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Single parenthood

I think Lars leaves every so often just so I value him more when he is here!  I know there are millions of real single moms and my sister played one for months when she was in TX but having nobody to talk to but a 17 month old is hard.  Managing her is alot easier then I thought, she is at a fun age and she still mostly listens to me.  She is getting better about amusing herself for short stretches of time and she believes me when I say ‘I’ll be right back’ so I can run to the bathroom or to switch the laundry.  Today we played hide and seek for a long time, she loved it and kept signing more as she hysterically laughed when she found me.  She didn’t really get the whole concept, I mostly ran from hiding spot to hiding spot while she was laughing but she would not close her eye and mostly just followed me.  It sounds silly but it was fun.

Lars is in NJ bonding with his guy friends.  I stayed home this weekend in order to go to NY to see family in November, I think I won because I did not have alot of desire to go this weekend and he is super sad he can’t come in Nov because of work.  Reason number 99 I’m glad I didn’t go this weekend would be that we have been away the last two weekends straight and even if this isn’t exactly a sleep in relax weekend it is nice to be home. 

I wrote a list of stuff to do and my top two items were go to bed early and read my book.  In an effort to maximize the hours Lars and I have together I stay up way too late most days and I don’t get alot of time to read.  Last night it was great to cuddle into bed with my book at 10pm.  I have a dozen other things on the list and I got a bunch of them done.  One of them was to get to costco, it is the time of month to spend $40 for Niamh to poop in, so we braved the saturday crowds.  The trip was made infinitely better by meeting a friend there and shopping with her.  One of us could stay with the cart/baby and the other could attempt to squirm through the crowds of people to get to the food.  I know samples are tasty, but, please people don’t block every single meat counter, some of us are there to get food to bring home not just a snack!  Anyway, it was a success on all counts except for apples and blackberries.  I suppose blackberries are just out of season because the last few grocery store ones we got were moldy within 2 days but they are Niamh’s favorite fruit.  I wanted a big bag of apples to do this for our Halloween party.  Maybe next weekend applepicking? 

I tweeted this already, but, what are people doing driving motorcycles to costco?  There were atleast 3 in the parking lot today.  Mom guesses they were there for lunch and I could see that.  Someone else said maybe there were just picking up a DVD or something and maybe that is true but they must have good will power (or no willpower?) to not leave with 15 other things then what they came for.  Another reply was maybe this was how they kept to a budget and I can see that but it still seems like a silly place to take a vehicle that can’t transport more then a can of tuna.

Now a note for my future self, and for anyone keeping track of the breast feeding score.  As of last week I cut out the bed time feeding so now we are down to 2 feedings a day.  We cut the bedtime rather then the after work/daycare one because I’m not home every bedtime because of school, I don’t want it to be a part of the routine because that would preclude babysitters being able to do the bedtime thing, and finally, because I think she was only doing it to stall.  I cut it out by moving quickly from book reading to into bed and not allowing an oppertunity.  She was not really eating much and aweek later and she does not even ask.   I think the next one will be the 5pm one.  She only eats a medium amount and sometimes is just playing, but, she also asks for it immediately when we get home.  I think I can substitute a snack and cuddles pretty easily, I’ll probably start next week sometime.  I WISH I could get out of the 5am one but that is when she eats the most and it tends to put her back to sleep.  If I could get her to just stay asleep that would be great but I don’t want to have her be up for the day at 5am demanding waffles or something.  My weaning goal is christmas,if not before,so it will have to happen one of these days.

In keeping with my weekend list item, time to get ready for bed 🙂

September is half over already

September is starting to be distinctly fall like in the morning but keeps hanging on to summer in the afternoons.  I have been very happy to run at lunch and I think that I’m getting better at it overall.  I know though that running is not the only way to stay in shape because two weeks ago I played soccer for the first time in 10 years and while it was really fun and I think I did pretty well (at least not embarrassing) the next day all sorts of muscles hurt like crazy!  Running muscles and sprint/kicking muscles are not the same.  It was flattering to be asked to play, it isn’t a league or anything and I think they wanted me because they are always short on players.  We play 4 v 4 and that means unless you are goalie you are offence and defence at all times.  I think I’ll limit the soccer to Fridays because it takes a whole hour plus shower and the other days of the week are too hectic to make that work.  Running+soccer should keep me in good shape until it is too cold.

The past two weekends we have been at events.  Last weekend we went down to Vermillion SD, about 5h away, on a virtual day trip.  We left after practice on Friday around 9 and stayed in Sioux falls (4h away) and did the last hour in the morning.  The hour took a bit longer because SD is razing their highways to bare dirt and our exit was completely unreachable.  Turning around was not an easy task either because random sections of the road are gone.  You can go either north or south but you can’t exit!  The event itself was pleasant and I passed it hanging out with people who live within 30min of home but it was still a sunny nice day to sit and chat.  The guys enjoyed the fighting and we took off around dinner time so we could take advantage of the Niamh sleeping hours to get home.  She does pretty well sleeping in the car but on the way home something was hurting her stomach (olive garden) and it was a bit hard on us all.  She also holds in all her poop for the day.  I suspected this last week but I’m sure of it now, for a girl who fills the diaper 2x’s a day or more, holding it all day must be hard.  We got mucho mucho poops on sunday to balance it out but funny how those little habits start so young.  speaking of poop (sorry all people who are not interested) we got a potty chair on Sunday.  It is nice and light and pink and has a squishy seat.  Niamh was very happy about it and she sits on it often.  Nothing has been deposited but at this point I’m just glad she is getting familiar with it.  I think the big toilet was just too big for her but daycare mentioned that she has woken up dry a few times and I know she knows when she is going because she goes away from us a bit (not like the stench of the weapons grade poo can be hidden) so we are on the potty training path.  This will be long and slow I’m sure because she really is on the young side for starting but hey, you have to start somewhere.  (and my mother was apparently trained at 18m so it is possible in theory).

Other then the exciting prospect of potty training not much more to talk about.  We are planning a big Halloween party so it is a fun pastime to find cool things we can do.  Basically everyone is invited so let me know if you are coming – getting invites out via facebook only gets so many people!  This weekend Lars is going to an event in the east and I’m staying home with Niamh so I’m not sure what we will do but it will be fun mother daughter time.  Lars is home so I’m going to wrap up my rambling, hopefully he has something in mind for dinner….

So last weeks post was rather a bust.  I was annoyed about that…  Anyway the weekend was nice and fun and even relaxing at times.  I started the weekend with a long overdue dentist apt but it really was not all that bad and seriously, after three hours at the dentist the weekend can’t help but get better!

Over the past two… three (20?) weeks I find myself wondering in all seriousness what day it is.  I don’t know if I’m loosing it but I keep mixing around my schedule and confusing myself.  The newest twist is that I’m moving the day I work at the plant from Wednesday to Tuesday and my class this semester is on Thursday rather than Tuesday.  Monday, Wednsday, Friday are mostly unchanged but with vacations the last two weeks my monday and friday got lost into weekend.  Oh well, I usually end up at the right place on the right day and nobody else has noticed my confusion!

Last weekend we went to Coronation and it was nice.  It was 4 hours away so we day tripped it and that worked out pretty well.  The only icky thing was Niamh puking an entire McDonalds hash brown all over herself about 5 min away from the site.  It didn’t freak her out and I kept calm so it was more or less a non event but it really was all over her.  The event went fine, it is a little odd getting back in the swing of things since we have been SCA idle since Pennsic but it was fun seeing who I saw.  Next weekend we are going to another event, this time in Vermillion SD and we are driving Friday night there and Sat night home so hopefully the entire trip Niamh will sleep.

Speaking of sleeping…. not that I want to jinx myself but we are doing pretty well with the sleeping all night.  The current routine is bed at 7, a squeek or two around two am but nothing anyone needs to get up for, and awake at 5 or 6am.  I would really like 6:30 but hey, that is a solid 10 hours of sleep.  Now all I need to do is go to bed a bit earlier myself and I may be what they call well rested someday.  I’m sure we will have nights that are not perfect but we are getting closer at least.

School started last week and I really like this teacher.  I think I like the subject, Managerial Accounting (as much as one can like accounting) but the teacher run the class really well and the class size is just right, not too big not too small.  I only know two people in it but thats ok, I’m over being shy at school.  I don’t really like that he has in class closed book exams (3!) and quizzes (5+!!) but maybe they will be ok.  The other perk is that the chapters have audio components so I can listen to my chapter while I run.  I’ll still look at the book for the cases and the questions and visual examples but its nice to be able to hear it too.

Ok, Lars is ready to do dinner so I’m off to do some cleaning while he cooks.  Grilled tuna tonight!

Labor day weekend

I had just typed over 1000 words about the weekend etc and then I toggled to fullscreen to spellcheck and it all got eaten.  I am not rewriting it at this point….

the Night Drama

Another thing we have been hard at work at is winning back our night from the ‘all night buffet’ that we somehow let take over our bed/evening/chance of sleep.  We started two weeks ago telling her at 3am that there were ‘no nummies’ and she was MAD.  She screamed for the next 15 min but we held out.  She was up again at 4 and 5 and at 5 we (meaning me) fed her.  Subsequent nights have been better, sometimes she is good from midnight until 6 sometimes 5 and there is still the occasional 3am summons but she seems pretty resigned that there are no nummies at night now.  This brings us down to 3 feedings a day and two of them tend to be on the lite side.  She wants some right when we get home but that one is only sometimes substantial, it is mostly a small snack and cuddles.  I originally thought about keeping the midnight feeding but I really like to go to sleep at 11 so I started giving her a fair nurse right at bedtime (7pm) and that seems to tide her over.  The biggest of the day now is the early morning where she really gets a full meal.

I know anyone who has weaned a baby knows the thoughts I’m having; it is really hard to purposely take away the thing that makes her so happy and so comfortable.  I’m ok with the night weaning because it has been soooooo long since I felt truly rested but I don’t know when I’ll ax the other ones.  I am hopeful that soon she will not need nummies to overcome her stranger anxiety, or, deal with every bump or fall but it is nice to be able to solve all her problems so easily.

I’m hopeful that within the next week or two she will sleep all night.

Happy September

Fall is in the air.  Someone seriously flipped a switch here and we are now cool and crisp with the smell of leaves.  There was even a frost warning (up north).  August was a good month overall, we had plenty of fun at Pennsic and then hanging out at home with various friends but September, as I say yearly, always feels like the beginning of something.

The past two weeks of next to  nil blogging were full of random life stuff.  I drove to a supplier and back in one day so Lars (who begged) would not have to do a solo night.  I’m sure he really could but since I could physically make the trip I did.  I totally paid for it the next day when my knees and ankles really didn’t feel like being in a position other then drive.  I noticed most keenly when I tried to run, I’m running 2 days a week at lunch and it is pretty successful.  I attracted a running buddy and while we actually only ran once together so far it is nice to know there is someone else running the risk (ha ha) of looking sweaty and disheveled at work.  She got another guy to run so now there are 3 of us traipsing up and down the trails.  I figure there is a shower and a nice trail so why not, plus, at lunch I don’t have to worry about the hundred variables of attempting to run at home… not least of all is the lure of my couch not to mention the opinionated child who does not always want to be strapped in a jogging stroller and propelled at a rapid rate down the road.  I listen to an audio book while running, so far I enjoyed Grave Surprise by Charline Harris and I’m suffering through The Sugar Cookie murder.  I say suffer because the book is good enough but the reader is really really annoying.  She makes everyone sound both whiny, wheedling, or naive and I have actually rolled my eyes at sentences she has read purely because of the tone and intonation she gave the poor story.  Anyway, I only have about an hour and a half left so I can stick it out.  I like running to books because they distract me from the running and they have even tempo.

oh! Lars just said dinner is ready so it is time to eat- more another day

ps. new pictures 🙂