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Halloween day 2 of 3

Halloween is keeping me busy busy busy and of all things work decided to be busy this week too! Not to mention class – oh, great victory on the class front – I have to give a full report of my superior skilz in getting what I want. Anyway, Halloween has spread out all week. We started with daycare costume parade on Wednesday so the cow costume made it début but no pictures because the reason she is in daycare is because I work all day! I heard they took pictures so hopefully there are a few good ones. Today Halloween continues with trick or treating in my building so Niamh is supposed to arrive around noon. Then it further continues tomorrow for the real Halloween and our party! If you are not busy and want to come to a costume party at my house you are invited! Lars needs to take Niamh out tomorrow for a good while so I can do the cleaning and last min stuff. I am hoping that we can get everything done in good time so we can relax and do our costumes and have fun.

Oh, and next month, meaning November, I’m doing the post every day in November challenge again so lots of reading material for the next month!

Time to try and cram a full days work into half a day….

I Boo you too!

Booing – I read about this cute fun Halloween tradition on who got it from someone else but she gets credit for me because I read it there first. Anyway, the idea is to fill a little bag with Halloween stuff, I did candy, a few silly spider rings, a cute pencil, a few Halloween foam stickers and a note that explains what just happened and what to do. The note say that now the recipient needs to Boo two other people and post the sign that says they have already been Booed. I decided to do two in my neighborhood and two at work – get a little Halloween spirit going since it is only a week away.

Last night we choose two neighbors and left the bags and I drove past one today and it had been taken in. Work is a bit harder since I can’t (ok, don’t want to) get here too early so I think I’ll do it at lunch or if I notice my marks away from their desks. With only a week left who knows how well it will spread but I picked people that will hopefully find the fun in it and pass it on.

Other Halloween prep in the house is going well thanks to Karen. We have spider webbed our entry way and all over the kitchen. This weekend I need to do some more and get the house clean as well as finish Niamh’s costume and start the food we are making ahead. I only think about 15 people, maybe 20, are coming but it will be a fun crowd anyway. I need to take pictures, hopefully this weekend, because it is looking pretty cool/creepy.

Sleep training/Weaning phase II

Phase one of sleep training stunk, multiple nights of her screams and whimpers to go check on her sleeping later crumpled in the corner of her crib… However, it is very very very worth it that she goes to bed at 7 and does not wake up until ‘morning’ other then the occasional bad dream. ‘Morning’ is around 5:30 ish and she joins us in our bed for her only feeding of the day. At one time she went back to sleep within 10 min and so did I but recently she has taken the formally peaceful hour and a half and turned it into beating up her parents. I don’t know who has it worse; I have the mouth end that will move from side to side (there is really not much milk) and occasionally head butt me, not to mention the claws that follow the head around. Lars gets the foot end and he gets kicked and used as leverage as she stretches out sideways between us. Not that I don’t want to cuddle her, but, morning mosh pit is not fun.

So last night, with no real planning behind it, Lars and I decided that we were going to start keeping her in the crib until 7. Today was a day she choose 4:30 to wake up and Lars went in there to comfort her and tell her it was still sleeping time. She went back to sleep for 5 min, just enough time for him to get back into bed. To his credit he stayed with her patting her and just ‘being there’ for the next 2.5 hours semi sleeping on her floor. At 6:50 she popped out of bed and cutely said “Hi!” “Hi dada!” like it was a great treat, and surprise, to find him there. It is a huge difference to wake up chipper v screaming so I figured that was a good thing to reinforce. I went in with bright and cheerful ‘good morning!’ (even though sleeping through 2.5h of her is not easy) and we got ready for school. She clung to me like a baby monkey so since we were up early we sat and watched 10min of Dora after we were all dressed and ready to go. I did the drop off because Lars looked like a zombie shambling back to bed, but, he can sleep until 9:45 and he didn’t get kicked much today so he should be good to go by work time.

I guess we are in for 3 days of this and then maybe she will sleep 7-7? I’m trying not to think about the nursing phase being over, it is so nice to solve the problems of the world so easily. I don’t know if the ‘last time’ was yesterday morning’s mosh pit but if she didn’t remember Lars being with her for the 2.5 hours this morning I bet she does not know that she is nursing in the mornings anymore either. Anyway, as of now it has been more then 24h since she has nursed so we will see….


More potty talk

and not in the funny way that 90% of comedian’s make their money but in the odd cheerleader like way I am way too excited about someones bodily waste.  I tweeted on the 11th that there was pee in the potty and it was not just a drop, it was really pee.  I think Niamh even surprised herself but she was very happy to get her chip reward.  Since then we have been as consistent as possible with her sitting on the potty while not over doing it.  Over the weekend she said potty and we went and sat and she went and pointed right at the chips.  Today she even went at daycare in their tiny little child sized real potty and Friday she went at Kathy’s house.  I’m going to have to start carrying chips with me so she never goes without reward (no fear, Kathy had chips too).

A friends mom who runs a daycare told my mom that there is a small window around 18m where potty training is possible and if you miss it or it does not work out you need to wait until they are almost 3 and you can bribe them into using the potty.  I’m hoping this window works for us because in the last 10 days or so she seems to be really getting the concept.

Any training advice for the next step?

A week away

Well sorry for leaving a sweetie sweet note to Niamh on the top for so long!  I had an exam last week that the professor gave us a practice exam for and I spent most nonworking, nonNiamh hours working on it.  In the end there was tradgedy since first the teacher a few hours before the exam sent out a note saying ‘oh by the way…’ and detailing that he would be adding major things to the test that are things I didn’t really know.  The other issue was that he made two questions, out of 17, worth 50% of the exam.  Those two questions were on the newest material that he hardly tought and all the other chapters had 4 questions each so I didn’t super study those.  Don’t fear, the teacher knows the full extent of my displeasure.    He replied well to my crique and is giving us all 15 extra points due to the last min add.  I’m still not very happy I spent so much time actually studying but atleast I’m good at that stuff now (too bad it was only 35% of what he tested…).

So in happier news, Lars got a mowhawk! We saw it on a tv show and they are getting pretty mainstream and since he works from home, works out as a hobby, and still has the hair to support it we figured why not!  It looks really cute in person although I think people may think he is a bit more dangerous.  So far the mohawk has equaled free stuff, he got free cheese curds at the pumpkin patch and free wine sample at the liquor store.  He figures it is because people want to talk to him and then feel like they should give him something.  Or maybe they are scared of him 🙂  He can’t wait to see what daycare thinks – I think he will be disappointed and they won’t say anything but maybe they will.  The best part about it is that when people ask why he did it he says ‘because my hot wife asked me to’  I find that a very good answer.

We also when to the pumpkin farm – much cuteness on flickr.

18 months

Niamh turned 18 months old yesterday.  I missed doing a long, tribute esc, note on other milestone months but I think she is fairy well recorded given the nearly 10,000 pictures I have (only a 10th get to flickr) and all the posts over the past 18 months included her a little bit.  Anyway, this one is entirely dedicated to Niamh.


At 18 months old you have mastered a lot of physical things, you walk, run, climb and even balance pretty well.  Fortunately you have kept your monkey climbing to times we are around playground equipment except for the few times you have climbed out of your crib.  You stand on your toes and stretch to reach things and don’t fall over for no reason all that often anymore.  You love to slide, even the biggest slides, and you love to swing.  You also love balls and can throw them pretty well now.  


You are slowly learning how to speak but you definitely know how to communicate.  Your favorite word right now is a tie between ‘no’ and ‘baby’.  For the record you declined a BMW and a million dollars.  We are hopefully you learn the word yes soon but when you want something you either repeat it, make happy noises or you make the noise associated with the action. If I ask if you want a drink you make a sipping/slurping sound and if I ask if you want hot or cold and you want hot you make a blowing noise.  I have to listen carefully sometimes because if I’m drinking a glass of water and you make sipping noises and I don’t notice you get unhappy.  You are still using your signs too, please, more, thank you, fish etc  it makes it a lot easier to keep you happy when you can let us know what you want.  You understand a lot of what we say and can follow directions pretty well.  You surprise us with your knowledge of what something must mean given its context like scooch forward must mean move forward and you do it.  Pretty soon we need to start being careful about talking too much in front of you.


You have a lot of favorite activities these days.  Anything to do with art you like, coloring, painting, and playdough are all big hits.  You also like to help me cook and clean and are even helpful now when you help.  You really like the bath, especially bubbles, but you still hate having your hair washed, but that does not stop you from running to the tub yelling ‘bubbles’ every night.  To keep you busy while the tub fills I ask you to bring your dirty clothing to the laundry basket and in the past week you have been doing it before I say anything.  I have no idea how long this will last but it is a nice help.  You also put away toys and crayons when we ask (most of the time).  You love outside and walks and the park and just running around on the deck.  We play games and race and you have fun playing with us, and sometimes, you have fun playing without us!  You love all music, even heavy metal, but you love the song ‘move it move it’ most.  You like to push all the music toys on the fridge together to make a really big noise but then you dance to it and have a great time.


Sleeping and eating are some of the things that matter most for growing past 2 feet tall and you are doing pretty well on both.  Yesterday you slept from 7pm to 7am without a peep.  Usually you only make it to 5:30 or 6 but maybe this is a new trend.  You go to sleep with a minimal routine of washing, then changing, then a book, then goodnights, then bed.  You have started to give up the nummies on your own and only really eat first thing in the morning.  Over the past few weeks you have given up on the after school snack and the big change is weekends, where you used to want more just because I was around now you are ok with just once.  You still insist sometimes when you are feeling sick or tired but 90% of the time now you will pass it up for real food.  You eat basically anything we give you.  You love humus and guacamole and salsa and ketchup.  You love your baby food puffs and yogurt bites and especially the baby cheese puffs and you love goldfish crackers and granola bars.  You will always eat pizza, any pasta, red sauce, or hotdog and depending on mood many other meats.  You like cheese and broccoli and you love peas and actually request them.  You can keep most of your food on your tray and we are working on keeping it on a plate on your tray.  You have mastered the spoon and the sippy and are actually very good with a cup or a straw except when you get tired of a drink you are still likely to pitch it overboard so we mostly stick with lids.    You do ok eating out with us even though you tend to end up sitting on my lap eating off my plate but you don’t misbehave otherwise.  There are too many foods you eat that I can’t list them all and I can’t think of many things you don’t like although sometimes you won’t eat something you liked another time but that is pretty normal.


The last think I will mention is your sense of humor.  You are getting very good at making jokes and acting silly.  You love to pretend to give us something then take it away at the last second.  You laugh like crazy when you find us when we play hide and seek.  Your not great at looking but you are great at remembering all the places we hid in the past and just look in each spot until you find us.  You know how to get away with stuff with both of us, we need to compare notes so we stay consistent because you can get your dad to give you way more fruit or cookies then I ever give you, he also lets you watch ultimate fighting.  You are finally getting over your fear of all new people but it is still best for strangers to treat you like a cat, let you come to them.


I suppose that is the best I can do to describe you at 18months, does not seem like enough really, but the 10,000 pictures and all the video should also help J