie sweet note to Niamh on the top for so long!  I had an exam last week that the professor gave us a practice exam for and I spent most nonworking, nonNiamh hours working on it.  In the end there was tradgedy since first the teacher a few hours before the exam sent out a note saying ‘oh by the way…’ and detailing that he would be adding major things to the test that are things I didn’t really know.  The other issue was that he made two questions, out of 17, worth 50% of the exam.  Those two questions were on the newest material that he hardly tought and all the other chapters had 4 questions each so I didn’t super study those.  Don’t fear, the teacher knows the full extent of my displeasure.    He replied well to my crique and is giving us all 15 extra points due to the last min add.  I’m still not very happy I spent so much time actually studying but atleast I’m good at that stuff now (too bad it was only 35% of what he tested…).

So in happier news, Lars got a mowhawk! We saw it on a tv show and they are getting pretty mainstream and since he works from home, works out as a hobby, and still has the hair to support it we figured why not!  It looks really cute in person although I think people may think he is a bit more dangerous.  So far the mohawk has equaled free stuff, he got free cheese curds at the pumpkin patch and free wine sample at the liquor store.  He figures it is because people want to talk to him and then feel like they should give him something.  Or maybe they are scared of him 🙂  He can’t wait to see what daycare thinks – I think he will be disappointed and they won’t say anything but maybe they will.  The best part about it is that when people ask why he did it he says ‘because my hot wife asked me to’  I find that a very good answer.

We also when to the pumpkin farm – much cuteness on flickr.